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(   Woman says she should have known husband was a bigamist and con artist because "he knew how to treat a man knows that"   ( divider line
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3557 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2002 at 8:36 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-06 10:30:52 PM  
The Ho gets 10. The pimp gets 90. If you want your ass protected. I get 90.
2002-03-06 10:43:22 PM  
I prefer ladies, myself.
They're just like whores, but they don't need your money.
2002-03-06 10:45:39 PM  
I think you might just have to look elsewhere for someone to keep you in those real nice suits.. I'm too old and I only wear 6 inch heels on those "special" occasions...
2002-03-06 10:52:12 PM  
Nanookanono They don't need your money? Can I come hang out in Dreamland with you?
2002-03-06 10:56:29 PM  
Jesus'brotherBob- So true =)
2002-03-06 11:02:07 PM  
I can't believe no noe noticed the main point of this story...this is another example of a good, God-Fearin Christian. In Norfolk, no less...that is Pat Robertson's Backyard!

The more Christians I meet, the more I like Buddha.
2002-03-06 11:02:56 PM  
Sorry...should have read:

the more FUN-da-MENTAL Christians I meet, the more I like Buddha.
2002-03-06 11:03:52 PM  
I prefer ladies, myself.
They're just like whores, but they don't need your money.


Put down the crack pipe, will ya?
2002-03-06 11:09:45 PM  
Flyinglemur, is that Bootsy Collins in your bio?
2002-03-06 11:12:45 PM  
Indeed it be.
2002-03-06 11:19:55 PM  
Nice. That makes at least two Bootsy Collins fans in Connecticut. They keep mentioning former St. Johns player Bootsy Thorton in the game that's on now. I remember watching a game and they remarked that Bootsy Thornton was named after "some musician" named Bootsy Collins. Some musician. Apparently the announcers never saw the picture in your bio.
2002-03-06 11:55:00 PM  
If this guy's such a good con artist, then why not just get the milk for free? Stupid farker bought the cow. Twice!!

Girlie punk: I tied a girl to the bedposts once. She enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. Also had the "little death" once when I spanked her. But yeah, you're right, kinda hard to approach the subject.
2002-03-07 12:01:08 AM  
"I didn't take no more than what was coming to me for the 10 years I labored without a salary" as pastor, he said.

That's exactly what Eric S. Raymond says when you ask him what he did with the money he got from turning the Jargon File into a book.
2002-03-07 12:11:24 AM  
I am, indeed, 'talking through my hat'.
I've never been to a hooker, so I don't know what they're like.
2002-03-07 12:25:04 AM  
she obviously never met sgamer ;)
2002-03-07 12:41:15 AM  
To quote Lou Costello:

"Marriage is like a Buffet, you grab what you want and pay for it later."

Sometimes I wonder which is better, being married or blowing your farking brains out.
2002-03-07 12:49:38 AM  
What a angry biatch. She's probably just bitter because she was dumb enough to fall for the con artist.
2002-03-07 12:50:52 AM  
Two things. First of all, "AN angry biatch". Second of all...

"03-06-02 08:41:15 PM Mercury_
Buster Bunny: I can't marry all three of your daughters! That's Bigamy!

Southern Croc: NO son, that's Big-of-me!"

Nice reference.
2002-03-07 12:56:44 AM  
Of course I never expected Jeff to be perfect, I'm just saying he's not an asshead or anything. He doesn't abuse me or anything.
2002-03-07 01:09:38 AM  
2002-03-07 01:33:27 AM  
This all reminds me of that one song.
2002-03-07 07:07:59 AM  
I'm surprised no one beat me to this.

"Dinsdale was a gentleman. And what's more, he knew how to treat a female impersonator."
2002-03-07 11:03:59 AM  
Mythago: "Actually, it's the spritzhead straight girls who are the man-haters. What kind of moron thinks a man who knows how to treat a woman could only be a scamster?"

i need to stop looking at women as objects to be placated.

shawn pickrell
2002-03-07 12:23:38 PM  
Yes, yes you do...the kind of woman who expects to be placated is very scary.

Robbie, dude, I was joking too. But man, if you'd ever dated one of those nutcases you'd be agreeing with me. ;)
2002-03-07 06:33:29 PM  
Ok, I admit, it's fun. I think my (ex)boyfriend was surprised, though, since I'm ususally pretty shy. Silk ties or soft bathrobe belt work just fine...
Just remember, she gets to tie you up when you're done...
2002-03-10 11:05:41 PM  
women are usually pretty ignorant when it comes to men. always in denial about bad situations. my boyfriend is very good to me and i wouldn't have it any other way. he's also excellent in the pleasuring area. never been tied up though. maybe i should try it. sounds fun.
*tearing room apart looking for scarves*
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