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(Some Guy)   When math geeks try to be funny   ( divider line
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33229 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 22 Jan 2005 at 8:23 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-01-22 2:34:07 PM  
I dunno, the "reviews" were quite Fark-like...
2005-01-22 2:47:42 PM  
now THAT was funny.

2005-01-22 2:56:29 PM  
Good one!

/off to thumb through his copy for the parts with 23928, 79274, 42093, and their dog, 1923821938321.
2005-01-22 2:59:31 PM  
the reviews were hilarious

/not a math geek
2005-01-22 5:02:07 PM  
i thought it was quite humorous...

and i just failed a math exam...
2005-01-22 5:18:00 PM  
hahaha! i hope i am as entertained by the new Numb3rs show as i was those reviews.
2005-01-22 5:54:30 PM  
WTF = 0
2005-01-22 6:50:02 PM  
Now THAT is a book worth buying! :)
2005-01-22 8:25:25 PM  
Nah, Square One was math geeks trying to be funny.

2005-01-22 8:27:44 PM  
Did anyone see the page that said "Copywritten material"...What good are those numbers if you can't use them?
2005-01-22 8:28:36 PM  

Nah, Square One was math geeks trying to be funny.


Best show ever?
2005-01-22 8:29:22 PM  
Um...I don't get it. Funny?

Oh...the reviews. Ha ha! That sure is teh funnay.

/I want my 47 seconds back that it took me to read that stupidity
2005-01-22 8:31:31 PM  
Those reviews were quite amusing.
2005-01-22 8:31:56 PM  
Can I hear a `cat /dev/random` please?
2005-01-22 8:33:19 PM  
You even seen PI. Feel good comedy of the decade if you ask me.

/Drill + Head = teh funny
2005-01-22 8:33:40 PM  
Bottom line:

"Was this review helpful to you?"

Sorry, no provison for my answer, 289156703348023451601981

Within an error of plus or minus 187
2005-01-22 8:34:01 PM  
Best show ever?

I'd have to concur. Mathnet was awesome.
2005-01-22 8:34:07 PM  
yeah i thought that was funny. submitter must lift heavy inanimate objects for a living.
2005-01-22 8:34:54 PM  
2005-01-22 8:34:59 PM  
Not to start yet another religious flamewar, but I, personally, do not believe in random numbers.
2005-01-22 8:36:01 PM  
GregoryD: Nah, Square One was math geeks trying to be funny.


Hey, I loved Square One TV! It's weird to see Larry Cedar in commercials nowadays.
2005-01-22 8:36:05 PM  
Customers who viewed this book also viewed:
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Sky Catalogue 2000.0: Volume 1 (Sky Catalogue 20000 2nd ed) by Alan Hirshfeld
The Languages of Native North America (Cambridge Language Surveys) by Marianne Mithun
Reading Statistics and Research (with Research Navigator), Fourth Edition by Schuyler W. Huck
Happy Kitty, Bunny, Pony : A Saccharine Mouthful of Super Cute by Pop Ink
College Algebra Graphs and Models by Marvin Bittinger

So Counting, Statistics, Algebra, and "Happy Kitty, Bunny, Pony"??? Now that's random...
2005-01-22 8:36:15 PM  
"These applications, called Monte Carlo methods, required a large supply of random digits and normal deviates of high quality, and the tables presented here were produced to meet those requirements.

Finally! I'm tired of those low quality normal deviates imported from Pakistan.

/Crap, now I'm doing it too.
2005-01-22 8:36:16 PM  
If you stand far enough back, it is part of a pattern.
2005-01-22 8:36:36 PM  
Heard about the constipated mathematician? He worked it out with a slide rule.
2005-01-22 8:36:47 PM  
The reviews were not bad

/math geek
2005-01-22 8:37:32 PM  
Heard about the constipated mathematician? He worked it out with a slide rule.

I heard he worked it out with a pencil
2005-01-22 8:37:33 PM  
It is sad that I think this is funny.

/Computer Science grad
2005-01-22 8:38:04 PM  
2005-01-22 8:38:12 PM  
If you stand far enough back, it is part of a pattern.

Of a map of Manhattan?
2005-01-22 8:38:31 PM  
I agree RInewsPhotog
We're gonna have to report BooBoo23...

