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(Richmond Times dispatch)   Virginia lawmaker proposes bill banning lowrider pants. If your underwear is showing, you know where you're going   ( divider line
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2005-01-25 10:28:20 PM  
If your underwear is showing you know where your going

Back to English class?
2005-01-25 11:14:44 PM  
"The impetus for the loud-stereo bill was partly from his own experience of having his grandchildren in the car with him and having other drivers pull up blasting music, some of it filled with profanities."

*gasp* Not naughty words!!
2005-01-25 11:36:30 PM  
So lets review the last few days:
Nebraska to make tattoos illegal
Iowa to make spinners illegal
Virginia to make sagging illegal

Do we really have nothing better to worry about?
2005-01-25 11:48:56 PM  
Not Safe For Work
2005-01-25 11:49:33 PM  
2005-01-26 12:18:48 AM  
Do we really have nothing better to worry about?

Yeah, but all the other problems are too haaaard especially for small time politicians with the equivalent of a community college education (sorry to people who have community college educations).
2005-01-26 12:22:15 AM  
Bikinis on the beach are ok. I bet if showing underwear was allowed to become okay and standard, it wouldn't be a big deal or distracting at all before long. And it might not be, except to old fuddy-duddy types.

Big Merl: Do we really have nothing better to worry about?


Can't help but feel this is probably the same thing as making boys cut their hair in the early 1970s.
2005-01-26 3:03:06 AM  
It's one thing w/ the guys buying pants 6 sizes too big.

but girls, that's how they're made!

\wears ultra-low-rise pants
\\wears a belt!!!
\\\still delivers the occasional mooning (and get YELLED at for it by my mommy.)
2005-01-26 4:42:14 AM  
Good thing I don't wear underwear... or "lowrider" pants, for that matter.
2005-01-26 4:46:41 AM  

After I saw the sticker, I lost complete self-respect for the guy and his car...

Self-respect for the guy and his car??!

/Log, eye, speck
2005-01-26 4:47:46 AM  
Aren't there already public decency / Noise control / Unsafe Driving laws already in place? Wouldn't it be easier to just apply the existing laws rather than go through the effort of making new ones that probably are going to be forgotten in a years time?
2005-01-26 4:49:48 AM  
Easy solution: go commando. That's what the girls around here have been doing w/ the lowrider jeans. Because there's no way as hell you can be wearing underwear and have it *not* showing with as low-cut and as tight as those things are. Goddamn.
2005-01-26 4:51:04 AM  
To quote Pink Floyd:

Are there any jews here tonight?
Get them up against the wall...

Are there any low riders or loud music fans?
Get them up against the wall...
2005-01-26 4:52:21 AM  
Low-rise jeans + thong wearers: please be between the ages of 18 and 45 and be under 150 lbs. That's all I ask.
2005-01-26 4:56:50 AM  
Algie T. Howell Jr.

There's a name that screeches 'inbred white folks'.
2005-01-26 5:07:03 AM  
Don't F*** wit VA.

2005-01-26 5:11:38 AM  
'Merrkuh... land of the free!
2005-01-26 5:12:45 AM  
zpb52: After I saw the sticker, I lost complete self-respect for the guy and his car.

so, the writer took it upon himself to lose the self-respect of the driver? what a guy!

always nice to see a guy ranting about the proper usage of words screwing up something like that.
2005-01-26 5:15:54 AM  
Until fat people learn that other people are disgusted by their lumpy stomachs bulging obscenely between pants/shirt and that they have no need for low-riders/g-strings given that they will never be sexually attractive, they must be banned for all.
2005-01-26 5:24:33 AM  
When I become supreme president of all humanity I'm going to make being a politician illegal. Sure you can still be a "vigilante politician". But the squads of killer midgets dressed as santas elves will track you down. Oh yes. They will.
2005-01-26 5:26:48 AM  
crack kills
2005-01-26 5:37:27 AM  

You've got my vote.

/desperately needs sleep
2005-01-26 5:49:08 AM  
Ban politicians.

Problem Solved!
2005-01-26 5:56:24 AM  
Useless without pics!
2005-01-26 6:01:41 AM  
They should be making laws banning the true horrors of fashion. In the mall at Hollister I saw leg warmers. Leg-farkin'-warmers. Leave the '80s alone! I swear if I see someone in white Levi's with a matching jacket I am going to start hurting people.
2005-01-26 6:05:36 AM  
Wearing lowrider pants? You better believe that's a paddlin'.
2005-01-26 6:08:39 AM  
Another state legislator irritated at his constituents cracking up at him.
2005-01-26 6:15:43 AM  
FARK needs a RED STATE tag.
2005-01-26 6:20:25 AM  
For you Bitterman

[image from too old to be available]

I dont' mine the lowrider trousers 'cos I'm from Europe :)
2005-01-26 6:48:01 AM  
Dear Farkers,

Those of us in Northern Virginia are just as disgusted by these shenanigans as you are. Please refrain from lumping us in with the inbred yokels. We'd really appreciate it.

