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(National Review)   "It is a brilliant moral fable offering an Aristotelian view of the world." Citizen Kane? The Battleship Potemkin? Nope, Groundhog Day   ( divider line
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2005-02-01 11:13:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Any day you don't die is a good day.
2005-02-01 11:16:47 AM  
Groundhog Day is a Buddhist fable, no?
2005-02-01 11:20:09 AM  
This is such a great headline and a great article
2005-02-01 11:21:51 AM  
It's the movie you secretly admire but are afraid to say anything good about it just in case someone else replies with "you think a Bill Murray movie is intelligent? Did you see What About Bob?"
2005-02-01 11:22:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Groundhog, groundhog, groundhog, groundhog, its a snake!
2005-02-01 11:22:30 AM  
More proof that Bill Murray is risen Messiah.

Not so much, but the film is nice. Man gets a chance to get it right, and learns that sometimes even a life that doesn't appear to be going anywhere has more to do with you, than the actions of those around you.

And, Andy McDowell was darned cute in it doesn't hurt.
2005-02-01 11:23:16 AM  
there was a great article in the nytimes some months ago where all these rabbis and priests and buddhists were each laying claim to Groundhog Day.

I cut out all the claims and still to this day have the magneted to my fridge.
2005-02-01 11:25:35 AM  
Well, actually, it IS Aristotelian. See?

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
(from Nicomachean Ethics)
jbc [TotalFark]
2005-02-01 11:28:19 AM  
Would that make Caddyshack existentialist if you look at it from the gopher's point of view?
2005-02-01 11:39:50 AM  
I'm a God. I'm not the God.

....I don't think.
2005-02-01 11:49:24 AM  
You want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong Phil. I'll give you a winter prediction: It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be gray, and it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.
2005-02-01 11:52:43 AM  
Interesting. I always saw a bit of Sisyphus in that movie
2005-02-01 12:06:17 PM  
I think that some cable station should go ahead and do the obvious thing of showing "Groundhog Day" for 24 hours on February 2. They might not get good ratings, but it would be hilarious.
2005-02-01 12:11:37 PM  
Jabber is a programming genius.
2005-02-01 01:17:34 PM  
That and Scrooged are in my top 5.
2005-02-01 06:26:46 PM  
'Whadya say!? Whadya say?! Not once have you thanked me! See ya tomorrow. Maybe.'

I love this movie. My friends and I find reason to quote it at least once a week. Maybe because it seems to be on tv at least once a week. Still funny everytime.
2005-02-01 07:59:25 PM  
We better get going if we're going to stay ahead of the weather.
2005-02-01 08:51:03 PM  
"And when I say that the groundhog is Jesus, I say that with great respect."

[I just wanted to quote that.]
2005-02-01 11:30:28 PM  
This is way more interesting and groundbreaking film theory than ferreting out any form of discrimination and male domination a'la bell hooks and Laura Mulvey.
2005-02-02 03:14:27 AM  
No no, mizike, not ferret, "GROUNDHOG".
2005-02-02 03:53:14 AM  
Yeah, yeah.. wassup baby?
Don't you know 'ferrets' are illegal in the state of California?
2005-02-02 07:01:04 AM  
Where's PETA when we really need them?
2005-02-02 07:06:46 AM  
Apparently, "Groundhog Day" is so popular, it has spawned rip-offs. Using the theme of the same day repeating itself again and again, I can think of an episode of "Xena" and an episode of "Stargate SG-1" (in which Col. O'Neill even refers to himself as "the king of Groundhog Day").
2005-02-02 07:08:00 AM  
We better get going if we're going to stay ahead of the weather.
2005-02-02 07:11:35 AM  
Where's that Aw Jeez, Not this sh*t again pic. It seems kind of appropriate in this thread.
2005-02-02 07:11:48 AM  
My sister rented Groundhog Day on VHS, and fell asleep about half way through. She never did see the end, because the repetition of variations on the same scene make it nigh on impossible to find the last bit you saw.
2005-02-02 07:12:21 AM  
Groundhog Day was a great first date movie when it came out in 1993. Good God I'm old! I enjoyed the article, but I disagree with the conclusion that the groundhog is Jeebus. I am Jeebus.
2005-02-02 07:14:57 AM  
So who's the pope?
2005-02-02 07:17:39 AM  
Great movie. Bill Murray, Chris Elliot, a groundhog; you can't go wrong.
2005-02-02 07:21:19 AM  
This is a great movie. It got mediocre reviews when it came out, but it's one of those movies that is fun to watch when it shows up somewhere. Evidently the DVD could have been better with more features (like numerous deleted scenes).
2005-02-02 07:23:21 AM  
Best lines from the movie were when Andie and Chris are in the truck and she said "why would anyone kidnap the groundhog" and Chris replied "I can think of one reason.....perverts" or something to that effect. Its been awhile since I have seen it. I have it on dvd so I might have to watch it again soon
2005-02-02 07:25:56 AM  
In the years since its release the film has been taken up by Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, and followers of the oppressed Chinese Falun Gong movement.

