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42061 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2005 at 6:01 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-30 06:24:23 PM  
Unwashed hair = nasty hair

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 06:24:26 PM  
Typical gross science student. This is why I stayed away from dating scientists. That and the alcoholism.
2005-01-30 06:24:49 PM  
Jesus hockey playin' Christ that is an ugly woman.
2005-01-30 06:26:03 PM  
I used to use deodorant all the time before I cleansed the inside of my body (juice fasting + herbs), now I only need deodorant if I eat garbage (dairy, sugar, dead animal, etc.). If I exercise and eat right (mostly vegan), I have no odor.

That's great, buddy. I think you're a freak, but hey, fun fact #246, a vegan diet will make your cum taste good. So maybe when you get a bj it isn't followed by screaming, gagging and throwing things like the rest of us get.

GregoryD - "Our natural mix of botanical DNA and hibiscus flower extracts is carefully mixed according to ancient Vedic protocols, by blind monks in the Himalayan foothills." Like that, you mean?
2005-01-30 06:27:58 PM  
If I don't wash my hair once a day, my scalp itches like crazy.

I think "Wookie bush" is the new "gorilla salad".
2005-01-30 06:31:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 06:33:30 PM  
SHUT UP all you 'omg ur destroyeeng ur body!' people. I cannot stand the feel of my hair after two days of not washing it, and I don't want to wait two weeks and give up tasty food so I can be natural. We're all going to die anyway, and I doubt the 130 year old people in the world don't wash. Shut up. Leave me and my Pantene alone.
2005-01-30 06:34:21 PM  

gah! why'd it have to be a chemical engineer!

a computer scientist would be more like it

The computer scientist never found an exit from the instructions on the regular shampoo bottle - "Wash, rinse, repeat."

She's still in the shower.
2005-01-30 06:36:01 PM  
Guys, just remember this... shampoos are full of 'estrogenics', chemicals that have some of the same effects as estrogen.

You're soaking that in through your skin.

Of course, they're also in most of our foods, cleaners, packaging materials.
2005-01-30 06:36:12 PM  
Geeeez, folks..if you got long hair, how the fark do you think the grease gets out to the ends?
IT DOESN'T! can wash daily and just avoid oversoaping your head and your hair'll be better off. It's basically just keratin. Do you worry about your fingernails stinking?
/don't answer that.....
2005-01-30 06:36:52 PM  
Most people with naturally curly hair don't wash their hair with shampoo often, if ever. It's best to just rinse it with water and apply decent conditioner (not the runny Suave shiat) to the ends, if needed, once a week.
2005-01-30 06:38:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 06:39:37 PM  
Damnit, I was going to submit this article with a subtle political statement... something along the lines of 'woman doesn't wash hair for 11 years. In other news, Bush stinks'

2005-01-30 06:40:16 PM  

Are those of us defending our 'dirty habits' to understand that you spend 24 hours a day hosing yourself with scalding hot water? There are good bacteria and bad, good oils and bad. Some of us just treat our bodies differently than you treat yours. This does not make us smelly hippy people. I think this woman is nasty, too; after ten years you've got to have some really nasty bacteria cultivating a species on her scalp, but other than jokes, I haven't heard anyone describing themselves in a way that is 'dirty' so far on this thread.
2005-01-30 06:44:10 PM  
My junior year of high school, I was on a sailboat moored at Holiday Lodge marina in Panama City,FL. As those of you from the Panhandle know,the famous Captain Anderson was nearby. They had a dumpster full of spent oyster shells that was picked up every few days by some recycling company. The stench off the seafood dumpster in 90 degree heat is the benchmark by which I compare all stench. I wonder if the chick has a burly taco.
2005-01-30 06:46:05 PM  
N. S. Radieaux

There is a big difference between actively conforming and actively non-conforming. Both are stupid (I personally feel non-conformity is worse). You should not use the fact that other people do or do not do things as a basis for your own actions. Washing your hair because everyone else does is stupid. NOT washing your hair because everyone else DOES is even worse. Washing your hair because you want it clean and respect other human beings around you enough to clean it (so they aren't disgusted and don't get your hair lice, etc.) is SMART.

I find it horribly ironic it is the non-conformists that preach against "sheep." Doing/not doing things because others do them is being a sheep. The ones that do the same as others, no matter how much you despise them, are going to be making the better decision more often than the ones who do the opposite.

On the other hand, there is another group of people besides conformists and non-conformists. I call them intelligent people. Intelligent people think for themselves. You should try it some time.

