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42619 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jan 2005 at 1:29 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-26 01:41:33 PM  
I've watched porn for entertainment purposes in platonic mixed company before. It's kind of cool. Of course, it probably needs to be somewhat "sex positive" porn, like the porn version of Alice In Wonderland.
2005-01-26 01:42:01 PM  
Soooo.... this means that bukake is right out?
2005-01-26 01:42:04 PM  
My porn buddy is Rosey (and her five sisters.)

/had to be done.
2005-01-26 01:42:08 PM  
This broad has a screw loose.
2005-01-26 01:42:30 PM  
I'm at a loss for would actually do this?!?!? Worst.Idea.EVER.
2005-01-26 01:42:32 PM  
Ok, I have three letters for this...W T F?

Oh yeah, I agree with Diogenes. This guy is definitely biding his time.
2005-01-26 01:42:50 PM  
2005-01-26 01:37:26 PM PandaBub

How long is it going to be on this thread before someone says "pr0n"???

*checks watch*

About six minutes: pr0n
2005-01-26 01:43:54 PM  
I thought your porn buddy was the guy who fsck'ed your hard drive before you wife/mother can see it if you die unexpectedly.
2005-01-26 01:44:01 PM  
I think you guys are confusing that "don't take matters into your own hands" line... I believe the purpose of the porn buddy is so that, yes indeed, you do masturbate together.

So you mean I just take his "business" into my hands, and vice versa? ;-)
2005-01-26 01:44:12 PM  
The Stupid tag pretty much applies itself to this article.
2005-01-26 01:44:32 PM  
Huh? Are they 13?
2005-01-26 01:44:58 PM  
What the?
I watched porn with a few hot girls back in college, talk about an odd experence. Back of your head your thinking it will turn out like a penthouse letter; but you know better.
So the girl found out what she wants now... What DVDA? And to always take it on the face?

/bad idea jeans
2005-01-26 01:45:06 PM  
I like to think that every woman in America who is looking at pr0n at the same time as me, is my pr0n buddy. I may not see them, but they are with me in spirit.
2005-01-26 01:45:13 PM  
Mr Guy Wins
2005-01-26 01:45:49 PM  
My mom is my porn buddy.
2005-01-26 01:46:24 PM  
2005-01-26 01:46:46 PM  
So you mean I just take his "business" into my hands, and vice versa? ;-)

I thought the article was saying you each do what you would normally do if you were alone watching porn, but having the 'buddy' there as an observer and/or additional live-action show served to bring an extra thrill to the procedings...

That's the only way it makes sense, to my tiny mind anyway...
2005-01-26 01:46:46 PM  
Hi is Jen there? Hey Jen, what you up to? Bored huh? Yeah me too. You know I was thinkin', maybe we should take our relationship to the next level. Well, why don't you come on over for some double penetrati.....wait wait don't hang up, not for real, we'll watch it on teeevveeee!
2005-01-26 01:47:03 PM  
"She says her porn buddy made her feel sexy without having sex and helped her figure out what she wanted in her next serious relationship."

Sure, if she is looking for a guy who likes to watch porn, but not have sex with her.
2005-01-26 01:47:14 PM  
porn buddy = Pamela Handerson.
2005-01-26 01:47:49 PM  
That's so emo.
2005-01-26 01:48:00 PM  
My mom is my porn buddy.

Why you... you!!! Eh, I can see that.
2005-01-26 01:48:12 PM  
Why . . . yes, Rillion.

That's it. Just like that.
2005-01-26 01:48:18 PM  
Porn Buddy? Got One
2005-01-26 01:48:25 PM  
If we do what we normally do, then when watching porn with my buddy, can I change channels durring the commercial?
2005-01-26 01:48:26 PM  
I have no idea what your post was supposed to mean but you might want to get some help for that.

You scare me.
2005-01-26 01:48:44 PM  
At 01:34:13 PM Jaromayo said:
How long is it going to be on this thread before someone says "pr0n"???

About 3 minutes 20 seconds.
2005-01-26 01:49:12 PM  
I think her "porn buddy" is just taking his time...circling for the kill.

