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(Some Xenu)   It's L. Ron Hubbard's birthday today   ( divider line
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2002-03-13 03:02:03 PM  
A good friend of mine moved to L.A. about a year ago, was walking around and came across the Scientology compound there. He ended up joining them for a couple weeks just to see what crazy stuff they were up to. He didn't report much, a lot of group sessions and stuff. But when he told them it wasn't for him and said he was leaving, they said "well first come down here and talk to us about it, you're making a big mistake" and took him to a basement room where they proceeded to grill him, debase him, and generally to try to break him and make him stay. It didn't come to real physical restraint though, and he ended up walking out later that day. blah blah blah
2002-03-13 03:18:16 PM  
I wish I could start my own religion.
Just like my hero L Ron Hubbard.
Have any of you read any of his books?
They're pretty depraved. The misson earth
series is full of homosexual sex and drug use.
I almost forgot to mention all the corpse raping
Mr. Hubbard enjoied writing about.
I wish I could start my own religion.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-03-13 03:19:32 PM  
Set phasers to "Enturbulate!"
2002-03-13 03:20:43 PM  
Hey L. Ron, Happy Birthday, hope your pit of molten sulphur in hell is toasty warm today!
2002-03-13 03:20:55 PM  
Happy birthday, Ron! Let's all celebrate by making something up and believing it!
2002-03-13 03:20:55 PM  
FOR SALE: VHS copy of "Battlefield Earth". Thought it said "Battlestar Galactica". Will consider trade for industrial eye-wash station and total frontal lobotomy. Call Gill. 354.987.9282
2002-03-13 03:21:37 PM  
l ron hubbard was a freak. tom cruise and all his scientology cronies should off themselves.
2002-03-13 03:21:39 PM  
under the heading "public service announcement" please let us know when the f**ker croaks
2002-03-13 03:27:03 PM  
This site has an online petition asking for people to sign. They are petitioning the Department of Justice to investigate the Church Of Scientology and their practices. I find it hard to classify something a religion when they charge money for you to receive true enlightenment. That's more like a self improvement multi-level marketing business. I added my signature to the petition. If any of you feel that the CoS should be investigated or at least (IMO) declassified as a non-profit organization then feel free to sign. The poor petition has less than 2000 signatures on it.
2002-03-13 03:27:46 PM  
I have to give the Hub man some credit. He was a failed science fiction writer, so he came up with his own religion. Now there are hundreds of thousands of morons touching clay tables and other such nonsense. So now in honor of L Ron, I'm going home to watch Battlefield Earth to see Travolta in that silly costume. Was this the same dude who was in Pulp Fiction? I need a Heineken.
2002-03-13 03:28:35 PM  
Good sci-fi. Bad messiah wanna-be.
2002-03-13 03:28:59 PM  
Great I have to share a birthday with this nut job!
2002-03-13 03:29:36 PM  
This thread has been cancelled due to profound lack of interest.

--The Managment
2002-03-13 03:29:54 PM  
Scientology is nothing but an excuse to become a tax-exempt, laywer toting, above the law cult.

I protest in front of the "Church of Scientology" building in Austin, Tx. It is on Guadalupe, right across from the University of Texas. They throw me off everytime.
2002-03-13 03:32:50 PM  
I wish they would bring back "lifestyles of the rich and famous" and feature this schmuck.
2002-03-13 03:33:24 PM  
Aww man. I had hoped that no one would respond to this and everyone would laugh at how unpopular mr. hubbard was.
2002-03-13 08:02:01 PM  
I celebrate L.Ron's birthday by shocking my genitals in to a state of clear.
2002-03-13 08:10:56 PM  
Popping_fresh: it's not that hard to start a religion, all you have to have is charisma and a willingness to be evil. I'd start one, but I'm an atheist and I don't think I could wrap my head around the profound hypocrisy it would entail (for me).

A good method is to 'branch' off an already established religion, like Christianity (remember David Koresh?). That way all you have to do is accentuate what people already believe and whip them up into a fervor... Erm, yeh.

