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9343 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2002 at 11:44 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-13 11:47:58 AM  
Anyone think Lewis Black is funny? I keep wanting to laugh, but just can't.
2002-03-13 11:48:05 AM  
This guy makes me laugh so hard I have to pee
2002-03-13 11:48:24 AM  
2002-03-13 11:48:24 AM  
Feh! Video no work for me
2002-03-13 11:48:35 AM  
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that someone read about this on penny arcade this morning? Hehee....I don't know why I thought that was a funny thing to say.
2002-03-13 11:48:41 AM  
Lewis Black is by far one of the most talented comedians today. Period.

2002-03-13 11:49:42 AM  
If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.
2002-03-13 11:50:22 AM  
"They're not booing, they're saying 'Lou! Lou!'"
2002-03-13 11:53:08 AM  
Ok, he has been funny the times I have seen him on Comedy Central.

However, how can we call this a classic? What is the criteria for a stand up routine being classic?

He's not in the same league as Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Denis Leary, or the greats, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.
2002-03-13 11:53:47 AM  
How typical, it's in Media Player or Realplayer format, two of the video formats that have never worked on any computer I have ever owned (the other being Quicktime of course). Unknown error my ass.
2002-03-13 11:54:57 AM  
This guy is funny in a Carrot Top, Tom Green sorta way.

Funny in a "id laugh if I was stoned" way.
2002-03-13 11:55:49 AM  
What a coinky-dink. I just saw this a few minutes ago(laughed my ass off), but I decided to submit a link about a psychadleic camera that, just like 99% of my other submissions, says it was already submitted, but since deleted.
2002-03-13 11:56:58 AM  
Let's see. Try to use Windows Media Player and fail because apparently no one in the entire world (not just Comedy Central) knows how to properly stream WMP content over a web page, or install RealPlayer and submit to the will of a piece of software that makes Pinhead look like Mary Poppins.

Lewis is funny, but he's not that funny.
2002-03-13 11:56:58 AM  
Steve Martin? Robin Williams? Are you kidding? Lewis Black blows those two away. They're physical comedy guys. Stupid faces, dumb acting, etc.

He's much more like Leary or Carlin, talking about how farked up our society is and pointing out in inanities in daily life.

He deserves his own show. Catch him live if he comes to your area, much funnier uncensored.
2002-03-13 11:58:47 AM  
A friend of mine told me about this Lewis Black bit. I missed it on TV, but "Thanks!" to whoever submitted it. :)


This bit by Lewis Black is a classic. This guy's got his shtick down. I love that he's a "cynical angry guy who rips into pop cultures while at the same time self deprecating himself for being part of it." Classic. :)
2002-03-13 11:59:17 AM  
...Didn't work:
An unknown error has occurred. (Error=80004005)
2002-03-13 12:00:41 PM  
I wanna grow up and be a Britney Spears back up dancer... and maybe from there I can get promoted to Janet Jackson back up dancer.
2002-03-13 12:01:01 PM  
SteelStar: If you can't get Media Player, RealPlayer, OR Quicktime to work on your machine, then you're SOL. I mean, what the fark DOES work for you? You'll have to excuse the lack of support for "Uncle Hal's Animation Studio 1993 Edition".
2002-03-13 12:01:48 PM  
I saw that bit LB did on Comedy Central - farking hysterical. He is a very talented comic ("If it weren't for my horse," indeed)...
2002-03-13 12:01:49 PM  
Ok, that was pretty funny, but only because I have both of those games.
2002-03-13 12:02:28 PM  
Oh, I forgot about the Britney Spears game, I don't have that one.
2002-03-13 12:03:22 PM  
I seriously don't get George Carlin. For some reason the guy has attained "classic" status without making me laugh once. He can curse. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, in my book neither Carlin nor Black should be mentioned in the same sentence with Pryor or Steve Martin. That's just blasphemy.

Then again, my book isn't worth a whole lot.
2002-03-13 12:04:50 PM  
lewis black is so hilarious. But seriously, if you like the Daily Show, last night's show (airs tonight at 7) had a bit by Stephen Colbert that was about movie trailers and it was very hilrarious.
2002-03-13 12:04:51 PM  
For those not willing to view it, after reviewing games like "State of Emergency" and "Grand Theft Auto 3," Lewis comes to an epiphany:

"Rescuing the Princess is for PUSSIES!"
2002-03-13 12:05:58 PM  
Seemed like an ordinary, so-so commentary with a slight sense of humour. I've never seen this guy before, maybe he is normally quite funny, but this one is not exactly up to the ranks of any of the comedians mentioned above.
2002-03-13 12:07:01 PM  
"I can maim, kill, steal... and STILL have time to be a Britney Spears backup dancer!!"

