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42070 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2005 at 6:01 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-01-30 3:00:24 PM  

I thought it was bad when I washed my hair once a week when I was a kid, but....EWWWWWWWWWW!
2005-01-30 3:03:23 PM  
Well, with that thoery, does she neglect to wash her pubes as well?
2005-01-30 3:03:53 PM  
I wonder if her head sticks to her pillow.
2005-01-30 3:12:44 PM  
I'm surprised she isn't natty.
2005-01-30 3:29:03 PM  
Hell, my water pump went out on a friday morning and I couldn't get it fixed until monday afternoon. I thought, "no problem, it's the weekend, no need to shower."

If it hadn't gotten fixed on monday I would have shaved my hair off on tuesday. It was driving me nuts.
2005-01-30 3:33:28 PM  
Maybe her and the dude a few threads down that doesn't flush the toilet - could get together. Imagine the water and money saved!!
2005-01-30 3:42:43 PM  
Penny's a Natural Woman

er... Penny's a Nasty Woman the headline shoulda read. Just sayin'.
2005-01-30 3:50:30 PM  
It's probably really shiny.

It's a well known fact that if you just wash your hair in water without detergents then the oil that your scalp produces stabilises. Most people don't do it because there's a three month period of unsticking it from your head in the morning.
2005-01-30 3:56:38 PM  
Ew. Ew. Ew.

I freak out when I don't wash my hair for a few days.
2005-01-30 4:01:50 PM  
"Mother of two."

2005-01-30 4:04:14 PM  
I probably wouldn't hit it. Yep, pretty sure.
2005-01-30 4:21:17 PM  
I find shampoo just strips out all the goodness and then you put conditioner on to put the goodness back in.

This coming from a chemical engineering grad? I can't find "goodness" anywhere in the ingredients list of my conditioner. I feel ripped off!
2005-01-30 4:23:58 PM  
OK. I do not use shampoo in my hair. Haven't for years. I clean my hair with water only every day in the shower. I was going bald and now I'm not. My hair is not oily or shiney.
Say what you will but my hair is now much more healthy than ever before.
I do keep it very short and when it gets longer it tends to be out of control. That's all.
2005-01-30 4:38:39 PM  
My water heater seems to be having trouble keeping up with my demands for hot water in which to shampoo and condition my hair, so perhaps I'll try this for a while.
2005-01-30 5:11:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Her hair might look nice, but I can't imagine it smells nice.

2005-01-30 5:18:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 5:21:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-30 5:23:55 PM  
lol at le mew
2005-01-30 5:50:14 PM  
*yawn* move along
2005-01-30 6:06:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-01-30 6:06:56 PM  
gah! why'd it have to be a chemical engineer!

a computer scientist would be more like it
2005-01-30 6:07:21 PM  
2005-01-30 6:07:23 PM  
Damn. If I don't wash my own hair ever day - and sometimes twice - I feel like I've got an oily rag sitting on top of my head. And my hair's not even remotely long.
2005-01-30 6:09:54 PM  
i can't go more than two days. on day two, i have to wear it in a ponytail or else i feel absolutely disgusting.
2005-01-30 6:10:19 PM  

(Challenger of consumer culture)
2005-01-30 6:10:28 PM  
Farkin' hippie.
2005-01-30 6:10:41 PM  
"I find shampoo just strips out all the goodness and then you put conditioner on to put the goodness back in."

And she knows all the scientific terms a chemical engineer should know, like the "goodness" equation.
2005-01-30 6:10:58 PM  
Penny's a natural woman

Translation:WOOKIE BUSH!!!
2005-01-30 6:11:12 PM  
Zipster said

If it hadn't gotten fixed on monday I would have shaved my hair off on tuesday. It was driving me nuts.

That's also the punchline to the joke about the pirate that walked into the bar with a steering wheel attached to his zipper.. bartender asked him about it, and the pirate said, "Arrr, it's driving me nuts."

2005-01-30 6:11:14 PM  
So are you telling me if I don't wash my hair for 11 years, I'll end up looking like her?

No thanks. I'd rather study.
2005-01-30 6:11:38 PM  
Not a bad idea... My hair is almost always dry at the tips...maybe letting it go unshampooed (but not unwashed) for a while would help
2005-01-30 6:12:12 PM  
I gotta wash out the hair stuff every day or break-outs can occur
2005-01-30 6:13:06 PM  
She's right. Its just that it takes a good couple weeks for your hair to adjust. Doesn't mean i'm giving up shampoo though.
2005-01-30 6:14:10 PM  
shampoo only at the roots and apply conditioner only at the ends. worked for me.
2005-01-30 6:14:59 PM  
that is, if you don't have enough patience to try your method (which does work).
2005-01-30 6:16:01 PM  
and it shows
2005-01-30 6:16:09 PM  
So what. I haven't showered in 8 months.
2005-01-30 6:16:46 PM  
Dirty hippy.
2005-01-30 6:17:04 PM  
I used to use deodorant all the time before I cleansed the inside of my body (juice fasting + herbs), now I only need deodorant if I eat garbage (dairy, sugar, dead animal, etc.). If I exercise and eat right (mostly vegan), I have no odor.

The hair care idea sounds like it may work. The body can heal and clean itself, for the most part.
2005-01-30 6:17:17 PM  
Let's assume for a moment that her "goodness" theory of hair care (which reminds me of the "bodily humours" of medieval medicine) is valid. Her contention is that shampoo removes the goodness and that the conditioner restores it.

Should she not, then, use conditioner alone, thereby enhancing her hair with extra goodness?
2005-01-30 6:17:34 PM  



OK I'll stop yelling now.

/Next Stop Iran.
2005-01-30 6:17:38 PM  
Have you read the shampoo bottle lately?

It nothing but ad speak. You haven't the foggest clue what the hell they are talking about but it "sounds good" and you buy it.

It is all 100 percent unequivical bullshiat.

So go clean your foilical zones with your hydration supressors with act control. And feel good about yourself. And remember it "works" and "helps".
2005-01-30 6:18:08 PM  
I have long hair and only use shampoo once every three days. I DO shower once a day, however. Once the oil balances out in your scalp, it doesn't over produce and make your hair greasy after one day and the tips of your hair don't get dry and crackely.
2005-01-30 6:19:53 PM  
Shampoo also kills bacteria.

Her hair is probably infested with all kinds of buggy things.
2005-01-30 6:19:58 PM tml?photo=2

strange resemblence. sorry bad at html......
2005-01-30 6:21:34 PM  
Dirty stinky hippy schwillies.
2005-01-30 6:22:15 PM  
Angel of Death
Should she not, then, use conditioner alone, thereby enhancing her hair with extra goodness?

One can only take so much goodness at one time.

On that note, I haven't washed my hair since Thursday and there's already enough grease to .... uhh... fry. Fry a chicken. Right. That's what I meant.
2005-01-30 6:22:24 PM  
All I can think of is Alanis MoreUpSet (Morissette).
2005-01-30 6:22:56 PM  
I'd hit it.

/wait, this isn't a boobies thread?
2005-01-30 6:24:18 PM  
Why must people try and rationalize their lack of hygiene? If you're dirty, then you're dirty. Don't like people telling you you are dirty? Wash yourself.
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