I heard the Dalai Llama liked it so much that when Bill Murray dies, on his deathbed, he will receive total consciousness. So he's got that going for him, which is nice.
2005-02-02 07:30:14 AM  
It's the same things your whole life. "Clean up your room." "Stand up straight." "Pick up your feet." "Take it like a man." "Be nice to your sister." "Don't mix beer and wine, ever." Oh yeah, "Don't drive on the railroad track."
2005-02-02 07:30:59 AM  
EyeballKid: "Don't drive on the railroad track."

I happen to agree with that one.
2005-02-02 07:31:23 AM  
Florida has its own groundhog, Florida Phyllis. Evidently there are a lot of groundhogs out there.
2005-02-02 07:31:35 AM  
We better get going if we're going to stay ahead of the weather.
2005-02-02 07:34:22 AM  
Not bad for a quadriped.
2005-02-02 07:36:24 AM  
dont drive angry! don't drive angry!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-02 07:37:23 AM  
I suggest you see me tomorrow.
2005-02-02 07:38:00 AM  
"Oh Ned. I've missed you so much. If you're not doing anything for a while I got a hotel room not far from here..."

...that's probably horribly misquoted, but a damn funny scene.
2005-02-02 07:43:15 AM  
If the groundhog is Jesus, Caddyshack's gopher is Nietzsche's Superman.

/also sprach Carl Spackler
2005-02-02 07:45:02 AM  
Ebert just wrote a good column about it as part of his Great Movies feature.​IEWS08/5 01300301
2005-02-02 07:46:35 AM  
We better get going if we're going to stay ahead of the weather.
2005-02-02 07:47:06 AM  
I've always wanted to go to a diner and order everything on the menu like he did in the "I am a God" scene. I would enjoy that.
2005-02-02 07:49:19 AM  
Anyone with a subscription wanna post the rest of the article?
2005-02-02 07:53:55 AM  
A former colleague of mine used to start singing that song ("I Got You Babe"[?] that the radio station played in the movie at the start of THE day) whenever we met our manager, who was a bit of a sad old thing and who constantly had this Bill-Murray-Groundhog-Day look on his sad old face.

Colleague thought this was hilarious. I did too up till about the 10th time, then began to tire of it.

He also could recite large chunks of the 70s version of "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory," which made up my mind to keep my distance in the future.
2005-02-02 08:02:32 AM  
Perhaps TBS/TNT can do the 24 hours of "Groundhog Day". Like they do for Ralphie.

/looking forward to similar fare for Arbor Day, April Fools Day, and Leap Day.
2005-02-02 08:07:02 AM  
"What would you do if every day was the same, and nothing you did mattered?

"Pretty much sums it up for me."
2005-02-02 08:07:21 AM  
It's got more of a Buddhist feel to it than anything else.

/has studied both ancient and buddhist philosophy
2005-02-02 08:09:47 AM  
I LOVE "Groundhog Day." I may go out and buy it today.

"I'm not THE God. I'm A god."
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