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(AP)   DJ breaks record by staying on the air for 110 hours straight as a fund raiser for his college radio station   ( hosted.ap.org) divider line
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2005-01-22 10:45:14 AM  
Child's play. This guy stayed awake for 8 days straight.
2005-01-22 11:02:10 AM  
Big fat whoop. When Harry Chapin writes a song about him, then a record is broken. Until then...shakes cane....

/Get out of my yard!!!
2005-01-22 11:47:26 AM  
While this will look good on his resume, I think that the wily station manager will notice in the interview that the DJ didn't have a "Zoo Crew", lesbians, fart sounds, midgets, or any OJ/Monica Lewinski jokes. It is my firm belief that these factors and the fact that the kid played music throughout the entire ordeal will get him lauged out of any job in broadcasting.
2005-01-22 11:53:45 AM  
Crap, we only make our dj's stay up for 50 hours for our marthon fundraiser. But if it's 4 people (2 dj's plus 2 street team) collectively they're up for 200 hours...do we win yet?
2005-01-22 12:24:30 PM  
"college radio can pretty much be summed up in 5 words : dead air, umm, dead air."
2005-01-22 02:26:14 PM  
2005-01-22 04:43:17 PM  
the wonders of methamphetamine.
2005-01-22 04:45:16 PM  
2005-01-22 04:45:34 PM  
[image from charmingtowns.com too old to be available]
2005-01-22 04:46:26 PM  
everyone here sucks my c0ck!
2005-01-22 04:47:39 PM  

2005-01-22 04:48:56 PM  
But did he save the Max?
2005-01-22 04:50:01 PM  
Under Guinness' rules, Plotkin had to speak at least once every 59 seconds.

How the hell did he not take a shiat or piss during that time? Or was that on the air, too? If so, what does the outgoing FCC Nazi have to say?

/got nothin'
2005-01-22 04:50:18 PM  
As Howard Stern said in his interview, "This record is about as interesting as picking your nose for 10 hours straight."
2005-01-22 04:51:05 PM  
...he probably put on some techno when he went to take a shiat...that must have bought him a good 30 min for two songs...
2005-01-22 04:52:33 PM  
I saw a TV show about someone who stayed awake for days and it permanently effected his mental health.
2005-01-22 04:53:28 PM  
[image from membres.lycos.fr too old to be available]

/Happy Hard Harry surrenders?!?
2005-01-22 04:54:13 PM  
Read the article. No song could be longer than 6 minutes and he had to say something into the mic at least once every minute.
2005-01-22 04:55:46 PM  
He got to take a 15 min break every 8 hours. One of my good friends is friends with this guy. It's surprisingly big news around Orlando. :/
2005-01-22 05:00:16 PM  
I once drove for about 15 hours.

/got nuttin
2005-01-22 05:02:32 PM  
College radio, huh?

The fish was delish, and it was quite a dish.
2005-01-22 05:07:08 PM  
What? No old Dick Van Dyke show references?

2005-01-22 05:08:06 PM  

Child's play. This guy stayed awake for 8 days straight.

Peter Tripp also presumably suffered some permanent mental problems from them. Sleep deprivation is not a good idea in general -- if sleep wasn't an absolute requirement for our brains evolution would have pushed to remove the need (it's not adaptive for an animal to lose consciousness for 1/3 of a day, really).
2005-01-22 05:09:51 PM  
creekdipper, where are you from? ithaca??
2005-01-22 05:10:34 PM  
Selfish dog! Tsunami victims need more bling
2005-01-22 05:11:08 PM  
So that's, what, 106 hours of dead air?
2005-01-22 05:12:20 PM  
Sum Dum Gai:

if sleep wasn't an absolute requirement for our brains evolution would have pushed to remove the need (it's not adaptive for an animal to lose consciousness for 1/3 of a day, really).

