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(Homestar Runner)   Sixteen-hour drum solo   ( divider line
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39748 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jan 2005 at 8:24 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-17 07:45:22 AM  

Quite possibly the best TGS ever.
2005-01-17 07:50:01 AM  
Don't forget the easter eggs under "O" and "!" in the last screen.

These things just get better and better.

/my most of me!
2005-01-17 07:58:34 AM  
ow! my most of me!

/mmmmm, breadtangle of pizza.....
2005-01-17 08:20:04 AM  
Give it up for pinebark!
2005-01-17 08:27:00 AM  
golf clap
2005-01-17 08:28:14 AM  
You couldn't handle that shiat on strong acid, man.

2005-01-17 08:29:37 AM  
KISSY BOOTS, like, rock, dude.
2005-01-17 08:30:07 AM  
Can someone please explain the joke to me? I didn't get it.
2005-01-17 08:33:04 AM  
Man, I wish there was a way to pause these Teen Girl Squads so I could study some of the pictures more closely! They so farkin' funny!

And dig the Steve Vai heart-shaped multineck guitar (though Steve's had five necks).
2005-01-17 08:33:06 AM  
my bass feels seaworthy
2005-01-17 08:34:00 AM  
Emperor of Porn: Can someone please explain the joke to me? I didn't get it.

No joke, just a boring time killer IMHO.
2005-01-17 08:34:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-17 08:34:54 AM  
ahhh, kitch
2005-01-17 08:34:56 AM  
I am anxiously awaiting the 2005 summer tour of Kissy Boots and Limozeen!
2005-01-17 08:34:56 AM  
I guess you appreciate it and find it amusing or you don't. Line for the don'ts starts behind me.
2005-01-17 08:35:14 AM  
Love Strongbad...dislike Teen Girlsquad.
2005-01-17 08:37:21 AM  
Incredibly boring and stupid, I think i'll go back to sleep now.
2005-01-17 08:37:27 AM  
Today's trivia: There's a drum solo nominated for a Grammy this year.

Just the drum solo.

It's the best rock drummer ever, though, so it's cool.
2005-01-17 08:37:36 AM  
I wouldn't hit them.. Look at those long pointy er... leg-sticks... or something.

2005-01-17 08:38:14 AM  
Am I the only person who hates these Dumb animated on-line cartoons?
2005-01-17 08:41:00 AM  
Who wants to start a pool on exactly how long it takes before we actually have a band called "kissy boots"?
2005-01-17 08:41:37 AM  
Just a minor point, but the 12-sided die is actually 20-sided.

2005-01-17 08:42:03 AM  
Pics of the actual Heart-guitar.
2005-01-17 08:44:27 AM  
12 sided died!!
2005-01-17 08:45:03 AM  
Neil Peart surrenders...?
2005-01-17 08:45:09 AM  
Can someone explain to me the function behind a "multi"
guitar? Does it allow for a greater pitch range?
2005-01-17 08:49:21 AM  
I think the brothers Chaps may just have lost their freakin' minds over the Decemberween period!

2005-01-17 08:52:21 AM  
good stuff.

i think it's always the unexpected/unpredictable happenings that get me laughin.
2005-01-17 08:56:18 AM  

Am I the only person who hates these Dumb animated on-line cartoons?

No, but so far you are the only cliche poster biatching about cartoons that you hate, yet you always click the link. Then you post to poo on the parade.
2005-01-17 08:57:01 AM  
Needs more cowbell.
2005-01-17 08:57:38 AM  
TGS the suck...

/*SB-email & Homestar fan...
2005-01-17 08:58:08 AM  
Most probably the worst one EVER.
2005-01-17 09:00:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-17 09:01:05 AM  
My basse feels seaworthy...

incoherently funny
2005-01-17 09:01:30 AM  
To all Homestarrunner haterz: Guess what? No-one cares!
2005-01-17 09:03:24 AM  
I personally think the cultural references are hilarious.

You don't watch Homestar Runner for the thoughtful dialogue. You watch things like Strongbad emails for the funny culural moments.

This one had to be Steve Vai's thriple neck heart guitar.
I laughed out loud when I saw that.

Look, some people are not going to get it. I think it is funny as heck sometimes.
2005-01-17 09:05:14 AM  
I normaly miss sbmail when we get something else but that just kicked bass.
2005-01-17 09:05:54 AM  
"When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation."

Best tgs quote ever.
2005-01-17 09:05:58 AM  
TGS is good for its randomness and strangeness.

Thanks for the pickmeup on a monday, doods
2005-01-17 09:07:14 AM  
Most probably the best one EVER.
2005-01-17 09:07:19 AM  
I think it's a scream. Well done!
2005-01-17 09:09:05 AM  
It's nice to see they make web cartoons for the mentally challenged.
2005-01-17 09:11:02 AM  
Eh... nope.
2005-01-17 09:13:16 AM  
The brothers Chaps have a rare talent. But you have to be from their generation to truly understand it. The cultural references are funny, but the way they crystallize abstract funny is genius.
2005-01-17 09:19:57 AM  
"Everybody died 'cept me!!"
"Aw crap."

Awesome. Was that an original guitar riff for the music, or did they copy that from somewhere? It sounds kinda familiar.
2005-01-17 09:21:15 AM  
I was dissapointed until the D&D creatures showed up and...


2005-01-17 09:22:48 AM  
Ummm. OK.

... which generation do you have to be to appreciate it again?

/Quite likes SB E-mails.
2005-01-17 09:24:09 AM  
cbm5 has distilled the appeal to a T.

For example, the Strong Bad email which was the genesis of TGS had an "easter egg" at the end where the TGS comic was in a snooty independent record store, next to a "Brothers Johnson" record. A loop of Sonic Youths "Teenage Riot" played in the background while the clerk and a customer went back and forth about how each was more "down with the scene" than the other... it was truly hysterical, and truly genius. Yeah the frets are B modal, cuz its that same producer....Albeeno (thats a guitar and a Steve Albini joke)

That being said, this TGS was great. Really really great. While "Three Noses??!?" and "Wave of babies" ( jokes from a previous TGS) are funny in a non sequitor way, this was an allusion dropping festival of funny.

So in conclusion, get a brain, moran. Errm, I mean, this is only funny to the people that get it. If you didn't get it, its not your fault. The Brothers Chaps simply aren't aiming for you.
2005-01-17 09:24:35 AM  
Angostura: ... which generation do you have to be to appreciate it again?

8-11 female in suburbia
9-13 male looking at said females
2005-01-17 09:26:23 AM  
And that SKA guy was friggin' Hysterical!!!
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