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(The Eye Opener) Boobies Candidate for student-council president causes stir with campaign posters that focus on her ample breasts (with pix, safe for work) (whoops, farked, see thread for mirrored pics)   ( fark.com) divider line
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510725 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2005 at 7:45 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-03 03:55:43 PM  
Hehe, causes stir...
2005-02-03 03:59:39 PM  
Busted. Tits can only do so much for a guy. I love big yammers, but not with an accompanying face like hers.
2005-02-03 04:01:08 PM  
This thread is useless without ... oh, never mind.
2005-02-03 04:02:10 PM  
She looked a lot better in the first pic... the one without her face.
2005-02-03 04:02:20 PM  
She said students who don't think it's important to vote won't be swayed by large breasts.

large swaying breasts, though, that's another matter.
2005-02-03 04:05:27 PM  
Guy Incognito: large swaying breasts, though, that's another matter.

2005-02-03 04:05:34 PM  
I'd vote for her!.... eh, maybe not.
2005-02-03 04:05:56 PM  
Vote for Perdo
2005-02-03 04:07:34 PM  
Top pic: hot
Bottom pic: not so much.
2005-02-03 04:07:49 PM  
I can see why she doesn't want the focus on her face.

/would still hit it though
2005-02-03 04:07:57 PM  
2005-02-03 04:08:21 PM  
It's nice that she has a firm grasp, so to speak, on the fundementals of marketing. She'll go far as a sales rep for a computer company.
2005-02-03 04:08:24 PM  
The Tittie ticket pleases me.
2005-02-03 04:09:17 PM  
this got greenlighted?

I want my 5 bucks back...for a month.
2005-02-03 04:12:03 PM  

/can't believe no one said it yet
2005-02-03 04:12:04 PM  
CelebrityPharmacist: Vote for Perdo

Idiots! Its Pedro! Gosh!
2005-02-03 04:12:29 PM  
Sounds like she's causing quite a stir with the Cover them up and pretend you don't have them party.
2005-02-03 04:13:43 PM  
She'll make a great intern some day.
2005-02-03 04:18:30 PM  
I think the color of her teeth is what scares me:
[image from home.comcast.net too old to be available]
2005-02-03 04:18:34 PM  
I'd build her a cake

more Napolean Dynamite
2005-02-03 04:20:41 PM  
Big hairy freakin'whoop. And it's not like the other three doofi are some sort of fashion plates.
2005-02-03 04:33:53 PM  
she would suck the chrome off a trailer hitch....or a golf ball through a garden hose..trust me. How do these get through?
2005-02-03 04:41:28 PM  
Speaking of things grabbing my attention, anyone else notice the "No Bloody Tampons" link at the bottom of this story?
2005-02-03 04:41:39 PM  

I'd whiten her teeth!
2005-02-03 04:47:55 PM  
she doesnt seem very skanky lookin from the posters. I'm actually kind of suprised that they caused a stir at all.
2005-02-03 04:49:03 PM  
id hit it
2005-02-03 04:52:43 PM  
I'd put my vote into her ballot box.

and by ballot box I mean her 'vagina'.
2005-02-03 04:53:33 PM  
Kinda reminds me of this.
2005-02-03 04:54:00 PM  
2005-02-03 05:06:34 PM  

she would suck the chrome off a trailer hitch....or a golf ball through a garden hose..trust me

And you know this how??? I think we need the full story! Please.
2005-02-03 05:24:40 PM  
Meh, I think she's cute.
2005-02-03 05:30:57 PM  
I dont see anything wrong with this.
2005-02-03 05:57:29 PM  
my wife uses her boobies to get discounts at any store with dumb men working. if ya got em.. use em!

are there a lot of Portuguese/Cape Verdean people in Ontario?
2005-02-03 06:26:12 PM  
She's got my vote.

...because of her qualifications.
2005-02-03 06:54:44 PM  
I remember when "Space Moose" ran for Student Council President at the University of Alberta.

2005-02-03 07:23:04 PM  
Face that could stop a watch: Not Good

Nose that could make a cocaine dealer run for cover: Really not good

Boobies that are so big no one even notices you have a head: Priceless
2005-02-03 07:48:52 PM  
2005-02-03 07:49:06 PM  

Though it sounds like that might be a good thing.
2005-02-03 07:49:27 PM  
old and busted: her face
new hotness: her rack
2005-02-03 07:49:32 PM  
farked ?
2005-02-03 07:49:54 PM  
2005-02-03 07:50:05 PM  
Is the server a 486? Man that was a quick farking
2005-02-03 07:50:41 PM  
farked ?
2005-02-03 07:51:25 PM  
If I was her kid, I'd breastfeed until I was 30!

/With acknowledgements to my friend Wade
2005-02-03 07:51:27 PM  
Farked :(
2005-02-03 07:51:28 PM  
mirror please k thx bye.
2005-02-03 07:51:30 PM  
/awaits "that guy" to mirror it
2005-02-03 07:52:35 PM  
Napolean Dynamite is the worst movie ever, and this site is farked. Grrr.
2005-02-03 07:53:07 PM  
Where is "that guy" robghent?
2005-02-03 07:53:11 PM  
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