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2005-01-15 04:08:48 PM  
I liked them both... but I was desperate for good scifi when it was first on the air.
2005-01-15 04:13:43 PM  
I really liked the two episodes of the new one I saw last night. Was there a pilot?

I was a HUGE fan of the first one. I even had the Cylon and Viper ships :)
2005-01-15 04:14:25 PM  
I liked the old sets better.
It had a better "battleship" feel, but the space fights are cooler on the new one.

2005-01-15 04:15:17 PM  
Cowboy Spencer: Was there a pilot?

Yes... a three hour pilot last year. They showed it earlier this week. You should be able to find a pilot.
2005-01-15 04:15:53 PM  
I have to go with the new. I liked the first series (as brazil notes, choices were few and far between back then), but it had that Glen Larson smarmyness the newer series has avoided so far.
2005-01-15 04:16:16 PM  
Old one.
2005-01-15 04:16:33 PM  
Cowboy Spencer: Was there a pilot?

There was a miniseries last year that was pretty cool. I really liked the episodes lastnight too. Really good stuff. I now have something to look forward to on Friday nights.

/huge geek
2005-01-15 04:18:25 PM  
I admit I was pretty impressed with the new Cylons. And the chick Cylon is hot. So is Boomer.

It'll be interesting to see how the whole Boomer thing works out, btw.
2005-01-15 04:19:05 PM  
oh, and I never really got into the old show. I was born in '76 and it was quite awhile until it started airing after it was cancelled. Saw some eps on Sci-Fi channel though and I like its darker and more combat oriented style over Star Trek. Reminded me of Star Wars in alot of ways, which I"m guessing was the point. Why doesn't this one have a robot monkey thing though?
2005-01-15 04:21:56 PM  
They had the robot dog :)
2005-01-15 04:27:28 PM  
i missed the pilot. and didn't see much of the original series / don't remember much of what i've seen.

so it didn't make a whole lot of sense yesterday. looked kinda neat and all but i was mostly confused. the beer mighta aided that.
2005-01-15 04:30:03 PM  
oh. I got confused cause I remember someone saying that it was played by a monkey in a costume.
2005-01-15 04:30:52 PM  
my dorkness is fulfilled.
2005-01-15 04:35:09 PM  
I like the new one, the old was okay for it's time. But comparing them is apples and oranges. I'm betting Boomer outs herself as a Cylon and switches sides....
2005-01-15 04:51:23 PM  
I like this new one very much. Very dark, real people. Determined, mysterious enemy. Hot women. More realistic space battles (the missile shots especially are neat...very Anime like.) No ray-guns.

The old one was good for it's time, but it doesn't translate quite as well today. When I was 10 it was great. I remember I went to Universal Studios Hollywood back then and they had a full-sized viper sitting out on the lot during the tour. Very cool, but it's now dated.
2005-01-15 05:49:44 PM  
Can't even compare the two. Other than some names and the general scenario, the shows have very little in common.

I'm up to episode 11 and completely hooked in the new one.

And even the old-school diehards have to admit it's cool that Richard Hatch is in the new one.
2005-01-15 06:09:00 PM  
I'm philosophically opposed to anything that's described as a 'revisioning'. So I haven't seen the new one and can't really comment on it. Based on the reviews I've read and the descriptions tho it sounds like the humans basically got hosed because the Cylons ran Linux and the colonies used Windows.

Gives new meaning to the term 'blue screen of death'.
2005-01-15 06:26:23 PM  
Commanders' resume

Old: Sold dog food
New: Was Captain Castillo in Miami Vice

Advantage: New


Old: That hot brunette that male Starbuck nailed
New: Female Starbuck

Advantage: Old


Old: Big chrome badasses with swords and bayonnetes
New: Cheesy CGI Super Battle droid ripoffs with Kate Moss mid-driffs and lame 'Invasion of the Body Snatcher' humans

Advantage: Old

Old: Models sightly worse than movie FX of the time
New: CGI slightly worse than movie FX of the time

Advantage: Even


Old: Kick ass action and ridiculous plotlines
New: People sitting around sweating and whining about being tired but engaging character development

Advantage: New

Result: Star Wars, without which none of this would be possible, biatches.
2005-01-15 06:33:57 PM  
New one.

/also up to ep 11.
2005-01-15 06:40:17 PM  
Old one, new one is horrible in my opinion. They should bring Firefly back, that was good. Yes I know they're making a Firefly movie.
2005-01-15 06:41:36 PM  
Oh boy, this got the greenlight. Try not to spoil anything for the rest of us you bittorrenters and Brits.
2005-01-15 06:44:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Actually, GALACTUS will eat them both
2005-01-15 06:45:05 PM  
Babylon 5
2005-01-15 06:45:06 PM  
2005-01-15 06:45:29 PM  
New one. No doubt. Way cooler. Better FX. Better drama. Less cheese.
2005-01-15 06:48:13 PM  
2005-01-15 06:49:43 PM  
New? Saw it. Lame. Old? Saw them. Lame (except on thai stick and a six-pack). How 'bout no Galactica. How 'bout something original?

/Galactica was a Star Wars rip-off.
2005-01-15 06:50:35 PM  

It has been excellent. Best SciFi on TV since Farscape.
2005-01-15 06:51:05 PM  
I grew up with the first one on TV (as well as the "new" Buck Rogers series). It was great for it's time, and I think the new one is great for now.

