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(Some Guy)   Read Bobby Seale's barbecue bill of rights and then fire up the grill   ( divider line
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2756 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2002 at 11:37 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-10 06:33:42 PM  
WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT it becomes necessary for us, the citizens of the earth, to creatively improve the culinary art of barbe-que'n in our opposition to the overly commercialized bondage of "cue-be-rab" (barbecuing backwards); and to assume, within the realm of palatable biological reactions to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle us, a decent respect for all the billions of human taste buds and savory barbeque desires; we the people declare a basic barbeque bill of rights which impels us to help halt, eradicate, and ultimately stamp out "cue-be-rab!"

Just not funny at all. Sorry.

Also, you "barbecue" backwards is most certainly not "cue-be-rab".
2002-03-10 11:39:22 PM  
Give him a break, he's an old black man.
2002-03-10 11:43:13 PM  
Ok, I put a link for Star Wars the new Episode II trailer.... doesn't make it, I guess, but this shi.t does?
2002-03-10 11:51:37 PM  
this link sucked
2002-03-10 11:52:02 PM  
Call me culturally retarded, but I have never heard of Bobby Seale. Is he some sort of athletic figure of great importance? I figure that would be the field of which I hold the least knowledge...
2002-03-10 11:53:17 PM  
Someone should tell this guy you don't need some over-the-top gimmick to sell a book if you've got content.

Oh wait.
2002-03-11 12:01:17 AM  
May I suggest extra lean ground chuck for hamburgers. And hold the cheese and mayo to cut unnecessary fat calories.
2002-03-11 12:01:21 AM  
You know you want some, you white devil!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-11 12:04:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay airs Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. All times ET.
2002-03-11 12:08:04 AM  
If I see a little african child holding some peeps I'm going to go on a bloody rampage.
2002-03-11 12:13:37 AM  
This is hilarious. Who submitted this? I just read this the other day because I was doing a thing on Black Civil Rights in the 1960's. I saw it, and laughed my ass off. Now its here. Are you people stealing my thoughts?!
2002-03-11 12:14:43 AM  
On politics, this guy was a militant, and certifiably nuts. But all black people can bar-be-que, so listen to this dude. Word.
2002-03-11 12:17:32 AM  
Is that the same Bobby Seale as this:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-03-11 12:25:33 AM  
GWG, this place is so big that someone else is bound to be thinking what you're thinking. I was thinking salsa the other day and, lo and behold, up comes Nimoy salsa.
2002-03-11 12:26:54 AM  
Ok, I put a link for Star Wars the new Episode II trailer.... doesn't make it, I guess, but this shiat does?

Yeah, you even submitted it twice.
2002-03-11 12:32:41 AM  
Cheshire_cat_sf, it is indeed the same Bobby Seale. Go to the main page.

What's next, David Duke's spaghetti sauce?
2002-03-11 12:33:04 AM  
GirlWithGlasses I think you need to make yourself a
[image from too old to be available]
Thought Screen Helmet
2002-03-11 12:36:23 AM  
Feffer I was just parousing the "Klan's guide to making the perfect 'Smore"
2002-03-11 12:59:35 AM  
Hey, I do hope some of you usual Fark miscreants actually take advantage of this (though I wouldn't go so far as to actually buy the book...). Among my many hobbies, I count cooking as one of the most rewarding, particularly in those endeavors that involve the most primary elements - FIRE and MEAT. He's right on the fruit juices. Lime juice for me, especially w/ chicken marinades.

I also maintain an impressive stock of habanero sauces.

But, you know, people don't care about this, so I usually wind up talking cars or movies with people.
2002-03-11 03:07:26 AM  
Uh, right on! Heh.
2002-03-11 03:51:28 AM  
Bourbon makes for a nice marinade. That way, you don't even have to cook it, you can just savor the raw alcoholic meaty goodness.
2002-03-11 01:47:15 PM  
Cheshire_cat_sf: Yup

I actually tried to order this book last year (from this same site) but the book never arrived, card never charged, and e-mails never answered.
2002-03-11 03:05:11 PM  
"Always use recipe amounts of hickory liquid smoke."

That would be NONE thank you. I stopped reading at this point.
2002-03-13 02:03:37 PM
2002-05-07 06:31:01 PM  
2002-05-07 06:31:35 PM  
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