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2002-03-10 06:58:19 PM  
No! That's all wrong! I've got to erase that with my sleeve! I'm a wild thinker, an intellectual! I don't care about my own personal grooming when there's science to do! Ah, that's it! Seven raised to the third power TIMES triangle DIVIDED by meaningless letter variable!

This is great!!
2002-03-10 11:06:29 PM  
I believe that was "The Way Back Machine".
2002-03-10 11:07:07 PM  
That was one of the greatest movie reviews I've ever read. Even better than MrCranky.
2002-03-10 11:12:57 PM  
Roger Ebert's is at least intelligent and readable.
2002-03-10 11:13:22 PM  
At least Mr. Peabody has seen the originals.
Yvette Mimieux surrenders.
2002-03-10 11:13:53 PM  
Bah, Mr. Cranky does those better. Can't wait to see the review of that movie by him on Friday...
2002-03-10 11:17:46 PM  
Don't mess with a man with a way-back machine, Dave. I can make it so you were never born.
2002-03-10 11:27:23 PM  
This was farking hilarious. Like an old mad magazine parody from when I was a kid.
2002-03-10 11:35:03 PM  
That was pretty darn funny. Although it's not really useful as a review, since you have to have seen the movie to get all the jokes. Not the greatest movie, BTW. The effects were very good, and there were some cool scenes, but there were also plot holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through. I'd say it's worth a rental, but don't pay $9 to see it in the theater.

Loved the Office Space reference in the photo caption. ;-)
2002-03-10 11:42:38 PM  
Oh I dunno... I think you can get all the jokes just from having seen the trailer.
2002-03-11 12:12:11 AM  
I wouldn't even say that the effects were that good. It was tollerable for 6 farking dollars. 6 Dollars. For a matan.... cheap tickets, fark hard to spell after drinking all night, anyways, that seems like alot of money for cheap tickets. I dunno, I wasn't impressed.
2002-03-11 12:34:48 AM  
I want to see the movie just because I read the book and wrote a paper about it in my last semester (sci-fi/fantasy class). But from the previews it looks like it's not really loyal to the book at all, so I don't know... I'll probably just wait for the video. Funny review though. :)
2002-03-11 12:52:35 AM  
i admit i've never read the book or seen the original movie or whatever.. but i went to see it today and i thought it was okay.

that site has freakin funny reviews tho. hehe
2002-03-11 02:53:45 AM  
Wintermute: Filthy reviewed it this week. They come out on Monday, not Friday. =)
2002-03-11 05:32:20 AM  
I laughed out loud. That was funny.
2002-03-11 07:00:31 AM  
Baaaaaaaaaaaad plot holes in this version of The Time Machine, yes. "Paradox will prevent you from building a time machine!" "Oh, in the future I saw the Morlocks conquer all. I'll go back in time and prevent it!" Huh?!? So the movie itself is a pardidox. NOW I get it!
2002-03-11 07:01:56 AM  
The book is much better, Caydi. The plot makes some sort of sense, and it isn't focused on a romantic plot bludgeoned into the ground.
2002-03-11 04:16:48 PM  
I saw the movie yesterday... thought it brought up some interesting ideas. The BEST part was the "time-lapse" animation sequences.. truly amazing. I'd pay $6 just to see that scene again.
2002-03-11 06:21:21 PM  
Guy Pearce is da bomb
2002-03-11 06:46:06 PM  
i second that
2002-03-11 06:47:28 PM  
boo yeah vici! i loved the scene when jeremy irons' face was disintegrating.
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