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(AZCentral)   CBS trying to figure out how to handle 'Survivor' scene showing contestants urinating on each other to treat sea urchin stings.   ( azcentral.com) divider line
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2002-03-13 09:28:04 AM  
And surprisingly I still won't watch this lame azz show.
2002-03-13 10:03:08 AM  
Maybe they can ask Britney Spears for tips on how to handle their urine ordeal.
2002-03-13 10:03:50 AM  
Maybe "Depends" or "Huggies" would sponsor it.
2002-03-13 10:03:53 AM  
anything to get a beaver flash....
2002-03-13 10:03:55 AM  
If it's a success, the spin-off pretty much writes itself:

"Watersports, coming this fall on CBS."
2002-03-13 10:04:14 AM  
I did not think submitting this would get it posted, shoulda coulda
2002-03-13 10:04:14 AM  
This is why I won't watch this show.
2002-03-13 10:04:15 AM  
So showing graphic violence is okay, but whizzing on each other is not?

I'd pay money to see 'em whizz on Jeff Probst.
2002-03-13 10:05:21 AM  
I say piss on the Duke Blue Devils - that will get huge ratings. And save a special treat for Coach K for last.
2002-03-13 10:07:31 AM  
Lots of close-ups? . I imagine that one of the most tasteful ways would be like it was handled in Friends; through recounting afterward. But I imagine that this is going to have a lot of head shots, with a suitably turned-up volume to audibly demonstrate what they couldn't get past censors.
2002-03-13 10:07:31 AM  
How about by cancelling the show? Please?
2002-03-13 10:07:54 AM  
2002-03-13 10:08:19 AM  
Just take the clip out of the show, but put it instead on an internet porn site, where people can download it for a fee. Should make 'em a truckload of dough.
2002-03-13 10:08:35 AM  
No kidding. I would watch this lame show JUST to see this.
2002-03-13 10:09:34 AM  
I guess the only way to handle it is to cancel the show.
2002-03-13 10:09:54 AM  
Is it possible to pee on the tapes of the show?
2002-03-13 10:10:25 AM  
Yes, cancel the show, that'll solve the problem. Geez, Futurama and Family Guy get axed but they keep airing this crap. (I know, different networks)
2002-03-13 10:10:29 AM  
Air it on fox?
2002-03-13 10:10:29 AM  
Air it on fox?
2002-03-13 10:11:05 AM  
great way to get an infection!
2002-03-13 10:12:22 AM  
Maybe they should invite Britney and have a pee party!
2002-03-13 10:12:23 AM  
cancel the show but PLEASE have a picture for us to photoshop!
2002-03-13 10:12:31 AM  
They should handle it by cancelling it.
2002-03-13 10:12:31 AM  
Nah, if you're healthy, urine is sterile anyway.
2002-03-13 10:13:30 AM  
pee b s
2002-03-13 10:13:49 AM  
i'm glad my mom used a red hot needle to carve the spines out of my foot when i stepped on one of those mofo's. i'd take that over her urinating on my foot anyday, hell bring on the torture instruments.
2002-03-13 10:14:27 AM  
2002-03-13 10:14:44 AM  
I don't know. I don't care.

Worst. Show. Ever.
2002-03-13 10:20:53 AM  
Sarah can piss on me anyday baby! nice rack on her.
2002-03-13 10:21:01 AM  
HaHa. They got peed on.
Sorry, childish humor out of the way now.
2002-03-13 10:21:56 AM  
Golden showers on prime time tv. I wonder if that really helps with a sea erchin injury. I heard it works with jelly fish.
Anyway the show sux a$$.
2002-03-13 10:22:14 AM  
Hmmm... how to disguise the fetish scene... what to do, what to do.
2002-03-13 10:23:59 AM  
Yeah, it's probably the chick with the cans. She's probably into that sort of thing. Yes, I'm judging her because of her enormous fake breasts.
2002-03-13 10:26:03 AM  
Piggywiz: There are nothing wrong with "Enormous fake breastississts."
2002-03-13 10:27:00 AM  
Yeah... that's it, the urchins stung the huge fake boobs... time for the "Golden Shower of Life..."
2002-03-13 10:27:29 AM  
Play pr0n0 music and have the edits saying 'Oh yeah, mmmm'
2002-03-13 10:28:31 AM  
I wasn't going to watch until I read it's a feamle. That's perfectly acceptable. If it was a guy, that'd be gay...
2002-03-13 10:28:47 AM  
I heard this is going to be on the network's web-site, via streaming-video! ;c)
2002-03-13 10:29:47 AM  
1 question: Is she hot?
2002-03-13 10:30:46 AM  
Seriously, what do they expect. Those nincumpoops just put their hands under those rocks searching for clams without even looking whats under there.

btw, am I the only one that watches this show? I feel like such a loser.
2002-03-13 10:30:47 AM  
Do it Bukkake style.
2002-03-13 10:32:35 AM  
2002-03-13 10:33:35 AM  
Next contestant, please...
2002-03-13 10:34:11 AM  
Matzug: No, I watch it, too *hangs head in loser-y shame* - and at least you have an excuse (fake breasts)! What's mine?! There aren't even any good-looking men this season! Bah!
2002-03-13 10:36:36 AM  
aren't they all like having a big ol' orgy on one side of that island???
2002-03-13 10:38:31 AM  
Geez - looks like her airbags deployed.
2002-03-13 10:40:11 AM  
MUahhahaahahah, I 'aven't watched Survivor but I think I just might be seeing this episode. I cant w8 to see lots of "Censored" boxes and piss all over the screen :D
2002-03-13 10:41:25 AM  
Piggywiz: What are you talking about? All the guys on there are shirtless. My co-worker comes in after every episode drooling over that MacGuyver guy. I'm not in the least interested in guys, but those guys aren't fugly, are they?
2002-03-13 10:41:27 AM  
Too bad the remedy is not a big ole pile of steaming shiat...
2002-03-13 10:46:12 AM  
Ok, Hunter (MacGuyver man) isn't all that bad, but the construction worker has borderline man-boobs. Alright, and Gabe, the crazy-haired "bartender" is pretty easy on the eyes. I retract my earlier statement. Is it sad that I know their names? I need to get out more.
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