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(Bloomberg)   Microsoft: Damaged games and DVDs in X-Box is consumer's fault. In Japan it's Microsoft's fault. Issues recall in Japan   ( quote.bloomberg.com) divider line
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2002-03-08 08:28:31 AM  
Oh that darned microsoft!
2002-03-08 08:28:50 AM  
(I was first!)
2002-03-08 08:29:17 AM  
You tell them Japan!!!! No Microsoft in this country!!!!!
2002-03-08 08:29:35 AM  
and I was second
2002-03-08 08:29:38 AM  
That's because if the Japanese revolt there will probably be a world war going on over there..

If America revolts, only Bill Gates and his evil minions will be eliminated...

The choices are always tough, but apparently Bill Gates isn't worth as much as all of Japan.
2002-03-08 08:31:23 AM  
Microsoft doesn't have quality control or testing???????
2002-03-08 08:35:53 AM  
If they don't like the X-Box, I say we drop another big one on them.
2002-03-08 08:41:32 AM  
I say we drop the big one on Microsoft...
2002-03-08 08:44:25 AM  
Brisvegas_boy - that's the funniest joke I've heard today!

Microsoft - quality control.... hee hee
2002-03-08 08:45:44 AM  
[image from publispain.com too old to be available]
2002-03-08 08:46:07 AM  
It is not a bug...it is a "feature."
2002-03-08 08:46:51 AM  
Recall? They haven't issued a recall. They will fix it if you send it to them. An article on teh BBC web site makes it explicit: "However the firm now acknowledges there is a problem, but stopped short of a product recall."
2002-03-08 09:01:44 AM  
fark the yankees!

i mean, fark clear channel!

oops, i mean,

fark microsoft!

so hard to keep them all apart.
2002-03-08 09:04:48 AM  
Odd. Our devkits haven't had this problem. Oh well :)
2002-03-08 09:09:01 AM  
Man... if only microsoft didn't have me by the balls with Dead or Alive 3
2002-03-08 09:11:31 AM  
does microsoft test anything before they ship?

oh, i guess that's what customers are for...
2002-03-08 09:20:48 AM  
Microsoft is being nicer to Japan because they could barely sell 200,000 XBox units in the first few weeks of launch in that country. Being known for only fixing things when sales are affected, of COURSE Microsoft is going to fix the problem in Japan rather than in the US.
2002-03-08 09:29:03 AM  
Screw that new world order horsesh*t! MICROSOFT is the reason for ALL our ills!
2002-03-08 09:42:44 AM  
"does microsoft test anything before they ship?"

What the hell do *you* think? Microsoft isnt some evil corporation that hates the customer; they *do* product testing. The thing is, they couldnt test the x-box for a long period of time, which is why the problem didnt come up for them but it popped up in Japan.
2002-03-08 09:46:30 AM  
"because they could barely sell 200,000 XBox units in the first few weeks of launch"

Er, wait... barely?
2002-03-08 09:50:17 AM  
The PS2 had exactly the same problems when it came out. Sony did exactly the same thing as Microsoft is doing right now. The offered to fix the problem for free. This is ~300 people out of 150,000, it's bound to happen to any new piece of electronics.
2002-03-08 09:56:51 AM  
Wait a minute... PS2 had the same problem? Since when? ::runs over to check his DVDs:: No problem here.
2002-03-08 09:58:26 AM  
Shiro: It doesnt happen to everyone. With the x-box it's happening to 300 people out of 150,000.

I swear to god, I am *not* replying to any more posts by people who dont know how to read or make up reasons that Microsoft sucks.
2002-03-08 10:05:02 AM  
Stop supporting Microsoft, or deal with it.