I think he's too farkin' lazy to buy his own porn.
I also bet his car is a mess from the ride home.
2005-01-26 01:49:20 PM  
Not to be knocking on the door of the troll, but isn't this just a leading article for
2005-01-26 01:49:26 PM  
This is not the definition of "porn buddy" that Jeffrey mentioned on Coupling. The concept is that the porn buddy is the one who goes to your place right after you die and takes all your porn, before your parents get there and are shocked by how depraved you are.

On the downside, it's a task that must be done urgently, but on the plus side, you get free porn.
2005-01-26 01:49:57 PM  
Don't take this the wrong way (oh, nevermind, go ahead)- but she's giving this guy a plausible defense for the rape charge.

"Why would she go to Mike Tyson's hotel room, alone, at that time of night if not for sex? Oh... she went there to watch porn with him and not have sex."

She better not ever call a plumber, that's all I'm sayin'.

/Bow chicka-chicka-chinka bow chicka-chicka-chinka bow.
2005-01-26 01:50:15 PM  
Does this involve "Jesus Juice"?
2005-01-26 01:50:18 PM  
Been there, done that, doesn't work. Not that I was upset about that, though.
2005-01-26 01:50:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I thought a porn buddy was someone who went to your flat after you died,
and removed all the porn before your mother came over.
2005-01-26 01:51:44 PM  
Next up, "food buddies": morbidly obese pals who go to restaurants together, don't order food, and talk about how hungry they are.
2005-01-26 01:52:06 PM  
While I am all for sexual tension, this just sounds ludicrous.
2005-01-26 01:52:10 PM  
not a good idea
2005-01-26 01:52:20 PM  
If this guy's biding his time, well, let's just say he's already waited too long and is not going to get any. He's permanently on the friend's ladder, not the good ladder,
2005-01-26 01:52:35 PM  
This might be fun....once.
2005-01-26 01:52:36 PM  
Why the hell does this idiot of a woman think that adding massive amounts sexual frustration to her and her "buddys" life, is somehow going to enable her to figure out a previous failed sexually frustrating relationship? Why can't she just "flick the bean" while Buddy over there polishes his pistol, as they both watch porn?

I need a good boobies link.
2005-01-26 01:52:44 PM  
Aw, jeez... what's the over/under on the number of times somebody's gonna post the "if you suddenly die" chestnut from that half-a-fag English show?
2005-01-26 01:53:43 PM  
Before an evening of lustful tension with my porn-buddy, do we go to Benihana, sit at a table, watch the chef cook, stare at the food for awhile, pay the bill, then leave?


Maybe we could make a bag of Microwave popcorn then throw it away when it's done cooking while we watch our pr0n...
2005-01-26 01:53:56 PM  
Will Katie Couric be covering this on her sex show tonight?
2005-01-26 01:54:13 PM  
"I have an idea! Let's watch porn, and get good n' turned on, but then NOT HAVE SEX. At ALL! Because, you know...The TENSION is so great!"


Boy. I'm not surprised a WOMAN came up with this idea. All the world needs is yet ANOTHER cocktease giving EVERY SINGLE SIGNAL that she's ready and willing to get it on, then having the farking nerve to act shocked when things start to move in that direction. If you're willing to watch porn with a man, you have VERY LITTLE RIGHT to be all taken aback if he then shows an interest in having sex with you.

I have another idea! Why don't you and I go to the buffet, pay our way in, then just sit there looking at and smelling the food....watching others enjoy it....But not actually eating anything ourselves. It'll be great! We'll just enjoy the HUNGER. You can be my "Buffet Buddy"!

2005-01-26 01:54:35 PM  
I think I will just stick with Helen Hand and Felcia Fist.
2005-01-26 01:55:50 PM  
No sex, no satisfaction, no point.
2005-01-26 01:55:52 PM  
I think the Mormons also use this as a means of releasing pentup sexual frustration.Oh yeah,rather than porn,the friends watch Osmonds reruns.
2005-01-26 01:55:52 PM  
That is the most ridiculous thing I've every heard of. Gay g-gay gay GAY!!!
2005-01-26 01:56:41 PM  
I did this once. A friend came over we went through my colection. As we were watching the videos we would comment on what was happening. Everything from "I love that" and "That's fun to do" to "I did that once and it's rather uncomfortable".

My favorite comment from her was "I need to practice my anal so I can learn to take it like that."
2005-01-26 01:56:44 PM  
It's just a booty call??

As if there is anything better than a booty call?!?

/And anyone who thinks there is can just get the hell out of my universe
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