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987 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2002 at 1:05 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-13 01:15:23 AM  
he hee , yea , fark Seattle
2002-03-13 01:16:45 AM  
Where in Seattle? At the Center House? The Space Needle? Safeco Field? The Hooters or Buca Di Beppo? I can't log into Yahoo Groups, so I need some info, pleeze.

2002-03-13 01:31:38 AM  
Used to live in Seattle. Had I a couple more months warning, I might go to it. Next time Seattle decides to have a party, give a little more warning, guys.

Shigelojoe: You can't log in because you haven't acquired a Yahoo! ID. Get one. It's the same for any Yahoo! page you use. It's free. And so is joining the FarkSeattle group.
2002-03-13 01:51:22 AM  
POLL QUESTION: Date poll part 2 - When should Fark Seattle be?

- May 10-12, 6 votes, 66.67%
- May 17-19, 3 votes, 33.33%

Haha. Kind of pathetic. A raging nine person party! Well, I'll probably go.
2002-03-13 01:54:34 AM  
2002-03-13 01:58:45 AM  
Yeah, uh...could anyone give me a ride from Eugene or Portland? I've got no way to get to Seattle.
2002-03-13 02:05:03 AM  
I'm in Salem. Not sure if I'm going yet.
2002-03-13 02:12:18 AM  
There WAS an advertisement for this FARK party posted on Fark about a month ago or so. Lomaran, if you take the train to Olympia, I could give you a ride. Also if there are any Olympia area farkers around who want to carpool please tell me, I have a piece of shiat van that can hold about 7 more people. If it is an overnight party and we all want to get together for like a hotel room we could arrange that too.
2002-03-13 02:14:57 AM  
I'm actually in Grants Pass. Southern Oregon sucks. Might as well take the train/bus the whole way then.

But I'd definitely share on the hotel room.
2002-03-13 02:15:56 AM  
Grivas, I think not. I won't be here on May 10-12. I'll be in Sandusky, where the cool fark party will be. Hmph! Who the fark schedules these? And where is this mysterious fark party? If the next article comes up saying it's my apartment, I'm gonna be pissed. :p
2002-03-13 02:15:57 AM  
I don't want to sign up for some gay YahooGroups thing. Just tell me exactly when and where and I'll show up. No doubt you'll all say "Who the fark are you?"
2002-03-13 02:22:33 AM  
Lomaran: Holy crap. I spent the night in Grant's Pass when I drove up here (Seattle) from California. I didn't know people actually lived there - in fact, once I was out of it, I wondered if I'd really even been there at all.
2002-03-13 02:35:35 AM  
I'm here in the Seattle area. once I know where it's at, I'll probably show, drink, etc.
2002-03-13 02:51:10 AM  
Hmmm.. So how many people are going to this thing?
2002-03-13 03:02:37 AM  
rock on, a seattle fark party. i'll be there if i can.
2002-03-13 03:14:50 AM  
In the immortal words of JeffK: Yahoo!Groups = FAGORT. But I guess my hands are tied in this case. Stupid, stupid Yahoo...
2002-03-13 04:25:19 AM  
let me rephrase that, as long as you'll be willing to give beer to somebody underage, i'll show up...
2002-03-13 04:30:13 AM  
I'll only go if Wil Wheaton shows up. Or also if he doesn't. Maybe. Where is it?
2002-03-13 06:29:20 AM  
Sausage-fest. Sword fight.
2002-03-13 06:58:37 AM  
Used to live north of Seattle for many years, however now the military parks my ass in all kinds of world-wide venues. Funny about Grants Pass...spent overnights there myself driving up from Cali to visit the folks. I had the same take. Show of hands of people who've smoked a bone on the Space Needle? (No fag boy, not that kind of bone).
2002-03-13 08:52:50 AM  
If I find out where it is without having to go to Yahoo! groups I'll go. --Live in Lynnwood.
2002-03-13 09:20:58 AM  
My hatred for YahooGroups dates back to their savage conquest of eGroups. We had some perfectly servicable eGroups going and Yahoo farked it all up.

Anywho, if I can suppress my rage and unfark my YahooID, maybe I'll find out enough about this little party and come down from my mountain fortress. Otherwise I'll just go over to the Black Lodge and get drunk with Killer Bob.
2002-03-13 09:56:31 AM  
How does one become a member of the group-- farkseattle ?
2002-03-13 11:22:47 AM  
We haven't said *where* it's going to be yet. Hopefully some place with Beer (Six Arms? The Elysian?)
2002-03-13 12:53:46 PM  
I'll second the Six Arms/Elysian proposal.

Wow, there's a lot of disgruntlement in the PacNW! Is it the weather?
2002-03-13 01:32:07 PM  
If you have more info on the Seattle party, make up a website about it so I can link it on the Fark party page =)

Location, who's going, contact info, stuff like that.
A link to the Yahoo Group isn't enough info.
2002-03-13 01:33:06 PM  
If at Buco - get the Pope table!

depending on size - we could get the back room at the BellTown Pub

What about a Farkers bowl? Aloha bowl (or some such thing on Greenwood) has an amazingly tacky lounge.

In any event - I'm there
2002-03-13 01:57:50 PM  
anyone from portland driving up there? Dunno if I'm gonna have a car by then and I need a ride :)
2002-03-13 08:37:59 PM  
I'm here in Seattle...I'd go if we could get Drew here :)
2002-03-13 09:06:25 PM  
My vote would be to start off in Gameworks so the -21 crowd could attend, and then move to a bar.

That way if I realize I don't like any of you, I can leave.
2002-03-13 11:23:40 PM  
How weird!!! I'm going to be in Olympia then, and I've never even been to the Pacific Northwest! See you there...
2002-03-13 11:42:50 PM  
YO-under 21 seattle farker here, and i definatley dont want to see the party be in a bar, for obvious reasons.
2002-03-14 04:05:37 AM  
Well, I'll be there. No doubt drinking heavily.
2002-03-14 12:29:47 PM  
i propose using my place up at lake rossinger, its huge, its got a cabin and a boat house/nasty boom-basty room. get a keg or two, a band or a dj or both. and dont forget the giant gravity bong for the lake
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