Oh yeh, and remember to attack, um, I mean, 'save' people who lead troubled lives and stuff.
2002-03-13 08:11:33 PM  
Does Greta Van Sustern get the day off?
2002-03-13 08:13:02 PM  
Happy Birthday to you your dead.Ok party over get back to work.
2002-03-13 08:27:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Happy berfday, LRH, ya wacky freak!
2002-03-13 08:32:28 PM  
autopr0n, thanks for the advice.
Hey, does does any one want to join the Universal Church
of Farkistan?
2002-03-13 08:32:50 PM  
It's the Xenu After-School Special!!! (RealMedia link)
2002-03-13 08:34:41 PM  
w00t, 1st submission(if this is mine). Ranger, he's already dead. They hid it for a while, back in the 80s because the govt was getting suspicious.
2002-03-13 08:53:56 PM  
LRH sings from beyond the grave!!! (RealAudio link)

...and he puts Nimoy and Shatner to shame.
2002-03-13 09:09:05 PM  
L. Ron was a genius. Everyone knows the best way to get cash and chicks is to start your own religion! It worked out great for the Catholics... except for them it is cash and little boys....
2002-03-13 09:33:58 PM  
P to the yramid, S to the cheme.
2002-03-13 09:37:12 PM  
What happened to the rule that sez that you link to the specific article and not to the website home page?

Don't want to waste anymore time than I have to reading about HRon or $cientology!

Dumb post!
2002-03-13 09:49:24 PM  
Greetings Earthlings,

It has been some time since I laste contacted all of you. I just wanted to let you know that we are torturing Elron's miserable cell in the Void. I want to thank all of you for wishing him a happy birthday. But don't go too hard on our friend; after all, I, Xenu, do exist.

Move zig.


Fearless Intergalactic Leader
2002-03-13 09:49:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Crapology wants you!
2002-03-13 09:55:12 PM  
How old would he be?

Page 237
2002-03-13 10:28:22 PM  
A 'no-prize' goes to the person who can dig-up the 'Scientology' related quote from the movie "Repo Man".
2002-03-13 10:46:59 PM  
Countess Crack is going to kill you if the willbewas doesn't.
2002-03-13 10:47:01 PM  
Nanookanano: "Dioretix" (a little ways down on the page), but I couldn't find any exact quote other than that he throws the book in the fire.
2002-03-13 10:49:32 PM  
...ok, here's the quote.
2002-03-13 11:30:37 PM  
Since when did aliens have birthdays?
2002-03-13 11:52:57 PM  
I caled 1-800-help-4-yu to wish him a happy birthday, but they told me he was dead. Oh well, Guess he will have to blow out the candles in HELL!
2002-03-14 12:01:27 AM  
Oh well, Guess he will have to blow out the candles in HELL!

Jerk2099, methinks that will be difficult, what with all the fire in hell! Good point, though!
2002-03-14 12:28:40 AM  
On nights like this, you can almost HEAR the sound of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and other fuggups pounding out a faithful wad to spaceships and stardust
2002-03-14 02:41:34 AM  
Whoever worried about "reading more crap on Scientology" don't worry, it's not a Scientologist brainwashing site. It exposes the truth about this murderous, greedy, pagan-rooted, conspiring, stealing, kidnapping, imprisoning, brainwashing, foul, dirty, evil, no-good disgusting cult!​3290

Here's a quick read for ya that gives plenty of info on why Scientology is so wrong.

2002-03-14 02:46:32 AM  
Hey.... is that- Lord Xenu! Sir, it's an honor to meet you! Dunno why you shipped those people off to volacanoes and dropped in hydrogen bombs, but since they were all evil- it's all good.

Glad to see that you broke out of your mountain prison, most high one. What planet did your traitor oofficers ship you to anyway?

Well, good luck retrieving your throne and fighting the Marcabs (I'm assuming you're not of the Marcab race- sorry, all these alien races get me confused sometimes). P.S.- David Miscavige has been talking smack about you. You should go bust a laser blast into his windshield-breaking ass, yo. Laaaates.
2002-03-14 04:48:56 AM  
Ignore Xenu,I'm the real dark god!I devoured most of L. Ron Hubbard's soul and sent him to a dark watery hell,where changelings and dolphins torment his rotten bodily shell!Tom Cruise and John Travolta are next.
2002-03-14 05:15:36 AM  
Great, I share a birthday with that freak.
2002-03-14 07:29:59 AM  
Scientology: the "religion" of emptyheaded celebrities and gullible rubes all over.
2002-03-14 12:04:57 PM  
SRFireside, a lot of people are afraid to sign the anti-$cientology petition because they know how the 'church' goes after its critics.

The Cult of $cientology is in court in France, where France is trying to throw them out of the country. Pleas, France, don't surrender this time.
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