The real kicker was when they used State of Emergency as the moment of zen.
2002-03-13 12:07:08 PM  
Rebug, I take it you've never seen Carlin's "Hippy Dippy Weatherman" routine? His stuff from about the last 10 years has basically been bitter ranting (but still preferable to most stand-up comedy). See if you can download a few of his older albums ("A place for my stuff," and "Occupation: Foole") on some file-swapping system... not that I advocate piracy or anything--

Oops. John Ashcroft is at the door again. 'Scuze me.
2002-03-13 12:08:14 PM  
Must buy Century 21 property.....
2002-03-13 12:08:18 PM  
I like Lewis Black because he is original and sincere. This was one of his best episodes.
2002-03-13 12:13:31 PM  
Love the Lewis Black... too damn funny.

anyway, much love to you all.... WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!
2002-03-13 12:18:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-13 12:20:34 PM  
Lewis Black was funny the first time around... when he was named Gallagher.
2002-03-13 12:22:43 PM  
Woo! Century 21!
2002-03-13 12:26:45 PM  
Farkin funny
2002-03-13 12:36:12 PM  
03-13-02 11:56:58 AM ScreamingInDigital
Steve Martin? Robin Williams? Are you kidding? Lewis Black blows those two away. They're physical comedy guys. Stupid faces, dumb acting, etc.

I'll give you Steve Martin is more physical oriented, but Robin Williams is a can of TNT under immense pressure. He's not a Jim Carrey (thank god), Robin's schtick has been improv. His latest movies are shiate compared to his stand up routines. He used to blow everybody out of the water. It's good to see him hitting the road again to get out of his Disnified movie crap..

Lewis Black is okay, but for cynical, angry man, social, pop-culture slap down commentary, it's Dennis Leary or Dennis Miller.
2002-03-13 12:38:08 PM  
Can anyone post the direct link to the windowsmedia file? I can not get it to work through thier page.
2002-03-13 12:40:59 PM  
Bleh, Realplayer blows. I tried a quick rip from the HTML, but with no success. Does anyone have a direct link to the *.rm without the pork?

(Looks like their code for *.wmv isn't even pointing to the right location)
2002-03-13 12:41:23 PM  
Did anybody catch in the Denis Leary interview where Jon Stewart did a Ray Romano impression?

Golden. Mad funny.
2002-03-13 12:42:23 PM  
Carlin is too damn preachy.

And Steve Martin used to be a physical comic, his comedy matured into much more than that. Ever see Roxane? That was a masterpeice...

I Like Black but to paraphrase:
"I know Steve Martin, I have met Steve Martin and you, sir, are NO Steve Martin"
2002-03-13 12:43:19 PM  
Robin Williams sucks, and he always has.
2002-03-13 12:45:42 PM  
Lewis Black was funny the first time around... when he was named Gallagher.

I have so got to kick you in the nuts for that...
Galagher is as funny as getting ass farked with a cinder block.
2002-03-13 12:52:13 PM  
not too funny there, except for one truism, that "nuthin says 'stickin it to the man' like taking out a Cinnabunn."

LB is just a slightly more adroit version of Roseanne Barr's loudmouth dopey x-husband, Arnold whatzizname.

2002-03-13 12:52:17 PM  
Seriously, Freddie, what is your problem?
How do watermelons and a sledgehammer relate to biting social commentary?
2002-03-13 12:52:28 PM  
Lewis Black is a scream. I try to watch this show every time it's on, but if I can't, then I absolutely watch the ones he's on. I wish Black would come to Michigan.

Denis Leary is great too.
2002-03-13 12:55:51 PM  
Steve Martin's greatest bit ever was "The Great Flydini." Anybody ever see it?

And Lewis Black isn't the in the same vein as Martin or Gallagher for that matter (thankfully). I've seen his full stand-up live and he runs more to the Bill Hicks side of things, but in a more befuddled way. Hicks gave you the impression that he had it all figured out. Lewis is angrily bemused.
2002-03-13 12:59:34 PM  
"Angrily bemused". Perfect description.
2002-03-13 01:03:54 PM  
I miss the "God Stuff" segment on the Daily Show. Now THAT was comedy!
2002-03-13 01:04:45 PM  
I hate laugh tracks. The guy says something that's really not that funny and suddenly the audience goes wild...which means I must be retarded and it must've been friggin' hilarious. It's like when you go to a movie and the guy behind you laughs like a frickin' hyena at the stupidest moments of the movie. I really hate that...

Oh well. I suppose it was amusing. Hardly a classic though.
2002-03-13 01:26:06 PM  
I started watching The Daily Show a few years back and Lew really got me ROTFL...more than anything else i've seen in a while.

Like any comedian, he has good and bad bits, but when he is on, he is ON.

Get his CD. You won't be disappointed.

"I've eaten their [British] food....Dogs make a face when they eat it......John."
2002-03-13 01:26:06 PM  
Actually, The Daily Show doesn't use a laugh track. That's an actual audience.

And I love Louis Black. He's got that George Carlin vibe going for him.
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