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42061 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2005 at 6:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-31 06:33:16 AM  
If your hair feels "greasy" if you don't wash it every day... that is a problem. It is either psychological (un-greasy hair does not mean clean unstinky hair) or your body is trying to compensate for a stripped scalp.

Conditioner isn't needed. Ever. If your hair is long, you DEFINATELY do not need conditioner. The ends will dry out too fast, and frizz or split.

Too many people use far too much shampoo. Yes, shampoo is supposed to lather, but not into a big white afro. Try using half the shampoo you normally do, wash only the scalp, and you probably won't have to use conditioner.

While excessively stinky people bother me, people who spend WAY too much time on themselves bother me even moreso.

biatch, lay off the damn perfume, I can't farking breathe. And what the hell is that crap in your hair? Mousse and hairspray... christ.

The most beatiful woman I ever met washes her hair once a week, and doesn't use any hair products. She DEFINATELY doesn't stink (but her smell is delightful where it counts)
2005-01-31 06:49:23 AM  
What scares me most is that thing got married. What the hell does a geek have to do, to get these inferior specimens to quit multiplying ?

I know, launch a potent biovirus, and infuse the antidote in every bottle of shampoo!

DEATH to unwashed humanoid subspecies!
2005-01-31 06:57:27 AM  
stryder989 I really like "The Ring" reference you got going there. LOL
2005-01-31 06:57:55 AM  
Gross, I think I bought a goo ball from her on fall tour '98.

I'm gonna go up-chuck now.
2005-01-31 07:24:02 AM  
you know what I figured out

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, my hair is an oil mess if I dont shampoo it and some people have dry scalp, we will all find that differnt things work

for a while there I started to see women with the greasy hair look in the malls, I just wanted to run, it looked discusting, and they had their hair style straight with those phony looking highlights in them

look........... greasy hair just looks nasty
2005-01-31 08:09:50 AM  
Victoly: Very, very nice. Shampoo never got the respect she deserved, damn it. She was always my favorite character.. her and Ukyou [sp? been waaaaay too long] anyhow.
2005-01-31 08:28:24 AM  
Mor Pheus: biatch, lay off the damn perfume, I can't farking breathe.

thank you, I needed a laugh this morning
2005-01-31 08:29:29 AM  
Hair or a scalp that smells unwashed is nasty. I've seen otherwise cute girls whose head grease I could smell six feet away, and it pretty much destroyed the desireability they would have had.

Even if your hair is clean you have to make sure to clean down to the scalp, or you'll end up smelling like an old, sweat-soaked hat.
2005-01-31 08:44:25 AM  
The Dark One

I agree with you that drinking too much water is bad for you but I don't think that 13-14 cups of water will do it. Visualize it as 6-7 500 mL bottles of water...not that much actually.

As for "water intoxication" (what happens when your electrolytes go wonky because of too much h2O) I've been there and done that. It was during my first year of university. I started off wanting to be healthier and drank "normal" amounts of water but stress soon got to me and drinking water became a nervous, compulsive habit. I was drinking about 2 litres an hour without realizing it, started to feel weak and went to see my MD. They originally thought it was diabetes but no...I was just addicted to water. I didn't end up in the hospital but I did have to get blood work done every week until things became more normal.

/In my second year I switched to alcohol...MUCH better. ;o)
//I still can't believe I was "addicted" to friends won't let me forget.
2005-01-31 10:07:58 AM  
Man that's just rough!
2005-01-31 10:39:37 AM  
"Mrs Weynberg brushes her hair daily to remove dirt and smells"

what about other hairy places on her body? If my old lady didnt wash her you know what for 11 years, eewwwwww
2005-01-31 10:53:17 AM  
That's a buncha horse shiat. I can understand maybe if you are concerned about certain things in shampoo but 11 years???? That's disgusting. At least clean it once in a while. That picture was exactly what I was expecting to see when I opened the link. No way would I ever date, sleep, or anything with someone that had a head that hadn't been washed in 11 years. Imagine having to go to the vet to get some advantage because your wife has more festering in the bed than the family dog.
2005-01-31 11:15:37 AM  
Right the fark on.
2005-01-31 11:19:54 AM  
"I was too busy revising to bother about my appearance," she said.

She should have bothered. Believe me, she SHOULD have bothered.

Are those eyebrows or caterpillars?
2005-01-31 11:31:43 AM  
If the hospital hadn't done that, he would have died.

False dilemma. In your narrow-minded perspective there were only two choices: death or antibiotics. "But that's what the doctors said, and they know everything!" Did you even consider an alternative? Of course not, because in your head, doctors are gods.

Saying that antibiotics are worthless is utter garbage. I'm most likely alive and well because of them, rather than some homeopathic nonsense about the right diet being able to heal any disease.

You're setting up a strawman. I didn't say anything about homeopathy. I said "natural healing".

I was seven years old in 1989, and I understood perfectly well the consequences of antibiotic misuse.

You were seven, and you understood not only the definition of antibiotic, but what constitutes misuse? Riiight. Nobody at age seven, especially back then, knew that taking 500mg of tetracycline for more than six weeks constitutes misuse.

The Dark One
I call BS on that (pops). Drinking that much water does nothing good for you

As has already been pointed out, I didn't say drink like a fish. I gave a specific range of amounts.

Water acts as a solvent to remove waste from your body. Distilled water is the purist water commercially available.

KoolMcKool, State_College_Arsonist, The Dark One
Is that the best you guys can do, put words in my mouth and call me names? (pops, moran, etc.) Can you not simply argue a point as it is presented?

Take a look at the countries with the lowest incidences of cancer. What are they eating? How much do they pump themselves full of antibiotics? Which herbs do they use to take care of themselves? (This type of research takes more effort than reading headlines and may tell you something you don't want to know, so you may want to wave the white flag and go back to your name-calling.)
2005-01-31 06:02:04 PM  
I think that 11 years sounds a wee bit excessive, since in 11 years I'd think one would do SOMETHING that would get something in your hair (paint, mud, whatever) but I only wash my hair twice a week and it isn't oily or smelly or gross. I rinse it between that with hot water but no shampoo. Your scalp overproduces oils because you strip them out by shampooing every day. If you shampoo less, your body produces less oil. Simple fact.
2005-01-31 06:12:22 PM  
Why do people keep assuming that because she doesn't use shampoo, she doesn't *bathe* at all? I mean that's a pretty big freakin' jump.
2005-01-31 09:42:45 PM  
Not that anybody will read this, but I know my face definitely produces less oil if I don't overwash it. I had the Teenage Zit OMG HORROR! thing going on when I was younger and I would wash and wash and wash my face to try to heal the zits. It really just made it worse, because it would dry out my face pretty bad and cause my skin to overreact. Now I wash my face 1) after I wake up in the morning 2) when I shower in the evening, and that's it. My skin has definitely settled down.

I exercise everyday and I walk many blocks in a smoggy city. There's so much crap stinking up my hair by the end of the day, I HAVE to wash it.

I'm not gonna freak out if somebody misses a shower once in a while, but this lady just sounds pretty nasty.You can take my Pantene when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Oh, you don't have to be a dirty hippie to try that Dr. Bronner 18-in-1 Peppermint Castile ALL ONE! DON'T DRINK SOAP OK! ALL ONE! soap. It's not very good to my hair, but it makes you feel like a gigantic Altoid, which is very interesting in certain...areas. :)

/shutting up now
//read the label on that Dr. Bronner stuff sometime
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