2002-03-08 10:10:54 AM  
Shouldn't this have had an "obvious" tag?
2002-03-08 10:12:08 AM  
The site www.fark.com is running Apache/1.3.23 (Unix) mod_gzip/ AuthMySQL/2.20 on FreeBSD.
2002-03-08 10:15:30 AM  
43% Customers are just beta testers who are ignorant enough to give them money.
2002-03-08 10:18:37 AM  
To increase sales, they should come out with the XXXBox. They'd sell more than 200000 units for sure.
2002-03-08 10:18:39 AM  
A bit off topic, but I tried their "hockey" game last night and it REALLY sucked. I would say it was actually inferior to Blades of Steel, the 1980s Nintendo game, which at least recognized that NHL teams have 5 skaters and the lines on the ice mean something.
2002-03-08 10:19:35 AM  
[image from douglas.min.net too old to be available]
2002-03-08 10:23:28 AM  
Fallom=microsoft annonymous messegeboard stuff # 343223463
2002-03-08 10:28:55 AM  
If Bill Gates had a nickle for every time Windows crashed... oh, wait! He does!
2002-03-08 10:34:18 AM  
Randyrat but barely a nickel. It's getting closer to 4 cents per crash now.
2002-03-08 10:44:19 AM  
good post drwii - brought the anger surging back. those farkers deserved it, don't see what the fuss was all about.
2002-03-08 10:49:41 AM  
for the love of god stop sending us to sites with pop-up ads.
2002-03-08 11:08:55 AM  
Fallom=microsoft annonymous messegeboard stuff # 343223463


Are you saying that just because I defend a company I think they're teh superest and all their products are great? Sheesh, with you guys it's all black and white, no gray.
2002-03-08 11:13:19 AM  
Dude, Blades of Steel kicked so much ass. I'd still be playing it today, except I got a PS2 and NHL2002. That game kicks ass.
2002-03-08 11:24:04 AM  
X Box o' crap.

go Gamecube :D
2002-03-08 12:05:25 PM  
Typical Microsoft stance: it's not our fault, it's yours for buying our shiatty products.

You know, they are right - it is your fault for allowing them to continue with this kind of business.
2002-03-08 12:20:56 PM  
Agreed Smookyfufu...
2002-03-08 12:30:42 PM  
Its interesting, i have been working with windows OS since my 9th grade (over 8 years) and I've noticed that the OS gives me BSOD only when pushed hard enough.
2002-03-08 12:31:05 PM  
I just want Halo to come out!!!! Hurry Hurry. I get Halo, no need for Crap'Box.

PS, MS should be destroied. Or Pirated out of life force.
2002-03-08 12:37:36 PM  
2002-03-08 01:13:37 PM  
I hear you can pirate Xbox games by monitoring the LEDs on the console with a telescope 40m away.
2002-03-08 01:42:11 PM  
It really is not Microsofts fault. You don't think they actually made that DVD drive in there do you? They had nothing to do with any of the hardware inside, they just wrote the software and put their name on the box. Now Bill has to kick the ass of who ever manufactured their Asian supply.

You know it is a Sony conspiracy to get MS out of Japan.
2002-03-08 01:49:36 PM  
1 I did not type and submit "Fallom=microsoft annonymous messegeboard stuff # 343223463" That line is incoherent. You MS goons are taking false-advertising to a whole new level.

2 Email: fallomhotmailcom
Location: Staunton
Articles: none posted
Fark account number: 23703
Date created: 2002-02-12
Fallom is an MS employee. His job is to stuff messageboards and polls with pro-MS lies.

"Are you saying that just because I defend a company I think they're teh superest and all their products are great? Sheesh, with you guys it's all black and white, no gray."
You are saying MS is the superest and you are accusing others of seeing in all black and white?

"Shiro: It doesnt happen to everyone. With the x-box it's happening to 300 people out of 150,000."
Wow! Pretty informed for just a regular fark surfer. Since your so good at numbers, tell me how much Bill pays you to lie.

"I swear to god, I am *not* replying to any more posts by people who dont know how to read or make up reasons that Microsoft sucks."
Well, not with that nickname, anyways.

Microsoft agents commonly stuff polls and messageboards with such garbage. It was proven that they did it with ZDnet.

