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(CBS News)   Sixty-six-year-old woman gives birth; can breastfeed her daughter while pushing her in a stroller   ( divider line
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2005-01-17 01:50:38 AM  
Golf clap to Sumbitter. Reminds me of a joke I heard this weekend- What's that thing between an old lady's breasts? Her navel.
2005-01-17 01:57:51 AM  
ew. that's just a disturbing image.
2005-01-17 03:05:35 AM  
2005-01-17 04:13:04 AM  
However, he said he was impressed by Iliescu's faith in God and her determination to have a child.

Interesting. The Roman Catholic Church holds artificial insemination to be contrary to the concept of procreation, and thus does not recognize it as a "legitimate" way to become pregnant.

The woman is Romanian, and so I'm pretty sure she would either be Catholic or Orthodox. I would guess Orthodox has a similar position on artifical conception, and so the statement that she has strong faith in God doesn't seem to coincide with the teachings of her likely background.
2005-01-17 04:44:37 AM  
funny headline, i'm punchy from lack of sleep so it took me a minute.
2005-01-17 05:11:47 AM  
Doesn't Romania have enough orphans already?
2005-01-17 06:39:44 AM  
Oh that image is just wrong this early in the morning! (grumbles) But yes, funny.
2005-01-17 07:47:39 AM  
Ze goggles! Zey do nossink!
2005-01-17 07:48:07 AM  
Given life expectancy in Romania, they'd better get their quality time in before she heads off for college.....and I seriously doubt they'll ever be tennis partners....
2005-01-17 07:49:08 AM  
how far in do I have to shove the stick to poke out my minds eye?
2005-01-17 07:51:42 AM  

how far in do I have to shove the stick to poke out my minds eye?

That's a fantastic question!
2005-01-17 07:53:50 AM  
great headline, disturbing image.
2005-01-17 07:55:25 AM  

Interesting. The Roman Catholic Church holds artificial insemination to be contrary to the concept of procreation

Maybe my 15 years of catholic education is finally wearing off, but I do not remember any part about that. The catholic church has no qualms with using science and what tools are available to help with your life, medically speaking. Pretty much the only no-no is stem cells. Even abortion is not really frowned upon if the mothers life is at risk. The only way I would see this being a problem with the church is if the sperm donor was not her husband.

The bigger ethical question the church would take debate with would be her doing it knowing the chances of survival of the fetus were extremely low. As the artical states, one died in the womb.
2005-01-17 08:01:03 AM  
She's pretty feisty.
I hope her age doesn't prevent her kid from having a good childhood.
2005-01-17 08:01:52 AM  

thanks, but I'm at the delicate point and need an answer, not encouragement!
2005-01-17 08:02:37 AM  
nope, artificial *anything* to do with procreation is a education was last year for me :)
2005-01-17 08:04:49 AM  

Just keep jabbing. If this doesn't help, retract the stick and fill the hole with bleach.
2005-01-17 08:06:29 AM  
Bleach! Yess!!
2005-01-17 08:08:37 AM  
2005-01-17 08:09:18 AM  
What catholic school did you go to? Where I live the church is completely against abortion in all ways. If the mom is at risk, and is pregnant, and if she could die while giving birth... well, God willed it so.

The bigger ethical question would be can this woman fully care for the child?

/just sayin'.
2005-01-17 08:09:20 AM  
I think the bigger story here is that 66 year olds are still having sex!
2005-01-17 08:11:07 AM  

luckily, no- this was artificial insemination
2005-01-17 08:16:36 AM  
One would expect Cher to give birth to herself soon.
2005-01-17 08:20:29 AM  
Ugh, this really pisses me off. Old people having babies. Same goes for old men who insist on procreating when they no longer have their own teeth. It's not responsible, and you're gonna end up with a kid who has a dead parent at an early age.

I've gotten into many an argument when I've stated that having children is ultimately a selfish act. It's about YOU. YOU want to have a kid, for whatever reason. If you're a woman, maybe it's your maternal instincts taking over. If you're a guy, maybe it's some need to continue your oh-so-important bloodlines. Maybe you're looking to prove yourself a better parent than your parents were. Maybe it's outside pressures -- future grandparents nagging you to get on with it. Maybe the couple feels this compelling, overriding need to have some physical manifestation of their love for each other ... so they can fight over custody of it when they get divorced six years later.

