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2005-01-22 10:32:26 PM  

I screwed my high school art teacher. Granted, I was out of school for a few years, and she is now my lady, still she was my teacher.

That's hot. Man, I went back to my high school over break. I was kind of hoping to hook up with my old art teacher. He was hot.
2005-01-22 10:47:54 PM  
doombot should be banned.
2005-01-22 10:50:35 PM  
Yep. That's Peter Pan Man. Here's a picture just to make sure we're talking about the same guy. Of course he's in a bunny outfit... but I'm sure no one minds.

[image from avatarsofjustice.org too old to be available]

He's selling autographed pictures of himself if you want to buy one. Just an FYI...

Here's another picture. I just didn't have the necessary amount of evil to post this one: Valentine2004.jpg (JPEG Image, 432x888 pixels)
2005-01-22 10:52:19 PM  
Ah, my daily dose of Fark homophobia...thanks!
2005-01-22 10:52:32 PM  
Kid Vid2
Nice XX reference. :-D
2005-01-22 10:56:34 PM  
Gah, hating pics of Peter Pan Man is not homophobia, it's the natural reaction to watching someone make a complete tard of themselves. I feel the same if someone posts a pic of a really fat woman with a visible thong, or the Icy Hot Stuntaz.
2005-01-22 11:00:48 PM  
"So when this happens, just splash him with hot water! I don't see the problem!"

/Saotome Ranma½
2005-01-22 11:06:09 PM  
Gotta say, I find this claim hard to believe.

Also the submitter is unable to read. As evidence, I give you:

1. The kid is in grade 5.

2. It's kindergarten, not kindergarden. Not that it matters much, see item 1 for the reason.
2005-01-22 11:07:09 PM  
Well said No Such Agency, well said.

/A phobia is an irrational fear of something. So if I don't like Oreo cookies (or the fact that they get stuck in my molars)...am I irrationally afraid of them...or....maybe I just don't like them.
2005-01-22 11:19:17 PM  
Pittsylvania County pwns, /\/00bz!

Gretna representing!

/shout out for my non-internets using backwoods brethren
/am I the only Gretna farker?
2005-01-22 11:27:57 PM  
<b>theToadMan</b>: Watch, and learn!

Type what you want to be bold in a set of these: <b>whatever you want to be bold</b>. Use i instead of b to get italics. Make sure "HTML enabled" is checked at the bottom of the comment screen.
2005-01-22 11:49:41 PM  

2005-01-22 11:52:29 PM  
Kids that make up shiat like this are bad news.
2005-01-22 11:54:52 PM  
I vaguely remember coming back from lunch one day way back in fifth grade, the whole class was in our swapped teacher's class room, she was teaching history, and at a sudden breath from her, I turn and threw up between my desk and whomever was sitting to my right... No warning, just, head, turn, vomit on floor. I also vaguely remember the class being ushered out of the room as I was helped to the nurse's office, and heard 'Well, some people just have weak stomachs.'
2005-01-23 12:03:10 AM  
Fair_Poopsmith: Hey, trying to teach someone how to bold text wasn't as easy as it looked. The darn thing recognized the tags even when breaking them up with asteriks and such.

Glad you got a laugh though.
2005-01-23 12:16:42 AM  
This doesn't even seem possible. I think the kid is making this crap up. Why would he go so long and just now speak up about it?? I think it's a load of BS. I think the parents just want a nice fat check.
2005-01-23 12:52:09 AM  
I'm going to kind of agree with Sand Man, although I won't doubt that something like this could happen. The fact that the school would do something like this blatantly (I'm sure there's some back-story to this that OF COURSE didn't get make it into the article) makes me think that it's probably fake. I can't honestly see how who ever made this 5th grader dress up, would get a job in the first place (of course people do snap sometimes though).

I'm going to call partial BS on the fact that the school or teacher would just do this on a whim, until more info is posted.
2005-01-23 01:24:47 PM  
I have the ultimate puke story. Kindergarten, Christmas play (back when that was allowed). Being tall, I was in the back row. Without warning, I yacked all OVER my entire class. Yup. I remember one kid kept singing, but everyone else started screaming.
In my defense: I'm allergic to nuts, and some room mother had lied to me when I asked her if there were nuts in the cookie I was going to eat. (Our room party was right before the play.) When questioned by the teacher, the Moo said "I didn't know she was allergic, I thought she was just picky."
I went to a different elementary school after that.
/apologies to any former classmates who might be reading this, I owe you a bottle of shampoo.
2005-01-23 02:08:15 PM  
The 5th grader says he was required to be referred to as "Mattie the new student."

That sounds just like something a 5th grader would make up.
I think he's making it up.

New kid, no friends, desperate for attention. Yep.
2005-01-23 02:51:45 PM  
Does anyone else find it disturbing that there's a "Google more on this topic" option? No? I'm the only one?

/missed the bandwagon
//purposely, I suppose
2005-01-23 05:45:14 PM  

thank you, I am forever in your debt
2005-01-24 12:04:12 AM  
Alchemist93, if you want to show a tag without it taking effect, and you still want to use tags in your post for other purposes (such as to illustrate the effect) and so don't want to uncheck "HTML enabled", use "<" for "<" and ">" for ">". Those stand for "less than" and "greater than," respectively.

Using a similar technique, you can use a variety of special characters in Fark posts, including the "curly" true opening and closing quotes I used in this and many other posts. Or true apostrophes (this isn't one in the word "isn't" [it's a feet measurement symbol, as in "6'4""]).

I have ½ a mind to show you how to do these and more, but that would be a threadjack. :-)
2005-01-24 10:48:52 AM  
firefly212: If it happened, and I seriously doubt it did, the teacher needs to just be fired. There are very few times when it's obvious what you should do when bringing up children, but it's pretty clear that things like this are prime examples of what you shouldn't do.

from the Teachers Union 2004 Rulebook:

Article 8, subsection B: "A teacher may only be fired if he/she speaks about the Christian religion on school grounds."

/just a hint of sarcasm
2005-01-24 06:20:59 PM  
Gabbo Fabbo: raise a what??
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