Sorry to spoil your fun Fallom, agent#42983 or whatever your nickname happens to be for today. Edit that. :)
2002-03-08 02:09:33 PM  
If Microsoft is evil, then the government that allows them to stay in business and the people that purchase their software must be even more evel than MS is.

It seems that MS products work when you know what you are doing.
I have used MS windows since version 3.0 (1989), I now use XP pro, in between I've had the opportunity to use Macs and Linux, I use MS because it is compatable with more software that Mac and linux combined.

I also own an X-box, have had it for over 2 months, no scratched disks, no problems, graphics are awesome and gameplay is great, I am an adult so the size of the game pad is no problem.

Most whinney crybabies will whine and cry even if there is no problem....grow up, don't use it if you don't like it.

Instead of crying on Fark about microsoft, maybe you should boycott their products, (that means don't buy them), go out and spend $3000 on a comparable Mac, or learn to use linux. What's that you say? You can't play that game on Mac or linux? Well, maybe you should complain to the game manufacturer that you want them to port it to the system you prefer, or you could complain to Mac, or the garage that linux is made in.
2002-03-08 02:48:32 PM  
Not really wanting to turn this into a Macs vs. Windows thread, but...
It's times like this that I'm glad I use a Mac. I don't have to use MS shiat if I don't wnat to.
Now, about Soupgoblin's post: I can take any DOS format floppy, CD, or Zip disk, put it in may Mac, and it will read it and put it up on the desktop. Try THAT with your windows box, without add- on software. I also can take any file on those disks, created on any windows box, such as a word processing file from most any app, a picture, a graphic, spreadsheet, whatever it may be. Then, I double click on it, a dialog box comes up asking me which application I want to work with the file in, I choose, and viola! It's on screen, with all formatting intact. I then save changes, put the file back on the disk in whatever format it was in before, and give it back to the Wintel dude who gave it to me. Again, Try THAT on your windows box.

As for the "there's lots more software out there for windows than MacOS" folks, well, This just means that I don't have to wade through crap when I choose software. The good stuff makes it to both platforms, and the bad doesn't cross over. As for games, I don't play them that much. However, most of the good ones are again, available on the Mac, and lots more are getting ported.
Lastly, I know that Macs are generally more expensive than a "comparable" Windows box. However, My Macintosh will remain usable and current for a LOT longer. Apple continues to support their older machines for as long as they can. Even though MacOS X will not run on a machine that didn't have a G3 from the factory, those pre- G3 folks aren't screwed- Apple continues to update the classic OS, continues to put out apps that run on both, and encorages developers to do the same, which, they do. As an example of Macintoshes remaining current and capable for longer, I submit my machine:
a Power Macintosh 8500/150, made around 1995-96. I have upgraded the processor from its previous PowerPC 604e/150 to a G3/300, overclocked to 330. These processor cards are available for as little as $150, and are easy to put in- remove the old daughtercard, remove the cache DIMM (new processor daughtercards have faster and higher density caches on the card) pop in the new card, start up, install the cache enabler extension (consists of dragging a file from the CD to the HDD- nothing complex here) and restart. Whole operation takes about 15 minutes. Now, I can run MacOSX (w/ a 3rd party utility to trick it into thinking it's a native G3) and almost all apps for it. If I wanted to invest in a video card, rather than using the on- board video, I could run games like Unreal III and Quake, and get decent frame rates ON A 6 YEAR OLD MACHINE! I don't have to replace my whole computer every 2 years to stay current. That's why I don't mind spending a little more for a Mac- It ends up being cheaper in the end.
2002-03-08 03:48:10 PM  
Bah...Mac users take it in the end. ;-)
2002-03-08 11:25:44 PM  
Greek: You seem highly confused about the abilities of Windows. You seem to think that Windows can't read and write files. You seem to think that an OS which can't automatically recognize which application goes with which file type is a good thing. And as for being able to read and edit any file, from "from most any app"... well the Mac can't do that without add-on software either, so what's your point?
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