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13876 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2002 at 9:53 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-14 10:46:47 PM  
2002-03-14 10:48:01 PM  
Holy motherfarkin' shiat! No Monty Python and the Holy Grail???
2002-03-14 10:49:20 PM  
I only like 2 of those..
2002-03-14 10:49:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This is missing.
2002-03-14 10:50:55 PM  
Wasn't "Animal House" a documentary?

That's what I thought!
2002-03-14 10:51:43 PM  
No Big Trouble in Little China? What about Predator? The first Highlander? Enter the Dragon? This list is far from complete...
2002-03-14 10:52:52 PM  
dude all those movies suck
2002-03-14 10:53:36 PM  
Well, they got me on Airplane & Naked Gun...

incidentally, I first misread this to say "Top Ten Movies Dumb Guys Like" and not "Dumb Movies Guys Like"
2002-03-14 10:53:47 PM  
2002-03-14 10:54:47 PM  
When they said dumb movies that guys like I thought they meant Russ Meyers.
2002-03-14 10:55:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 10:56:46 PM  
"Airplane" is a fitting choice for the top (or near the top) of the list. I think "Holy Grail" is more of a nerd/geek guy thing. "Big Trouble" isn't as well known as they other ones. "Predator" isn't really a "dumb" movie. In fact, it seems to be more of a comedy list instead of an action list (the only action is comedic). "Caddyshack" and "Stripes" should be on the list instead of "Weekend at Bernie's" and "Porky's".
2002-03-14 10:56:56 PM  
What chimp ass bandit wrote that list? Lunchmeat has an IQ high enough to know those movies all suck.
2002-03-14 10:58:34 PM  
C'mon guys, thats a pretty damn good list. This is almost as impossible as making a 10 sexiest women list, you can't even cover the bases (so to speak) with 10 and 100 just makes it worse.

At the same time, Caddyshack has to be there. DoooooDeeeee!!!
2002-03-14 10:59:06 PM  
When it comes to dumb movies for men, you'll find no better experts than the patrons of!
2002-03-14 10:59:37 PM  

No "UHF"???

C'mon. Weird Al rules the universe in that one. I still crack quotes from that one to my friends all the time. Conan the Librarian & Ghandi II from that flick are my faves.

(Oh, and "Undercover Blues" was pretty cool too. "My name is Muerte! I am Death!" "Morty!")
2002-03-14 10:59:48 PM  
I think that list needs to be updated by about, oh, ten years.
2002-03-14 11:00:39 PM  
Oh yeah, in case anyone hasn't already, please rent and watch Top Secret. Hil-frickin-arious. I mean it.
2002-03-14 11:01:33 PM  
Blues Brothers
2002-03-14 11:02:42 PM  
What? No Mel Gibson, Ahhnold, Stallone? Puh-leeze? Dumb 80's action revenge porn is ripe for a list like this. Be a little more creative!
2002-03-14 11:02:45 PM  
Thank you, CanuckGuy.

Best. Movie. Ever.
2002-03-14 11:03:37 PM  
i wish strange brew was on dvd... sad
2002-03-14 11:03:40 PM  
And, remember, we're talking about *dumb* movies, so don't nominate yer *favorites*...
2002-03-14 11:03:57 PM  


farking, farking THE SHACK.

I'm drunk watching basketball, and even I know farkING CADDYSHACK is in the top ten!

Did I say fark?
2002-03-14 11:04:43 PM  
does that site actually ask men? which men do they ask? i'm never clicking another of their links
2002-03-14 11:06:01 PM  
I'm offended I was left off the list
2002-03-14 11:06:11 PM  
Why rent Top Secret when it is on Comedy Central once a week.

Check your local listings.

Ohh yea it is funny as hell is hot.
2002-03-14 11:07:13 PM  
It says DUMB movies. Hence Caddyshack not being on there. But Slapshot is on there. Great movie. Not dumb. Lame.
2002-03-14 11:07:23 PM  
what about stoned age?
2002-03-14 11:07:30 PM  
I have to concur. No caddyshack?
2002-03-14 11:08:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 11:09:07 PM  
I still say that "Animal House" was a documentary.
2002-03-14 11:09:14 PM  
I am disappointed that they are missing the great action flick Flash *Ahhh ahh* Gordon. I mean the magnificent writing for an action film like that, who can forget lines like, "Flash I love you, but we only have 15 minutes to save the Earth."
2002-03-14 11:09:48 PM  
ok, when my wife and I were on our first date, we were stopped at a railroad crossing and decided to discuss our favorite movies of all time...

she said Caddyshack was her favorite movie, and, well, I fell in love right there with the train going by
2002-03-14 11:13:21 PM  
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?
Sophie's Choice?
2002-03-14 11:13:49 PM  
Flash Gordon? Flesh Gordon was way better
2002-03-14 11:16:07 PM  
It's not, It's Cosmiverse and Askmen payment under the table advertising.
2002-03-14 11:16:09 PM  
Top Secret is the best but I agree with Geddysciple-they should have included monty python, i never understood why guys like that crap
2002-03-14 11:16:14 PM  
Stompn_Tom ...thank you BLUES BROTHERS and STRANGE BREW
best movies ever
2002-03-14 11:17:08 PM  
Code_Archeologist: That's a "good" movie, I forgot all about it. They don't make purposely camp yet fun movies like that anymore :(

Maybe they should just put every movie that Queen did music for in this?
2002-03-14 11:20:44 PM  
Fight Club

Anything with Bruce Willis...because he sucks

Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, Street Fighter...(anything with Van Damme)
2002-03-14 11:21:09 PM  
Those movies are all bad.
2002-03-14 11:21:18 PM  
at least they have dumb and dumber...i love that movie..
2002-03-14 11:21:35 PM  
Yeah, no Russ Meyer? I don't see any Ilsa films either. Why isn't Fight Club on there?
2002-03-14 11:21:40 PM  
rat thats beautiful
2002-03-14 11:22:17 PM  
Britt: Python is only "crap" if you're not smart enough to get it, or have NO sense of humor.
2002-03-14 11:22:48 PM  
Man oh man... I can't believe they left out Dragnet!

"Don't you mean the virgin, Connie Swale?"
Dah-deh dah-dah! Dah-deh dah-dah-dahhhh!
2002-03-14 11:23:07 PM  
What? no spaceballs? That was incredibly mind numming, but funny.
2002-03-14 11:24:29 PM  
Rat: You sweet, lucky bastard. Does she have a sister?
2002-03-14 11:26:10 PM  
when i clicked the link, i was thinkin Happy Guilmore
..... when i got there... i saw Happy Guilmore boo yes grandmother
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