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3758 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2002 at 12:52 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-10 12:57:06 PM  
Holy fark, new links!
2002-03-10 01:00:08 PM  
So he bathed in oil?
Are we talking vegetable oil or motor oil, here?
2002-03-10 01:03:33 PM  
Wow. Normally theres at least some arguement as to a persons mental state. Dosent look like theres much to go on here though.
2002-03-10 01:04:57 PM  
Holy cow! I can't believe a new civilisation emerged and evolved to the point of inventing the internet, weblogs and ultimately this quickly after COMMUNISTS NUKED KENTUCKY!
2002-03-10 01:06:26 PM  
all I can say is hahahaha I bet that was funny looking
2002-03-10 01:09:41 PM  
Neighbor Tanika Latimore, 20, Chipwata had been telling people the devil was coming. Before Friday nights incident, Chipwata had bathed in oil, she said.

"He was sick and not acting right," she said.

Tanika is quite perceptive, isn't she. :)
2002-03-10 01:48:21 PM  
I'm waiting for the Boobies that says "why didn't they just shoot him in the leg? They didn't have to kill him!"
2002-03-10 01:49:21 PM  
HAH! Though that works as well.
2002-03-10 01:58:27 PM  
wound him in the third leg
2002-03-10 02:15:33 PM  
The naked man was disturbed after having found out about the "List" of nuclear targets recently put out by the Pentagon.

The Farkin' article
2002-03-10 02:18:13 PM  
2002-03-10 02:25:07 PM  
Rhiannon :
One officer at the scene, able to retreat down some stairs, fully clothed with gun against one naked oiled gimboid with a knife -

QUOTE "Chipwata was shot after he continued to come down the stairs with the knife and ignored Rovinetti's warnings for him to stop and drop the knife, Connelly said."

And then he gets shot four times and killed? Just on the basis of reading the article, I'm not happy.

Yeah, sure. Call me a 'boobie' but I would like to know why it needed four bullets to take him down, or maybe police policy around there is to keep pulling the trigger until it 'clicks'? If it was a panicked officer, where was his backup? I didn't think the cops used magnums which kill with one shot, so it wasn't hydrostatic shock... Yeah, I would hope that this is seen as a tragedy and something to avoid.

Or maybe it's the old "Hey, one less moron around - great!" theory. Dangerous that one....
2002-03-10 02:31:13 PM  
For all practical purposes the guy committed suicide and if more crazy people would go out like this the world will be a much better and safer place. One down and about 50 million to go! Clean that gene pool...
2002-03-10 02:36:25 PM  
QUOTE "Chipwata was shot after he continued to come down the stairs with the knife and ignored Rovinetti's warnings for him to stop and drop the knife, Connelly said."

That about says it all.
2002-03-10 02:37:26 PM  
If he was on something like PCP and could ignore the pain, maybe he just kept walking until they shot a kill-spot...
2002-03-10 02:39:29 PM  
You first, Pluto.
2002-03-10 03:22:08 PM  

Thats right I expect cops to take on crazy people with weapons instead of shooting them. How dare this cop protect himself from being stabbed. Your such a farking moron I hope you die.
2002-03-10 03:26:01 PM  
I agree FruitBat; there is no way it would take more than 1 bullet to stop a man with a knife. There is no justification for shooting him four times.
2002-03-10 03:44:18 PM  
If the first round killed him then what's the problem with three more? Not like he was going to die even more. Also if the guy was coming down the stairs and was shot then gravity would have taken over and the other three rounds might have been used to "redirect" his body from coming close to the cop.

Judge: "Why did you shoot that suspect 11 times?"
Officer: "That's all my clip holds sir."
Judge: "Case dismissed!"
2002-03-10 03:45:59 PM  
Man, naked, with steak knife = tube steak?
2002-03-10 03:47:59 PM  
Hey, didn't something come up the other day about how John Ashcroft annoints himself with vegetable oil from time to time? Hmmmm....
2002-03-10 03:54:06 PM  
2002-03-10 03:58:24 PM  
Let's all send Ashcroft a naked steak knife...
2002-03-10 04:15:45 PM  
I cannot stand it when the farking pigs interrupt my dinner on Steak Night.
2002-03-10 05:42:16 PM  
Are you sure that was a steak knife?
2002-03-10 06:01:37 PM  
Iron Felix D. Naw, he's just glad to see ya!

Same thing happened at the Sturgis Rally years ago. Some asshead from Australia was running down the strret wearing nothing but a bowie knife and a hard-on. (Wow, just like the line in the 1st Dirty Harry movie!) The cops improved the gene pool on the spot by blowing him away. He, too, was worried about Satan and was covered in oil. Must be some kinda secret cult :p
2002-03-10 06:03:42 PM  
BTW I'm w/ Rhiannon. In Sturgis some out of town "boobies" whined a little but the cops ruled it a good shoot.
2002-03-10 06:07:24 PM  
thats pretty sad acctually... why the hell did the cop shoot him 4 times? he just needed a mental institution or some help.
2002-03-10 06:36:47 PM  
I'm all for the cops defending themselves. The only thing I don't get is, in cases like this why do they shoot to kill? I mean, if the guy kept advancing on the officer I think a shot to the leg would pretty much stop him in his tracks and allow the perp to live so he can be prosecuted.
2002-03-10 06:54:50 PM  
::yawn fart laugh fart again:: sometimes you can only be so amused
2002-03-10 07:29:00 PM  
They should have used a plunger to subdue the suspect. It least he was already greased up for it.
2002-03-11 03:14:30 AM  
i think this is a perfect example of "survival of the fittest!" if you take your clothes off and run around wielding a weapon (which is totally socially unacceptable) you significantly increase your chances of being killed by law enforcement. thus decreasing your chances of reproducing which is for the best and nature knows how to weed out the weak links. just my thoughts thats all.
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