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(C|Net)   Justice Department admits that the reason they settled with Microsoft is that they thought they would lose otherwise   ( news.com.com) divider line
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2002-03-06 08:08:57 PM  
Sorry, I got distracted there for a couple hours. Somebody else put it up for me, but by "Mafia tactics" I meant things like forcing OEMs not to even offer other OSs or browsers (numerous), putting in bombs to kill DOS clones (DR-DOS), and using undocumented system calls in windows in their own app software, that sort of cr@p. It doesn't involve violence but it is racketeering. And frgodsake SLAYER if you've had no problems with Windows you are ... alone in the world. I used to be a big usoft pusher because of their radical ideas like "use the same binary format data file for excel and word for windows and mac" which was way ahead of everyone else in 1989, and the whole desktop integration idea is wonderful but... their software svcks. Really. Unstable memory hogs, because there is no competition or selective pressure on them. It's all marketing. They've succeeded because of illegal tricks, and that's why. That's all.
2002-03-06 09:41:00 PM  
Man are some people clueless.

See, Excel (staying with the example) is about 95+% cross platform compatible. some features may exist on one platform that do not on another. There is no DELTREE command for a Mec, but it has a KILL command, so macros and such change. But the file formats get real tricky...


Because the Mac uses a dual forked file structure. files on a mac (For those who don't know) are comprised of a Resource and a Data fork. without both, it does not work. Finally with OS X they move away form this, but for YEARS Apple has stuck to this.

They also use Stuffit when the rest of the world uses Zip.

They use Pict files when the rest of known computing would prefer Jpeg or Gif.

These are the inherent problems for cross platform files. NONE of which has to do with microsoft, or adobe, or anyone.... except Apple.

Why does a browser look different? why doesn't Java work the same? Because the JAVA you use is the Apple Runtime. See that? Apple again.

Again, MS has tried time and again to gt things to work cross platform on the mac and the PC. MANY MANY MANY items just will not work, and it is due to the Mac OS, NOT the software.
2002-03-06 09:41:15 PM  
Here's an idea.

Why don't you boycott Microsoft. Don't use their products, don't buy their software.

Buy a mac, use linux, solaris anything else, show them who the boss is, just shut up your infernal mewling you damn crybabies.
2002-03-06 10:33:30 PM  
"It takes a 17-year-old, a P.C., and a C-compiler to make an OS, and there is not even ONE commercial Microsoft competitor. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out"

Yea if you give him 30 years of the Support Of Devices and Lines of Code Windows Includes, It costs MS Billions to make each Load of Crap OS Even Though XP is halfway Decent.
I also like there 20yr overdue Spring Cleaning were theya re writing NO new code and For this Month All OS employees are going back and Debugging Code for all this month. Kind of a Step in the Right Direction.
2002-03-06 10:45:49 PM  
Microsoft has had plenty of competition over the years. Their competitors simply made poor business decisions. Some examples:

Wordperfect was a great product, but until version 7 came out it would not perform well under the Windows platform. 5.1 for DOS performed much better. I used it with Windows 3.1 and 95 with better results than 6.1 for Windows. Wordperfect was great a standalone company, but when Novell bought Wordperfect and the Borland spreadsheet and database programs, they went downhill. Then Corel bought them and made a great attempt to revive the products, but they just couldn't make Quattro Pro and Paradox as good as Excel and Access.

Novell is a great product. I managed it for years. However, they never felt the need to make it easier to manage. It was almost an arrogance thing. "Ours is better because you need a rocket scientist to manage it." They have made some inprovements lately though. Also, until recently, it wasn't designed to run IP very well. All of this and leadership changes several years ago caused them a lot of problems.

Lotus 123 was a great spreadsheet, but they were unable to produce a good full-featured office package to compete with Word, Wordperfect, and Access. Then IBM bought them and did not put a great deal of effort in the packages. They had the number 3 office package AND sell PCs...talk about a monopoly. In the DOS days, they sold PCs with IBM DOS, not MS DOS.

Apple always said that they wanted to go head to head with Microsoft, but their actions showed that they wanted to stick to their niche market...graphics. When the public didn't jump on the bandwagon, Apple started the predictable blame game.
2002-03-06 10:57:39 PM  
Stupid feds.

Jean Loup-Gasse, the guy who ran Be, Inc., was ready to hand them smoking guns related to OS preinstall licenses that prevented OEMs from showing anything but MS on bootup, no bootloader choices, no indication that another OS was on the box... and the DoJ ignored it in favour of the stupid browser issue.

And after all that hell, AOL/Netscape decided to toss the ball into the Open Source community's court and got a great modern browser out of it. If you haven't tried Mozilla 0.9.8 or Netscape 6.2.1, take a moment to download either (I'd recommend Mozilla, myself, since it's been in heavier development and has seen even more improvements). It's a fine browser.

I use Galeon, a Linux browser that incorporates Mozilla's HTML renderer. Just wonderful.

Fark Microsoft.
2002-03-07 03:06:56 AM  
All this is interesting but taking Microsofts side (sorta) in all this let's look at what their cheir defense is. They have always claimed they are on soft ice with the speed of innovation etc. No one believes them but let's look at the AOL example and see that yes indeed they are.

80% of people using AOL never leave the AOL enviorment. So how hard would it be for AOL in version 10 to install Linux as a back end? Get the CD, install it, your computer reboots and AOL's new faster and more stable service comes up. 35 Million computers are now switched from Microsoft. That friends is a big assed chunk.

I'm not going to go into things like driver arguments etc, becuase it isn't necessart to make my point. Another thing someone else said is that Microsoft won becuse others failed. I have to agree with that. I bought one version of Word once. I recieved upgrade notices and then later discount upgrade notices for the next 4 versios of Word. (I had switched to Nisus so Word was no longer needed.) I can't tell you how many times I've had to call support of some company to ask for an upgrade, then they can't find my info, and fax a cover of a manual or something. Oh wait, most all of them are out of business...
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