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(Some Guy)   To save 175,000 dollars in security, Gov. Jesse Ventura vows to have state dinners of Dominos pizza.   ( bayarea.com) divider line
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2002-03-10 01:28:22 PM  
This is really, really cool of Ventura. He's cutting costs in places that are luxuries (eating nice meals), as opposed to places that are necessities. Making himself a little less comfortable for the greater good.

Good work.
2002-03-10 06:18:15 PM  
Ventura is EVILLLLLL
2002-03-10 06:19:37 PM  
Ventura thinks more like a regular person than a politician. And he came from wrasslin'. Politicians are hoes.
2002-03-10 06:20:40 PM  

Agreed. He's also been quite entertaining during his term. I'm gonna miss reading all his silly and interesting things when he's gone.
2002-03-10 06:20:59 PM  
I'm hungry, I want Dominos Pizza.
2002-03-10 06:23:01 PM  
ahh hyoga.. me and you are one in the same.
2002-03-10 06:24:01 PM  
It's tough to maintain fantastic abs when you eat pizza regularly.
2002-03-10 06:24:51 PM  
[image from fast-rewind.com too old to be available]

Would anyone want to tell this man what he can or cannot do? But seriously, I think this is very cool of him. I don't know any other politician that would willingly give up one of the trappings of power to save money.

2002-03-10 06:25:40 PM  
This should have the
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2002-03-10 06:25:48 PM  
Ventura for President!
2002-03-10 06:27:32 PM  
Schunk Schunk Schunk!
2002-03-10 06:30:53 PM  
Ventura's not willingly giving up anything. He vetoed the budget bill that is forcing him to reduce spending. The legislature must have overidden his veto.
2002-03-10 06:31:32 PM  
Well, what could he do? The MN Legislature has drastically cut back on his security budget. He is probably the most well known governor in the US because of his pre-political life.

This was part of the Budget to make up a $2.4B deficit that used up all of MN's budget reserves as an election ploy for the legislature. They are thinking now until November. Ventura's plan was hard, but fair and not influenced by intrests.

The MN Legisture overrode a Ventura veto with 2/3rds last week to pass this budget, Ventura's security, but they did keep their own $12M Legislature reserve untouched. So, since Ventura only uses the Gov mansion for formal events and he lives on his ranch, this was the best way he could cut costs.

PeterNorth pretty much tells it like it is. Ventura is a great governor. I cannot stand career politicans.
2002-03-10 06:33:57 PM  
at first i thought this was satire.. and im still not sure. But i hope its true! If government possitions didnt lend themselves to excessive waste then mostly decent humans would run for smaller offices. Function bfore Frivolity!
2002-03-10 06:56:31 PM  
The Gov. should run again. I would vote for him. The rest of the worthless politicians in this state are only out to make money for themselves.
2002-03-10 06:57:26 PM  
Boobiesontheside....If you were from Minnesota, you'd KNOW this isn't satire!!!
2002-03-10 07:00:35 PM  
I'd have to agree, it does deserve the hero tag, save for one thing...

Pizza Hut owns dominos. Gotta love them personal pan pizzas.

Wait, actually, now that I think about it, bad idea... The pizza is likely to inspire a war... When the libyan embassador wants anchovies and Jesse wants peperoni, heads will roll... And the chinese food? C'mon, sharing your food with everyone? Can you say commie?
2002-03-10 07:09:21 PM  
I live in MN, and voted for the guy. As an independant, he has a great way of pitting both sides of the isle against each other. I think he gets a sick sort of pleasure out of pushing their buttons. And he knows how to push their buttons .. Plus, he gives all the local talk radio hosts more fodder than they know what to do with. Minnesota may have crappy weather, but it's a great place to watch politics! I hope he runs again. He'd have my vote, just out of pure entertainment value.
2002-03-10 07:10:13 PM  
What a farking tard.
2002-03-10 07:11:37 PM  
Domino's is about as American a pizza as you can get. Cheap, fast, greasy... God, I'm hungry.
2002-03-10 07:22:40 PM  
Jesse has got to be one of the last honest decent people on earth.

Now if we could just train him in politics, he'd be unstoppable.

Can you imagine Jesse Ventura as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces? He'd probably lead them into combat personally. No one but NO one would fark with us.
2002-03-10 07:23:24 PM  
Domino's = YUK.

Mellow Mushroom. now that's a good pizza.
2002-03-10 07:24:07 PM  
I was a student in MN when he got elected... I wish I could have voted for him, but I still had residency in my home state.

The pizza is a good idea, but it would be an even better idea if he gave that pizza money to a Minnesota-owned small business instead of a national chain.
2002-03-10 07:33:32 PM  

That is a good idea. You should suggest it.

