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2005-01-22 04:50:00 PM  
errr...5th grader, I read his age as 5. Sorry
2005-01-22 04:51:08 PM  
2005-01-22 04:57:51 PM  
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: Parent beats the shiat out of "school officials" and then sues their asses off.
2005-01-22 05:00:04 PM  
Why? Not that there is any justifiable reason for intentionally trying to humiliate and scar a child, but why?

And while we are discussing this, where is this person so I can get them in a closed room and talk to them for a few hours about what that can do a child?

Are we trying to make little Johnny into a serial killer/rapist/child molester?

2005-01-22 05:21:35 PM  
I threw up on my kindergarden teacher's desk. It was awesome. I still remember it:)

/should've let me use the bathroom biatch!
2005-01-22 05:36:29 PM  
Don't let him get his hands on a Tec9
2005-01-22 05:56:15 PM  
in 5th grade we had some girl completely with no warning whatsoever yack all over her desk, and it was just like one of the grossest things i've ever seen in my life.
2005-01-22 05:58:37 PM  
Okay, I'm gonna have to drink to this. But not in celebration.
2005-01-22 06:01:46 PM  
I believe him. 'Cause lord knows fifth graders never tell tall tales...
2005-01-22 06:40:56 PM  
Well, does any of his classmates back up his story? This article didn't really provide much other than "he said they said" type of thing.
2005-01-22 07:00:08 PM  
Yeah, I'm going to wait until we have more info than just a couple of paragraphs on the mom-and-pop ABC affiliate.
2005-01-22 07:05:35 PM  
2005-01-22 07:05:54 PM  
This is how Henry Lee Lucas started out. except it was his mom that made him do the cross dressing thing.
2005-01-22 07:06:34 PM  
Ok, so that story was like, really short. All I can say now is pretty much: "WTF?"
2005-01-22 07:06:40 PM  
I remember teachers forcing a bunch of us in elementary school to pose naked in pyramids. They also terrorized us with dogs and attached electrodes to our genitals.

Good times, good times.
2005-01-22 07:07:59 PM  
Buffalo Bill pics in 5, 4, ...
2005-01-22 07:09:09 PM  
sam walls unavailable for comment
2005-01-22 07:09:25 PM  
One girl was called Jean Marie
Another little girl was Felicity
Another little girl was Sally Joy
The other was me, and I'm a boy
My name is Bill, and I'm a head case
They practice making up on my face
Yeah, I feel lucky if I get trousers to wear
Spend evenings taking hairpins from my hair


I'm a boy, I'm a boy
But my ma won't admit it
I'm a boy, I'm a boy
But if I say I am, I get it

Put your frock on, Jean Marie
Plait your hair, Felicity
Paint your nails, little Sally Joy
Put this wig on, little boy


Wanna play cricket on the green
Ride my bike across the street
Cut myself and see my blood
Wanna come home all covered in mud
2005-01-22 07:10:05 PM  
The 5th grader says he was required to be referred to as "Mattie the new student."

I feel bad for this kid and everything, but damn that's hilarious.
2005-01-22 07:10:12 PM  
When I was in 8th grade, my Phys Ed teacher said we played badminton so well he wanted to video tape us. He never ended up doing it, but now I look back at that and laugh at how creepy it should have sounded to me.
2005-01-22 07:11:44 PM  
How is that sick?

Silly or stupid maybe.
2005-01-22 07:11:48 PM  
[image from prisma-online.de too old to be available]
2005-01-22 07:13:31 PM  
Not that it matters (since he's in 5th grade), it's kindergarten, not kindergarden.

/buy a dictionary
2005-01-22 07:14:07 PM  
while everyone is relating their elementry school stories.

In fifth grade, a classmate of mine sat on a pair of scissors, ended up having stiches on his arse.

best part: school announcement system accidently turned on to the phrase, "how far did it go?"
2005-01-22 07:14:46 PM  
This kid is going to have a long, weird life after this. What the fark kind of school is this? The Michael Jackson Academy of Jesus Juice?
2005-01-22 07:16:06 PM  
I thought it was the other way around, schools kicking out boys who voluntarily dressed as girls.
2005-01-22 07:17:19 PM  
in 5th grade we had some girl completely with no warning whatsoever yack all over her desk, and it was just like one of the grossest things i've ever seen in my life.

That was one of the funniest goddamn posts I've ever read. Laughed out loud for a while. Its probably so funny because I remember the same exact thing happening.
2005-01-22 07:18:27 PM  
Hey, the school denies the charges. What if this kid is making the whole thing up to get out of a test or to get a teacher he hates in trouble?