Point is, the kid isn't asking to be born. This is all about you. And please, I'm not necessarily saying that's wrong, but I am saying it is what it is. And cases like this of 66-year-old women cranking out kids just illuminate this.

I'm not one of those "net zero population" people. But adoption is a viable alternative. Think about it. And quit having kids you're too old to farking care for.
2005-01-17 08:23:40 AM  
Funny headline. Doesn't anyone else think this trend of older people giving birth disturbing. I don't think the parents and kids should be changing each others diapers.
2005-01-17 08:24:32 AM  
Can I have the 4 in nail in my skull?
2005-01-17 08:26:48 AM  
Damm you submitter
2005-01-17 08:27:24 AM  
Flame on NakedReporta

Tried the stick in the nose and bleach, found liguid plumber worked better to erase the image.
2005-01-17 08:27:58 AM  
regcrusher, wait until you get to that age.....

I heard in really conservative catholic circles, if there's a choice between the baby living or the mother, they choose the child because the mom is baptized and can therefore go to heaven. The baby's soul needs yet to be saved.
2005-01-17 08:28:21 AM  

Please, tell us how you really feel!

I agree with you when it comes to older people and babies. It's not just selfish, it's irresponsible, and idiotic for these people to procreate.
2005-01-17 08:28:54 AM  
NakedReporta: But adoption is a viable alternative.

I hope you're talking about giving the kid up for adoption, or your argument such as it is doesn't make much sense.
2005-01-17 08:31:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-17 08:38:04 AM  
Another example of why we should be able to vote on good headlines. More props to the submiter.
2005-01-17 08:51:32 AM  
I thought Ruth Gordon WAS DEAD.

Now she's just given birth to twins under a pseudonym?!

2005-01-17 08:53:13 AM  
Anyone see the movie Harold and Maude?

This is what happens when you don't use birth control.
2005-01-17 08:54:06 AM  
This kid's going to motherless before the age of 15. Sad.
2005-01-17 08:55:57 AM  
well there's one woman who won't get to be a MILF
2005-01-17 09:00:01 AM  
Yeah, I'll admit the last paragraph in my little rant is a little out of place here. But I have less of a problem with an elderly woman finding it in her heart to adopt a homeless child than jumping through hoops for nine years and getting all junked up on fertility drugs, just so she could have two fetuses die inside her before doctors cut her open to pop the remaining live one loose.
2005-01-17 09:06:16 AM  
Does she count as a GILAI? (Grandma I'd Like to Aritificially Inseminate)
2005-01-17 09:07:19 AM  
arcas: This kid's going to motherless before the age of 15. Sad.

IMHO there's a lot to be said for the usual biological constraints, it should be down to luck that a child's parents live to see it grow up, not a certainty that they won't.
2005-01-17 09:08:34 AM  
So what happens to the kid when this woman kicks it in 5 years? She should have thought of the baby's welfare...not holding some dumb record.
2005-01-17 09:09:03 AM  
best headline in a long time

/trying to get image out of head
2005-01-17 09:25:14 AM  
I hope the submitter is going to be passing out POINTED STICKS and bleach...

so that people can get that image out of their heads...
2005-01-17 09:27:29 AM  
RE: Headline's imagery

[image from too old to be available]

RE: Article's content

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-17 09:34:13 AM  

I hope the submitter is going to be passing out POINTED STICKS and bleach...

so that people can get that image out of their heads...

Way ahead of ya there. Already bleached. (Thanks binnster)
2005-01-17 09:49:58 AM  
She didn't have the kid to gain the 'world's oldest mum' record, she did it 'cos she wanted a kid.

She still shouldn't have been allowed. That kid will probably have health problems and at the very least will have no mum by the time it goes to secondary school.
2005-01-17 09:51:08 AM  
Great headline, bad visual.
2005-01-17 09:51:49 AM  
I'd hit it
2005-01-17 09:54:26 AM  
While I agree this is way too old to be havin a baby, it doesn't necessarily mean the kid will be parentless by 5 or even 15. While it will endure a life of everyone thinking his mom is his grandmother, he can still live a full life. Many people I know have lost parents before they were 15.

Sad, yes. But life (and death) happens.
2005-01-17 09:59:46 AM  

So this guy is sucking on this old womans tits, and a milky fluid starts coming out, he says, "hey aren't you a little old to have milk?" and she says, "Yeah, but I aint too old to have cancer!"
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