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(Contra Costa Times)   AirBus set to unveil big-ass airplane that can seat up to 800. That's twice the number of screaming toddlers onboard a 747   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2005-01-17 03:36:35 PM  
Nice knowing ya, Boeing
2005-01-17 03:37:34 PM  
Boeing actually has an almost-identical place in the works.
2005-01-17 03:38:03 PM  
will there be a public transit system inside the bus?

there better be more than two washrooms.
2005-01-17 03:38:05 PM  
2nd post!
2005-01-17 03:38:25 PM  
The A380 is also causing headaches as it runs 1.45 billion euros ($1.9 billion) over budget and battles a weight problem that threatens to undo its promised cost-saving performance.

Are we sure this isn't a Boeing (ie American) project?
2005-01-17 03:38:52 PM  
Time flying- 4 hours

Time loading and unloading plane - 1 week 4 days
2005-01-17 03:39:29 PM  
Yeah, but Airbus owns Boeing on so many levels. Of course, European government subsidies don't hurt.
2005-01-17 03:40:11 PM  
Oh please. Once the airlines get through refurbing this thing there will not be a bar, casino, etc on it. They will pack it in like cattle.
2005-01-17 03:40:23 PM  
3 words. Fat people seats.
2005-01-17 03:40:36 PM  
Screw flying.

I'm waiting for a quantum transporter.
2005-01-17 03:40:58 PM  
Think of all the franchises you could cram into it! Starbucks, McDonalds, H&R Block...
2005-01-17 03:41:36 PM  
I understand that the cap Boeing set on the number of people a single craft can fly is basically for PR reasons. 400 dead in a crash is manageable, but go above that and you are looking a hefty PR problem, not to mention lawsuits that can bankrupt a small country.
2005-01-17 03:42:22 PM  
That'll be great for going to the collicky baby convention.
2005-01-17 03:42:36 PM  
It's been known about for ages. This is the first *finished* model, ready to fly.
wnatw Boeing have nothing like it in the works. The B747X got cancelled and they're going for a single-deck Boeing 767-replacement called the 7E7. Boeing's problem is that the 7E7 relies on as-yet non-existant technology. The A380 is a done deal and will fly.
2005-01-17 03:42:52 PM  
Does headline mean you HAVE to have a big ass to ride the damned thing?
2005-01-17 03:42:55 PM  

My thought exactly. I flew on a plane with maybe 100 people on it last week. It took 30 minutes from the time we hit the gate until I was in the terminal. Folks, I understand that you can save a few minutes by cramming everything into carry on, but it defeats the purpose if for whatever reason you can't get it out of the overhead and deplane in less time than it takes water to erode rock.

My flight got delayed and I ended up checking my bag so I did not have to lug it around from airport bar to airport bar. By the time I got off the plane and got downstairs, my bag was happily circling the carousel waiting for me.

A suggestion to anyone who works for an airline out there. Have preferred seating for people up front who have only one REAL carry on bag, or none at all and can quickly get the fark out of the way. I'll fly you every time.
2005-01-17 03:43:10 PM  
and that's 800+ dead people when it crashes
2005-01-17 03:43:55 PM  
That's the "official" reason. The actual reason is that Boeing don't have the technology needed to make super-efficient aircraft, and it's all to do with the design of the wing. Airbus have cracked the problem of super-efficient low-drag, high-lift wings. Boeing haven't. Simple.
2005-01-17 03:44:01 PM  
All the airlines care about is capacity. They'll scrap all the neat bars, etc and put in tiny seats. Hell, they'll probably even replace the luggage deck with searing. So, anyone doing this secret TF discussion thing?
2005-01-17 03:44:03 PM  
Ha, Boeing will be bringing out 7E7, its the size of a 737 but more economical. So cost per seat will be lower, the budget airlines will eat it up, and thats the real market growth is.
2005-01-17 03:44:03 PM  
I was listening to this one guy the other day talking about Boeing, and he kept pronouncing it as "Boing". It was funny, but it also annoyed the Hell out of me.
2005-01-17 03:44:14 PM  
I saw a video on Drudge's website about the Airbus. They said that there's enough room for "shopping and a casino." Where do I sign up?
2005-01-17 03:44:15 PM  
GIS for "big ass plane":

[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]
2005-01-17 03:44:23 PM  
That's also twice the number of fatass dyed-blonde women from Newark who are just dying to tell me about the surgery they just had.
2005-01-17 03:44:26 PM  
Boeing's new competitor isn't a direct competitor. It's the 747 Advanced. It basically has a new wing and is stretched. There isn't enough of a market to support aircraft the size of the Airbus A380, but there is a gap between the 777-300 and A340-600 currently offered by the two companies. The 747 Advanced is intended to fill this slot. This plane is partially based upon the existing 747-400, and uses some new technology (mainly the engines and some carbon fiber) from the new Boeing 7E7, which looks to be a hit.

