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(London Times)   Today's thing that is bad for you that you never previously suspected: School whiteboards   ( divider line
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2005-01-23 01:51:34 AM  
Who's been huffing the markers?
2005-01-23 01:53:52 AM  
It's the 21st Century, and our schools still have boards just for whites? Can't we get past segregation already? Come on.
2005-01-23 01:57:48 AM  
Always point your whiteboard away from your eyes, preferably at an airplane cockpit.
2005-01-23 01:57:58 AM  
meh it's about some sort of projector based system, and here i thought my hatred of those damned dry erase boards was being justified.
2005-01-23 01:58:46 AM  
Go into the light, my children....All are welcome.. All welcome...Go into the light...
2005-01-23 01:59:12 AM  
It's not like a bad presentation with powerpoint is gonna kill your brain first...
2005-01-23 02:00:29 AM  
To be the first to make an actual, serious comment:

Since when do whiteboards have "projectors" in them?

We ARE talking about those dry-erase boards that were beginning to replace chalkboards around the time I entered high school, right?
2005-01-23 02:04:04 AM  
nope, these are more high tech. Read the article, 4th paragraph.
2005-01-23 02:05:03 AM  
Apparently this is some technology not at all related to dry erase boards that some ASSHAT decided to call a whiteboard.
2005-01-23 02:05:54 AM  
We call them Smartboards at the school I used to teach at. I never used one.
2005-01-23 12:16:34 PM  
Well, everyone already has tunnel vision as far as their political and religious beliefs are concerned, so we might as well all get ocular tunnel vision while we're at it.
2005-01-23 12:16:47 PM  
We use them at my university. I don't think anyone would be seriously harmed by them because all the students are alseep anyway. That and the projector is mounted on the ceiling...
2005-01-23 12:20:06 PM  
Yeah I was confused to. Here in MD a white board is the same as a dry erase board, not a projector.

Its also strange to call it a white board when the problem stems from the projector. Theres nothing wrong with the actual 'white board' wall that is being projected onto... its a problem with looking into the projector.

Heres the fixed headline...
"Today's thing that is bad for you that you never previously suspected: school projectors"
...too bad I cant fit the article

2005-01-23 12:30:25 PM  
For your eye searing pleasure:

Front Projection Interactive Whiteboard
2005-01-23 12:32:01 PM  
It's the 21st Century, and our schools still have boards just for whites? Can't we get past segregation already? Come on.

The sad thing is, I was once in a classroom with a professor (some crap throwaway class for some dumb liberal arts requirement) who yelled at a student for over a minute for saying "blackboard". He was arguing that it was racist to call a chalkboard a blackboard because it was "insensitive to the needs of African-Americans". I dropped the class that day.
2005-01-23 12:35:45 PM  
Would calling a green colored chalkboard a 'greenboard' be racist against Martians?
2005-01-23 12:49:26 PM  

Thanks for the information. Now this article has context.

But yeah, I knew they weren't talking about standard, run-of-the-mill dry erase boards.
2005-01-23 12:55:08 PM  
Haha, my school couldn't afford books much less these new fangled eye-burner-outers.
2005-01-23 12:55:12 PM  

same at my school. Pretty much everyone's using them now, it seems. Funny, cause half the time they stop working right, and the teacher ends up using the chalkboard anyway.
2005-01-23 01:00:21 PM  
Submitted this with a poor attempt at humor headline.

/Hey, at least I'm not bullsh*tting you
2005-01-23 01:15:52 PM  
Oooh smartboards! We had those at my Math/Science school. New technology back then, played solitaire on them every once in awhile. Or drew on them with the pretty markers. Eventually gave presentations on them... they were OK, I suppose.

My high school (the one I went to for the rest of the day) had exactly one for the entire student body. And they never bothered teaching the teachers about it (who were all damned computer illiterate anyway... I got 3 days detention for putting a blank disk into the computer because we couldn't use email and how the hell else was I going to take my paper home?... so when one of the math/science students broke it out we got an A no matter what the presentation was about.

Heh. I'm glad to know at least half of my hours in high school were decent. Makes up for the fact that the other half probably actually reversed my intelligence growth.
2005-01-23 01:29:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 01:46:26 PM  
Hey, whose kids need to learn how to do math, or read and write, when they can be dazzled by pretty pictures, and computerized displays instead?

/someone's tax money hard at work
2005-01-23 01:52:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Culprit said to be part of vast atheist conspiracy corrupting the minds of God-fearing children.
2005-01-23 01:57:36 PM  
Oh please. The day when all public school teachers have smartboards will be the day that I will be retiring to my mansion in Beverly Hills on a teacher's salary. Most of my fellow teachers would like to be able to have a dry erase board instead of the "blackboard." The chalk wreaks havoc on the allergies.
2005-01-23 03:28:06 PM  
Dry erase board tip. Go to Lowes, plumbing section. Get an 8' X 4' sheet of "TILE BOARD". Cost about $5.00. Use construction adhesive to attach over old blackboard. Makes a perfect dry erase board. I installed on in my house. Perfect for homework.
2005-01-23 03:30:06 PM  
Probably already mentioned, but I always thought dry erase boards were also called whiteboards. I graduated recently, and have never seen one of the projection white boards. Has anyone ever had them in their school?

Oh yah, I also thought that they finally figured out that sniffing those markers wasn't a good idea, but guess that study is still in the 'undecided' stage while more hands-on testing is done...
2005-01-23 04:17:40 PM  
I work in the high tech industry and as far as I was aware, a whiteboard is a dry-erase board. Projectors don't enter into it. Now, many companies used a white screen, or a white wall, for projection presentations. Whiteboards have a glossy finish and aren't really suitable for projection.
2005-01-23 04:36:26 PM  
Believe it or not, West Virginia leads the nation with technology in the schools. Most of the high schools and most of the middle schools have interactive boards, video conferencing and wireless networks.
2005-01-23 05:31:07 PM  
A whiteboard is a dry-erase marker board, not a projector. WTF?

I'm going to drive my phone to the store now. Maybe then I'll watch the game on the breakfast cereal.
2005-01-23 07:01:33 PM  

which are completely underutilized i bet.
2005-01-23 07:02:12 PM  
i really hate phpBB. agghhh dam you!
2005-01-23 09:59:06 PM  
Now some thoughts on real whiteboards...
What is it about the green dry erase markers that makes them more "potent" than the rest?
2005-01-23 10:10:53 PM  
heh, yeha, my school spent tens of thousands of dollars on new classrooms with projectors, speakers, all of that... none of which i have ever seen used. They also spent money on these ugly-ass classrooms that are shaped like eggs. I don't know either.
2005-01-23 10:49:22 PM  
Here in Florida we're spending to much money on new regulation-sized flags to even think about purchasing something like this.
2005-01-24 02:37:32 PM  
I'm glad I teach in South Carolina. We will never be able to afford those!
But I'm sure some asshat in the State dept. will make them mandatory to use WAY before they are available in the real classrooms.
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