This is one way to do it.
2005-01-22 07:19:40 PM  
one of my finest memories from kindergarden is when i pulled down the pants of a girl and one of the "teachers" or what you call them forcibly showered me with cold water as a punishment.
2005-01-22 07:21:04 PM  
The entire article:
Pittsylvania Co., VA - A Pittsylvania County school is being sued, accused of forcing a young boy to dress like a girl. The Twin Springs Elementary student claims school officials made him wear red fingernail polish, red lipstick and a hairbow, while attending classes.

The 5th grader says he was required to be referred to as "Mattie the new student." According to court documents, school officials deny all charges. We'll have much more on this story on the Night Team.



You have to admire their tenacity though.
2005-01-22 07:21:04 PM  
In school, there was this kid named Donald. And when he talked, he allowed saliva to fly everywhere. Oh, and his voice sounded like a duck. So we called him Bugs Bunny.

/He rode the small bus with me
2005-01-22 07:22:53 PM  
Is it pathetic that I was thinking "Wow, pretty nice layout they've got for a news website" first, and then thinking "That's farked up the school did that"?

/Please forgive my grammar issues
2005-01-22 07:23:03 PM  
First thing I thought of too.

/off to listen to Live at Leeds
2005-01-22 07:23:18 PM  
I suppose you have to expect things like that from a place called Pittsylvania County, VA. That alone deserves a WTF.
2005-01-22 07:23:44 PM  
I don't see how this is "sick".

Inappropriate and stupid, perhaps, but not "sick".
2005-01-22 07:24:10 PM  
Somwthing smells fishy with this one. The complete lack of details has me concerned. Not to mention the reporter completly forgetting to answer "why". Thats jornalism 101. I'm holding of judgment till I can get a little more info. Any Farkers local on this one?
2005-01-22 07:24:18 PM  
A Pittsylvania County school is being sued, accused of forcing a young boy to dress like a girl. The Twin Springs Elementary student claims school officials made him wear red fingernail polish, red lipstick and a hairbow,

That's not "dressing like a girl" that's "accessorizing like a girl".
2005-01-22 07:24:44 PM  
Exitkloie, that would be fenoly sexual assault and expusion nowadays.
2005-01-22 07:25:58 PM  
/I'm a gud speeler
2005-01-22 07:26:50 PM  
When Daddy finds you playing in Mommy's closet it's best to blame the teachers at school.
2005-01-22 07:26:57 PM  
OMGWTFBBQ a child is "forced" to wear cloth formed to cover a human body, that was made for the female gender.

/stop the press, what could posibly be more sick
2005-01-22 07:27:16 PM  
The_Pole_Of_: I see your I'm A Boy and raise you a Polythene Pam.

Well you should see Polythene Pam
She's so good-looking but she looks like a man
Well you should see her in drag dressed in her polythene bag
Yes you should see Polythene Pam
Yeah yeah yeah

Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt
She's killer-diller when she's dressed to the hilt
She's the kind of a girl that makes the "News of the World"
Yes you could say she was attractively built
Yeah yeah yeah
2005-01-22 07:27:52 PM  
What's the worst that could happen?

[image from reviewjournal.com too old to be available]
2005-01-22 07:28:30 PM  
2005-01-22 07:28:31 PM  
[image from img181.exs.cx too old to be available]
2005-01-22 07:28:33 PM  
sorry sarcasm, not irony
2005-01-22 07:29:31 PM  
At least he wasn't forced to dress as SpongeBob!

Back when I endured Catholic school (St. Madeline's, Ridley Park represent!) in the sixties, they segregated the playground into boy and girl sections. Occasionally some boys would invade the girls section, running around, terrorizing the good little girls.only to be captured by the Safety Patrol and taken to Mother Superior.

That afternoon, the boys would be marched room to room, with little pink bows in their hair, publicly displayed by the Penguins, as they intoned "This is what happens to boys caught in the girls section of the playground..."

/good times
2005-01-22 07:29:48 PM  
There is absolutely no way the entire school staff could be in on this. I call BS. I would like to see a followup.
2005-01-22 07:32:00 PM  
[image from sentieriselvaggi.it too old to be available]
The boy's mother and father.

Personally I don't buy the story (and sad, if it did truly happen). But "Mattie the new student"... I found that a little amusing as well.
2005-01-22 07:35:14 PM  
[image from myweb.thump.net too old to be available]
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