/of course you'll ignore me because I don't agree with your pre-packaged set of beliefs
2005-01-30 06:51:22 PM  
nasty is just nasty and there is nothing you can do about it.
2005-01-30 06:51:44 PM  
Ilarken - I think this woman is nasty, too; after ten years you've got to have some really nasty bacteria cultivating a species on her scalp...

After 10 years, that bacteria has probably evolved into sentience. It would be morally wrong for her to wash her hair.

[image from too old to be available]

Number one! Stun this woman if she attempts to wash her hair... because in doing so would destroy a sentient being and interfere with their natural evoluation.
2005-01-30 06:53:28 PM  
wtfcares - nasty is just nasty and there is nothing you can do about it.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 06:55:23 PM  

Probably a burly and *unwashed* taco.

//Eats a mint to stave off wave of nausea
///Shudders again
2005-01-30 06:56:25 PM  
On the other hand, there is another group of people besides conformists and non-conformists. I call them intelligent people. Intelligent people think for themselves. You should try it some time.

That was a pretty heavy flame against an ambiguous statement by N.S. Radieaux. Did some non-conformists kill your dog because it was the unpopular thing to do?

Personally I find that people who rail against "conformists" and "non-conformists" tend to believe that they are the only people on earth who think for themselves. And that belief is just as dangerous as blindly following / not following the herd.

/ flame on!
// too much sugar
2005-01-30 06:57:20 PM  
The definition of a dirty farking hippie.
2005-01-30 06:58:34 PM  

Lol, that's hilarious. She might be violating the Prime directive, afterall.
2005-01-30 06:59:30 PM  
Explaining her beliefs to Sky News, she said: "I find shampoo just strips out all the goodness and then you put conditioner on to put the goodness back in.

Shampoo strips the stinkyness too, smelly.
2005-01-30 07:02:13 PM  
This lady might be right.

Look at the ingrediants in shampoos. Sodiam Laural/Laureth Sulfate? That stuff is toxic. Its only added because it makes bubbles. There is more toxic stuff in there too, like antifreeze & sometimes tar. She & her children are probably better off w/out putting toxic chemicals on the skin that is right next to the brain every day. Think about it people! All of these shampoo commercials have brainwashed the public into mindless media zombies. If anyone thinks outside their limited box, the public is sure quick to form a mob and slander her as dirty, infested, filth. WRONG. Your mob, brainwashed mentality is dirty, infested, filth.

Now, let me add my input from personal experiance. I have gone years w/out using shampoo, but I did bathe regularly, including washing my hair in warm water. What I found is that my hair looked fine most of the time minus the dandruff, but I suspect that dandruff is linked to the chlorine gas disolved in the water. I have noticed, however, that after I resumed using shampoo on a regular basis, the dandruff went away, and my hear felt lighter, however, there were never any smells coming from my hair. My hair always smelled fine. There are natural oils, and natural healthy bacteria everwhere, all over our body & even inside our body. Its a simple fact. Our bodies could not survive w/out bacteria. The media has brainwashed you if you think otherwise. They want to sell their Oxy-strips & other crap, so they use fear-mongering, brainwashing tactics. Flava FlAve May have said it best "DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHA"
2005-01-30 07:05:05 PM  
That's just farking sick... gotta be a Tree Hugger or just one screwed up broad. She's lucky her name's not Josie... Josie Grossy.
2005-01-30 07:09:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 07:10:55 PM  
dllmn - Look at the ingrediants in shampoos. Sodiam Laural/Laureth Sulfate? That stuff is toxic. Its only added because it makes bubbles. There is more toxic stuff in there too, like antifreeze & sometimes tar.

That's why I use Dr. Brommer's All-Purpose Magic Soap. All natural ingredients, environmentally friendly, safe, nontoxic, natural and a very economical to use. I can wash my whole body with about a teaspoonful's worth.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

Great for camping... one 4oz bottle can wash your body, hair, clothes, cookware, brush teeth and clean dirty camp gear. It's awesome stuff.
2005-01-30 07:11:57 PM  
Yeah, god forbid people live how they want, we should tear down her ego instead!
2005-01-30 07:12:48 PM  
In the 18th century there was no such thing! Nobody'd ever imagined such a thing -- no sane person anyway. Along comes this doctor...Semmelweiss, I think. He tries to convince people... other doctors mostly...that there are these teeny tiny invisible "bad things" called germs that get into your body and make you...sick! He's trying to get doctors to wash their hands. What is this guy...crazy? Teeny tiny invisible whaddayou call 'em?..."germs"!

So cut to the 20th century! Last week in fact, right before I got dragged into this hellhole. I order a burger in this fast food joint. The waiter drops it on the floor. He picks it up, wipes it off, hands it to it was all okay.