2005-01-26 7:06:23 AM  
Thanks, Swiss Colony. Absolutely classic.
2005-01-26 7:44:14 AM  
Really, did they just thing of as many things that African-Americans commonly do that they find kind of annoying and lump them into one law, or what?
2005-01-26 7:55:31 AM  
turn that music down,pull you're pants up,turn that hat around and get a job..
2005-01-26 8:04:32 AM  
i wonder if these kids will really realize how ridiculous they looked when they get older and look back in retrospect?

kinda like when i think about when i was in high school and wore those stupid bleached "acid washed" or was it "stone washed" jeans.

/ i tied an onion around my belt, which was the style at the times.....
2005-01-26 8:11:07 AM  
When I was a kid in the ghetto, you wore jeans that fit and Chuck Taylors so you could run like a motherfarker.

Apparently, with the introduction of firepower, running away is no longer necessary. So, you stand there with your pants falling down and shoot.

2005-01-26 8:26:37 AM  
Jan 15, 2005
img.fark.netView Full Size

/why is race an issue to this legislation?
2005-01-26 8:32:12 AM  
If the law makers didn't go around making absurd laws, then they wouldn't have a job. Right?
2005-01-26 8:33:15 AM  
I'm still trying to figure out why wearing lowrider pants while driving is a bad thing.
2005-01-26 8:35:05 AM  
Cause your car seat might see your crack.

2005-01-26 8:41:52 AM  
If your underwear is showing, you know where you're going

The Daily Show? -Thong of the South.
2005-01-26 8:50:17 AM  
2005-01-26 8:50:19 AM  
No more pimp lean? Damn
2005-01-26 8:53:36 AM  
levy a $50 fine on anyone who "exposes his below-waist undergarments in an offensive manner."

Underwear are now indecent? I suppose that Victoria's Secret and Sears are going to get nailed now for 50.00 each ad, or per viewing of each ad.

This is racist is what it is. When you lump all of this asshat's proposals together, it comes down to black hip-hop culture. That is what is being legislated - outlawed actually - here.
2005-01-26 8:53:52 AM  
Does this bill strike anyone else as sort of rascist?
/Hates being from VA
2005-01-26 8:56:25 AM  
Said it in the spinners thread, I'll say it here. Can we just lose the Baby Boomers already?

They're suck a demographic bulge that asinine crap like this might actually get passed someday. Honestly, how stupendously arrogant do you have to be to try and pass a law based on fashion sense?

Oh noes, the Boomers might have to see something that bothers them. Let's rewrite the law of the land.

Dear asshats: you do not have a Constitutional right to expect the public to adhere to your whiny ass, frivolous bullshiat.

Good God, even the Democrats in the Red States are priggish, Let's-Go-Back-To-Mayberry goons.

/getting really sick of this shiat
2005-01-26 8:56:26 AM  
Plumbers everywhere are going to be up in arms about this.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-26 9:00:08 AM  
Er, that should read such a demographic bulge.

Freudian slip.
2005-01-26 9:00:32 AM  
Ground.Zero.Guy You wouldn't if you'd rtfa.

I don't see how this is a race thing unless they only fine blacks. In the UK anyway hipster jeans are worn by blacks and whites the same. I thought they came as much from skateboard (mainly white) culture as hip-hop. Is this not the case in the USA?
2005-01-26 9:03:56 AM  
morgankingrocks: Does this bill strike anyone else as sort of rascist?

Sort of? Go to Virginia Beach and look at what the women are wearing on the beach, they're concerned with lowriders? If this wasn't a black thing, it wouldn't be a thing.
2005-01-26 9:05:45 AM  
I thought they came as much from skateboard (mainly white) culture as hip-hop. Is this not the case in the USA?

This is not the case in the USA.

They may not fine only blacks, but the two things mentioned in TFA are both strongly identified with hip hop culture. There is overlap into skateboard culture, yes, but this has the definite tinge of racism.

I mean, seriously. A law concerning how you wear your pants. That just so happens to be in there with ideas of how you should sit in your car. Anyone living in the US knows exactly what this guy's talking about.

"Oh no, I'm not racist. It's pure coincidence that the ideas I support run directly counter to popular black culture, and not much else."
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