If I had to sit through 2 episodes of either today I would have to pick the new series.
2005-01-15 06:51:05 PM  
new is better
2005-01-15 06:52:44 PM  
It's hard to directly compare these two series, since they were made something like 20+ years apart. I liked the old series when it was out, but looking back, the acting was mediocre at best, and the plotlines were weak. The special effects were pretty good in the old series, but you can't really compare special effects of the late 70s versus those of today - just not fair. All in all, I can completely understand why the old series was cancelled after one season - it just didn't hold weight for very long.

The new series, is great! The acting far outdoes the old series, the plot and character development are just outstanding, especially for a sci-fi series. The special effects, well,... need I say more?! The producers seem to have hit on something right with this new series, and it may even have serious potential for syndication into some of the major networks (at least maybe Fox or UPN), although I hope Sci-Fi keeps it for now, so no one else can fsck it up.

The one thing that the new series does need, though, is definitely a robotic daggit, or just any damn daggit will do. :-)
2005-01-15 06:52:47 PM  

Two very different shows. Not much more than the names have remained from the old show.
Normally I detest all this Hollywood-is-out-of-ideas remake bullshiat, but this one was handled fairly well.
2005-01-15 06:52:52 PM  
I like Galaga better:
[image from too old to be available]

Or maybe Galaxian
[image from too old to be available]

Thanks imageshack
2005-01-15 06:52:57 PM  

twilight zone owns both of them
2005-01-15 06:53:23 PM  
Haven't seen the new. Liked the old one OK.

LOVED the theme song from the original. Interested in hearing the new one.
2005-01-15 06:53:48 PM  
new is geared towards queer eye for the battlestar guy. farking sickening.
2005-01-15 06:54:08 PM  
The old one needed actors. The new one has actors.

Think about it.
2005-01-15 06:54:14 PM  
2005-01-15 06:55:12 PM  
2005-01-15 06:55:19 PM  
Neither, I watch quality programming.
2005-01-15 06:55:39 PM  
New. Watched the old one growing up. Definitely much more of a "war" feel to the new one.
2005-01-15 06:55:47 PM  
artman: Galactica was a Star Wars rip-off

Just because it was in space? Please give us more information other than your opinion. It has more in common with the Book of Mormon and Our Star Blazers than Star Wars.

2005-01-15 06:56:20 PM  
Neither. They both suck.
2005-01-15 06:56:48 PM  
I like them both for different reasons. But I will accept this one. That whole "Down Low Special" that they played before the new eps aired was such nonsense though....I farking kid you not, if you did a content analysis o nthe word "drama" they said it like a gazillion times. OK GUYS. WE GET THE POINT...THERE IS DRAMA IN THE NEW SHOW! WOOT!

Oh yeah, and that chick that looks like Pink that plays Starbuck? I'd hit it.
2005-01-15 06:57:13 PM  
The stories are better. The spaceships are better. The Cylon Base Stars are MUCH better. The chicks are better. The President is a beautiful woman.

Not sure about Olmos. I would have like to seen Ben Cartwright return as Adama, in an SFX format of course.

Even the Cylon Humans are better. (BSG 1980 )

All in all, this version is much darker. I think I like it but I have not made a decision about Starbuck. She is the fly in the ointment for me.

At least they left out the dagget and Boxy. Big improvement.

If they had to bring something back, why couldn't it be a Bab5 spinoff? THAT I like.
2005-01-15 06:57:37 PM  
New one. I also liked the sets better on the old show, but I like the depth of the new show. And it looks like the new show will take on two fronts - what is happening in the fleet, and life on occupied Caprica. Hopefully the episode where they find Kobol will be a lot less cheesy than the old show. Watching the original I was intelligent enough to identify Karnak was not an alien planet.
2005-01-15 06:58:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-15 06:58:18 PM  
Old -- bad acting ( except for Lorne Green of course ), cheesy effects constantly reused and dialogue written by a 3-year-old. Annoying robot dagget. However some of the plotlines were indeed well-written and let's face it the old cylons were intimidating, if somewhat lame as they never could shoot straight. Also featured one of the first ray trace computers available of the day ( see Jim's Computer Museum, Tektronix 4051 Graphics Display Computer ).

New -- better acting but overblown plots, very cool graphics which remind me of "Homeworld" for some reason. I especially like the use of missiles, something us ol' Traveller players may remember in many games. Too much time spent on the personal relationship stuff. Took awhile to get used to a female Starbuck and a female-cyclon Boomer, not sure if I'm used to it yet. Ship designs cool except for the ridiculous cyclon raiders ( what's with the woob-woob red slit eye on those things anyway ).

Overall -- both were enjoyable in their own way.

I agree though that those first two episodes of the new one were pretty good, especially "33", which was really inspired.
2005-01-15 06:59:14 PM  
New one looks good and doesn't really compare with the old one. They have removed the cheesy robot panda or whatever it is and the cutesy kid. The old one really was A-Team in space. Campy.
Stargate Atlantis seems to be the only good replacement these days for the ridiculous Star Trek mess that exists. As long as the story is good and they don't rely on the FX too much, Galactica has potential. Sci-Fi is one of my favs, but lately we have seen the current stuff go down hill dramatically.
2005-01-15 06:59:49 PM  
New [image from too old to be available]

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