It's also not adaptive to have people running around in the dark. Also, death is not particularly adaptive, but we still have that.
2005-01-22 05:15:19 PM  
Damn, too bad it's down south. I'd pay money to hear that guy read school closings in the morning.
2005-01-22 05:19:18 PM  
I once stayed up for 6 straight days on meth. Now I know what the bitzkrieg was like.
2005-01-22 05:20:36 PM  
DrasticMan: So that's, what, 106 hours of dead air?

And approximately 6,360 "umms".

/Rollins College alum, never listened to WPRK once in two years there
2005-01-22 05:21:35 PM  
Stay awake...

Stay awake...

Stay awake...

You're hallucinating....

Stay awake...

[image from img148.exs.cx too old to be available]
2005-01-22 05:26:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
ill dance to that
2005-01-22 05:28:28 PM  

Thanks for tonight's nighmare, dood.

/If I see one more crotch...
2005-01-22 05:28:55 PM  

Let me just say that animation is terrifying
2005-01-22 05:32:41 PM  
I think the longest I've ever stayed awake was somewhere around 3 days. It involved quite a bit of adderal and a final or four.
2005-01-22 05:34:49 PM  
Winter Park...that's where I live..and I never heard anything about this. I woulda listened to this too.
2005-01-22 05:37:43 PM  
There's an Adventures of Pete & Pete reference in here somewhere.
2005-01-22 05:45:35 PM  

2005-01-22 05:49:44 PM  

Yawn, stretches, been done before....

In May of 1957 on radio station KTRM-AM in Beaumont Texas, Jape Richardson (Yeah, The Big Bopper) broadcast continuously on-the-air for a total of 122 hours and eight minutes, playing 1,821 records and taking showers during five-minute newscasts. During the marathon, he lost 35 pounds (16 kg).

This guy's a pussy.

Hellloooo Baaabbby!!
2005-01-22 05:55:18 PM  
Sheesh! And to think I'm complaining about having to be on air at my station for another hour.
2005-01-22 05:56:07 PM  

He lost 35 pounds?! No crap? Damn, I wonder if I can stay awake and mix (trainwreck?) for about half that time. I'd be quite happy about 17.5 pounds lighter.

BTW, I'm totally cracked up by everyone calling this guy a pussy and saying what he did is nothing. I want to see any of YOU haters stay awake to do anything whatsoever for 5 days, even if it's just picking your butt.
Credit where it's due kids - If you haven't made a major sacrifice for a cause that's dear to you, shut your cakehole.
2005-01-22 06:01:21 PM  
CraP..BattleStar Galactica's crew were up for one hundred thirty five hours plus..and they were taking meds...

/TNS fan and proud of it
2005-01-22 06:02:25 PM  
You tell 'em JuventinaDJ!
2005-01-22 06:03:50 PM  
I was a DJ on this station for over four years and many people have talked about doing it.

I'm glad it finally was done and that the station made so much money.

I did find it funny that every time I called Dave was "out on a break"...

Anyway, I'm glad PRK is getting national press... Maybe some people will start listening to the station, even though its broadcasting at less than 1500 watts.

(frame of reference: the local clear channel station broadcasts at 30,000 watts)

Go 91.5 - the best in basement radio :)

(and yes, the station really is in a basement)
2005-01-22 06:05:16 PM  
who the hell cares? this is about the lamest. whats next? try to see how many interns they can shove into a phone booth? hopefully this putz will choke on his world record gold fish
2005-01-22 06:06:49 PM  
Greenbeanx - but they got 33 minute breaks.
2005-01-22 06:07:21 PM  

It's not about being a hater.

A simple google would have uncovered that this is not a 'world record', in fact this guy's feat has been beaten several times.

Blame the hack journo.
2005-01-22 06:10:04 PM  
And just in case I wasn't clear, that's a hell of a job well done, Dave...
2005-01-22 06:12:31 PM  
I haven't slept for 10 days...Cuz that would be toooo long...

/Mitch Hedberg bit
2005-01-22 06:15:47 PM  
Floppygrandma: Greenbeanx - but they got 33 minute breaks.

Not really maybe the civis but all the military people and to prepare..maybe they rotated on shifts up they would go at least 12 hours probaby without a 33 min break
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