"What about the germs?" I say. He goes, "I don't believe in germs. Germs are just a plot they made up so they can sell you disinfectants and soap!"
2005-01-30 07:12:54 PM  
If unwashed hair is nicer in the long run, then who started the shampoo craze??

Gonna go with one of the oldest in the book:
"Maybe that's why they call it SHAMpoo..."
2005-01-30 07:13:53 PM  
SpoonPlz - ...we should tear down her ego instead!

You can rest assured that the citizens of FARK will do their part.
2005-01-30 07:14:49 PM  
rvagirl81 - "Maybe that's why they call it SHAMpoo..."

Better than shamPOO
2005-01-30 07:15:00 PM  
Going back to the good/bad bacteria thing...

From 1986-1989, I took broad-spectrum antibiotics (tetracycline and accutane) for acne. It caused, among other side effects, an overgrowth of candida albicans. At the time, no one knew (or acknowledged) anything dangerous about antibiotics. They were THE panacea.

Now, when you're prescribed antibiotics, you're usually given advice about supplementing your diet with good bacteria (L. acidophilus).

But why not just stay away from antibiotics? They're crap.
2005-01-30 07:16:09 PM  

Your not supposed to eat it.
2005-01-30 07:16:40 PM  

I thought I was the only person to know about Dr. Bronner's. That stuff is amazing in a totally non-hippie way.

Although when you step out of the shower and your body's skin temp drops about 100 degrees from the peppermint hitting the cold.....brrrrrrrrrr.....

/but the tingling in the shower is totally worth it
//ok, that sounded really bad, stopping now
2005-01-30 07:16:48 PM  
Dogs don't wash their hair either. And they don't smeall bad at all. Even if they get wet...oh, wait.
2005-01-30 07:16:48 PM  

/caps lock
2005-01-30 07:17:13 PM  
big ugly man doll - But why not just stay away from antibiotics? They're crap.

Tell that to the patient with an immunodeficiency condition (AIDS, chemotherapy, immunosuppressant therapy, transplant patient).
2005-01-30 07:17:55 PM  
The clear layer is glycerin. You can mix glycerin back in when you make soap. Or you can skim the glycerin off.

You can mix glycerin with nitric acid to make nitroglyerin.

You can mix nitroglycerin with sodium nitrate and sawdust to make dynamite.

You can blow up bridges.

You can mix nitroglycerin with more nitric acid and and parafin and make gelatin explosives.

You can blow up a building, easy.

With enough soap, you can blow up the whole world.
2005-01-30 07:17:55 PM  
Where is that red-headed girl that shanrick used in his post from.

Everytime I see her I want to destroy a third world country.
2005-01-30 07:22:11 PM  


Maybe your generalization is true most of the time, but no, I don't think you have to "rail against" sheep to not be one. As for flaming, I'd be happy to insult a hundred farkers if by doing so I got one person to change himself for the better. Fighting ignorance, and those who are content with being ignorant, is a fight to which I have subscribed. When your life is taken away from you due to the ignorance and misinformation (read: lies) of others, you become a little touchy when people praise and/or spread it. But that's a sad story for another day.

/flame on!
//Wayne's World rules
2005-01-30 07:22:15 PM  
drumfu - With enough coap, you can blow up the whole world.

drumfu is Tyler Durden!!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 07:23:40 PM  
the "goodness" she's talking about, for those of you who care, is probably oils. and no, her hair is probably NOT cultivating nasty bacteria. if she keeps her hair dry, harmful bacteria probably have a tough time living there. whether or not you shampoo or not, you'll always have bacteria in your hair; hell, you NEED certain good bacteria on your scalp in order to crowd out pathogenic strains.
2005-01-30 07:26:07 PM  
Cheap_Knockoff - you NEED certain good bacteria on your scalp in order to crowd out pathogenic strains.

That's just what they want you to think!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 07:31:41 PM  
Finasteride 1mg
Minoxidil 5%

Keep your hair for life, if your losing it.
2005-01-30 07:32:32 PM  
Her twat has to smell like a garbage scow.
2005-01-30 07:34:35 PM  
2005-01-30 07:35:01 PM  
I don't know what you guys are talking about.. I wouldn't mind not washing my hair.. in fact, that would be great. But I don't think my boyfriend would like me too much.
2005-01-30 07:35:09 PM  
I had a boyfriend who never washed his hair. Took showers daily, but would never wash his hair. His hair STUNK, and I couldn't get the damn oily smell off my pillowcases.

/One reason why he's an ex
/Need to raise my standards
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