Another cool thing about Jesse is that he'd probably listen to you.
2002-03-10 07:39:59 PM  
Ventura truly is an idiot. I dont think the man has one once of common sense at all.
2002-03-10 07:42:31 PM  

What makes you think that?
2002-03-10 07:44:28 PM  

And yet he beat both repubs. and democrats in the last election. By a comfortable margin too. You kooky fringe voter-you!
2002-03-10 07:47:29 PM  
Isn't this the guy who lambasted hunters who were complaining about access to hunting permits by saying "You haven't hunted until you've hunted another man"??? I'm glad y'all love him so much, he sounds like a whack job to me tho.
2002-03-10 07:52:15 PM  
Yea, but he's ours and you are just jelous. Nyahh!
2002-03-10 07:52:37 PM  
I wish I lived in MN so I could vote for him ;)
2002-03-10 07:58:31 PM  
Way to go Ventura! This is how politicians should conduct themselves. Of course Jess wasn't weened in the same scum and muck that most politicians learn how to walk and talk in.
2002-03-10 07:59:44 PM  

Well, the guy was a Navy Seal.

So he says what he thinks, and damn the press. Good for him. People really should judge him for what he does in office, not for comments he makes in regular conversation.

...Am I coming across as a Ventura partisan? Damn, maybe that's what I am!
2002-03-10 08:08:14 PM  
After I move to Arizona so I can vote for John McCain, I'll move to Minnesota so I can vote for Jesse Ventura.

On second thought, I'll just move to Minnesota so I can vote for Ventura. Screw McCain. *grins*
2002-03-10 08:08:54 PM  
BTW, the screw McCain thing was sarcastic. Don't want to start a little flame war over it.
2002-03-10 09:11:58 PM  
I think Ventura is pretty much on the mark. He's not out there trying to pry loose the taxpayers wallet for pork barrel projects and he makes people accountable for what they say.

Wrestler or not, I think he's on the mark. Dang it, I'd vote for him if he ran for prez....
2002-03-10 09:12:36 PM  
SqueezeTruck has come down.Hurrah!
2002-03-10 09:14:05 PM  
See, that's the kind of revolutionary thinking that's needed in the world.

Ventura for prez!
2002-03-10 09:21:37 PM  
Frankly, I think we don't need anywhere near the $ for security that Ventura wanted, and I'm glad that he got overridden by the Senate, but if he honestly believes we need that much security, I can't see a better place to cut money from the budget than there. Ventura's a looney, but at least he is a relatively responsible one.

And yes, I'm from MN, and I did vote for him (and lived to regret it)
2002-03-10 09:36:43 PM  
Ventura kicks ass. That Playboy interview? Haha. I can't help but respect the guy for being himself and speaking his mind while there are so many fakes involved in politics.
2002-03-10 10:47:36 PM  
Being from Minnesota, but not being quite old enough to vote for him at the time, I'd vote for him would he run for re-election. He says what he thinks. Sure, its not PC much of the time, but i think thats a very good sign he's not BSing you. He's not a career politician, and yes, he says things sometimes that maybe aren't the most appropriate, but thats probably why so many people like him (or hate him, for that matter.) Its a nice change of pace if nothing else.
2002-03-10 11:21:44 PM  
Another MN resident am I. We got hosed on this budget. The legislature farked us hard, I only wish he could have stopped them.
2002-03-10 11:46:45 PM  
He may be a jackass at times, but the man gets nothing but respect from me for refusing to approve national prayer days. He believes in the seperation of church and state and wasn't afraid to put his ass on the line and be the only governor to refuse to do it.
2002-03-10 11:56:38 PM  
Jesse "The Whoremonger" Ventura

[image from nvbrothels.net too old to be available]
2002-03-11 12:44:15 AM  
Sure he speaks his mind and is fun to listen to. But when it comes down to it, he's an idiot. He dosen't know what the fark he's doing. I would much rather have a politician than a celebrity running the government. And i'm sure as hell not voting for him next election!
2002-03-11 08:00:18 AM  
There should be a "Ventura" tag..

[image from almargen.com.ar too old to be available]
2002-03-11 09:49:00 AM  
03-10-02 07:23:24 PM 43%
Domino's = YUK.

Mellow Mushroom. now that's a good pizza.

Agreed. He would also save a lot of money because when people found out that the pizza was from Dominos, they'd cancel any appointments for state dinners with the Gov. Those who didn't know any better wouldn't eat very much before they realized their mistake.

On the other hand, it's probably a good thing he didn't choose Pizza Hut, or as they say at the Cardio Clinic, "Congestive Heart Failure in a Box."
2002-03-11 10:07:30 AM  
You probably didn't vote for him in the last election anyway. Your vote won't be missed.
2002-03-11 10:32:27 AM  
Anyone from Minnesota knows he's a whining, crying baby, and he's doing this purely for show.

His entire term has been a joke, and the legislature has spent more time trying to get him to do his job than being able to do their own. They have to by-pass his authority to get any work done.

He's the worst governor ever. no chance in hell he will be re-elected, even if he's up against total rejects like he was the last election.
2002-03-11 11:28:33 AM  
Bad_CRC: You underestimate the stupidity of your fellow man.
2002-03-11 11:57:37 AM  
After his inauguration, I wrote to him asking for an autographed picture. I got a response from his office saying the Governor doesn't like spending 34 cents of Minnesota taxpayers money on pictures. I wrote back saying I would send a check to cover shipping. After I sent them a check for 34 cents I got a picture and personal letter a few days later. His office estimated they would spend $100,000 a year on picture mailings if they sent them to anyone that wanted one.

You gotta admire that.
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