All of you nimrods who said "Nice knowing you, Boeing" are showing your lack of knowledge.
2005-01-17 03:44:36 PM  
Just think about how many more people can be killed by terrorists when it gets shot down by a shoulder fired missle. Wonderful.
2005-01-17 03:44:46 PM  
I don't like Scarebus. I have nice addon for flightsim that simulated every part of an A330. It's kind of neat that once you reach 200 feet you engage the autopilot and dont have to really do anything until after the plane lands itself.

When you start getting into things like Normal Law and Alpha floor protection is where I start to get scared. I want to be able to bank my airplane more than 60 degrees if I damn well need to. I also dont like the fact that the pilot and co-pilot can potentially be working against each other since the two JOY STICKS are independent. I still think Boeing's 777 Fly by wire implementation is better.
2005-01-17 03:44:59 PM  
The major airports around the world are upgrading their infrastructure to deal with the A380, including double-deck loading systems. Go take a look at the new international terminal at Dallas Fort Worth for an example.
2005-01-17 03:45:05 PM  
If you think I'm gonna stand at a checkout line in back of 799 other passengers, you got another 'think' comin'.

In response, Boeing has designed an airplane that seats 801 passengers. The bad news is, the only person on the plane that can see the 801st passenger is William Shatner.

[image from notcoming.com too old to be available]

2005-01-17 03:45:16 PM  
Also, the A380 looks like it has Downs Syndrome.
2005-01-17 03:45:21 PM  
snotclot: 2nd post!

Way to go, noob.
2005-01-17 03:45:31 PM  
If they packed everyone in like cattle, yeah, about 800, but Airbus has no intention of doing that. They're looking at making it a much roomier, much more comfortable flying experience. Since the seating is generally left up to the airline, we're looking at about 500-600 people.
2005-01-17 03:46:01 PM  
Whats that from?
2005-01-17 03:46:07 PM  
They have a modular bar that that fits in the cargo bay.

A bar.
2005-01-17 03:46:16 PM  
Joe! Joe! Watch out for the prop, Joe! *thip thip thip thip*
2005-01-17 03:46:48 PM  
Hang On Voltaire

I dunno, on a 3 hour flight I would happily throw a hundred bucks or two at a craps table or some blackjack to pass the time. I would think you could pick up close to the cost you could if you used the space for a seat, without having to incur the extra charges a passenger (ground service, fuel, insurance, etc) comes with. Plus that casino could be in operation on every flight, whereas it would not be uncommon for the plane to fly only 80% full.
2005-01-17 03:46:52 PM  
jph The 7E7 won't be a hit if they can't manufacture the composite wing root - which Boeing themselves admit is currently "beyond today's technology". There's a lot of difference between a flying revenue-earning A380 and an on-the-drawing-board 7E7......
The 747-X / 747Advance has been canned, by the way.
2005-01-17 03:46:53 PM  
I wonder what this will get flown in to?
2005-01-17 03:47:14 PM  
At AirBus, we love us some flying, and it shows like a motherfarker!
2005-01-17 03:48:48 PM  

this one guy the other day talking about Boeing, and he kept pronouncing it as "Boing".

so howya supposed to pronounce it?
2005-01-17 03:49:30 PM  
jph: All of you nimrods who said "Nice knowing you, Boeing" are showing your lack of knowledge.

I resemble that remark. I read an article (Wall Street Journal?) which basically pointed out that Boeing's entire future relies on the success of the 7E7. And since the technology isn't ready yet, what does that tell you?
2005-01-17 03:49:36 PM  
What do you think they do in most aircraft? Autopilots could, if you wanted them to, do everything from throttle up, through take-off, in-flight navigation and landing. 200ft off the ground is an arbitrary height - Boeing use the same. Airbus's fly-by-wire is linked, not independent. Pilot and co-pilot input can't "fight" each other. That being said, I still prefer centre-yolk rather than sidestick.
2005-01-17 03:49:54 PM  

Just think about how many more people can be killed by terrorists when it gets shot down by a shoulder fired missle. Wonderful

Don't worry! That's been taken care of.
2005-01-17 03:50:07 PM  
Because rich people need a roomier plane that they can also shop for jewlery in.
2005-01-17 03:50:19 PM  
[image from aerospace-technology.com too old to be available]

This is such a good idea. Too bad the airlines won't take the hint and realize they can make a lot more cash this way then putting in 10,000 rows of seats.
2005-01-17 03:50:24 PM  
HaywoodJablonski - thanks for backing me up. See one of my many earlier posts :-)
2005-01-17 03:50:25 PM  
It's an ugly aircraft, kind of resembles the flying guppy. At least the 747 looks cool.
2005-01-17 03:50:45 PM  
squishydrew: At AirBus, we love us some flying, and it shows like a motherfarker!

That makes me laugh so hard...gotta go watch it now.

no pop-y goodnees :(
2005-01-17 03:51:28 PM  
more seats on New planes
less need for Old planes
less flights
higher demand for flights
higher prices
[image from grc.nasa.gov too old to be available]
2005-01-17 03:51:32 PM  
gr8fultom: so howya supposed to pronounce it?

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