/going back to my 420
2005-01-22 8:39:54 PM  
Am I standard deviant if I was amused, or am I just being derivative?
2005-01-22 8:40:08 PM  
Now I don't trust customer reviews.
2005-01-22 8:40:21 PM  
97664 654 23132 98315 656835 98641 97897 13531 2 137 31 31 31 1 183 137 317
2005-01-22 8:41:08 PM  
2005-01-22 8:42:43 PM  
Oddly enough, this book is a derivation of episode #6 of that new series "Numbers"

You think I'm kidding?

/works on the show
2005-01-22 8:42:55 PM  
I wait, impatiently, for the audio CD version of this fine book.

Now that, good people, is comedy gold.
2005-01-22 8:43:08 PM  
Reminds me of I had a Frightmare!
2005-01-22 8:43:29 PM  
Thats like porno for my statistics teacher!
2005-01-22 8:43:36 PM  
math has never been a strong suit.

2005-01-22 8:43:41 PM  
Stormneedle: Am I standard deviant if I was amused, or am I just being derivative?

Standard deviant, because everyone else is just mean.
2005-01-22 8:44:43 PM  
I tried to be an engineer, but could not get through differential equations, in fact I cooul only get a "c" in calculus after three tries. I then realized math was not my strong suit.
2005-01-22 8:46:18 PM  
that brunnette sbb girl has got me recomputing the volume of my cylinder!
2005-01-22 8:46:43 PM  
A physicist, an engineer and a mathematician are all captured by a mad scientist and imprisoned in seperate cells within a stone fortress. The Mad scientist locks them each up with a months supply of canned food but no can opener, and tells them to fingure out how to get their provisions for themselves.

One month later, the Mad scientist returns to check on his prisoners. The Physicist worked out the precice angle and velocity to throw the can at to get the seam to bust open, and had developed a world-class pitching arm.

The Engineer had constructed a makeshift can opener out of bits of debris from his cell, and had collected the subsequent aluminum shavings along with several other natural resources to build a bomb that had blown a sizeable hole in the wall, allowing him to escape.

In the third cell, the Mad scientist was suprised t find the corpse of the mathematician, apparently deceased from starvation. On the flood was scrawled a simple statement:

Hypothesis, I will die if i do not eat.
Sollution: Attempt to prove the opposite.
2005-01-22 8:47:31 PM  
*head go boom*

/psychologists are better
2005-01-22 8:48:06 PM  
random digits and normal deviates

sounds like a fark party...ohhhh that's deviANTS
2005-01-22 8:49:58 PM  
Can't wait for the movie!!!

It reminds me of 23767, 354 12 1 456 5 4544565 213212 LOL 121434

LOL +!@# 343
2005-01-22 8:53:56 PM  

Not to start yet another religious flamewar, but I, personally, do not believe in random numbers.

When it comes to computers and mathematics, at the very least, there are no random numbers--every random number generator, after all, must base its generation on previously established numbers.

However, as this book presumably demonstates, there are ways of getting numbers very close to random...

In terms of the entirety of existance, I agree with you--everthing happens as a result of the things that made it happen, and those things control how the event occurs--i.e., lottery balls do not pop up "randomly"--they are controlled by the positions of the balls, the air resistance the balls encounter, even the position of the Earth relative to the stars and planets.

I think that the religious would actually agree with both of us--that, even though God has a hand in things, he/she/it/them acts for a reason, not randomly. Hence, there's no need to fear a flamewar.

Wait a second. This is Fark. Who am I kidding?

Now that I'm done with the long and boring part of my post, let me add this:


Anyone remember that part? It was SOOOOO funny.
2005-01-22 8:53:58 PM  
Fool Marquis

That is so weird, because the other version of that joke is so different:

A chemist, an engineer, and a mathematician are stranded in the desert without food or water, when they discover a huge stash of canned food.

The chemist goes off and invents a solution to dissolve the tops of the cans without harming the contents inside at all.

The engineer goes off and constructs a can opener to open any can of any shape without a problem.

As they're walking back, thinking of great it will be to eat the food, they stumble upon the mathematician finishing the contents of the last can.

The chemist and the engineer are amazed. "How did you open the cans?", they ask.

The mathematician replies, "I just assumed I had a can opener."

/Nerdy and lame, but funny.
2005-01-22 8:56:02 PM  

That is the dumbest joke ever.
Why would a mathematician do experiments?
Mathematicians just prove stuff about abstract priniciples.

Scientists do experiments.
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