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(New Mexico Channel)   Loving mother decorates baby's room with very own E-Z Bake Meth Lab   ( thenewmexicochannel.com) divider line
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2005-01-10 11:52:25 AM  
She figured "Well shiat, damn kid is up all night anyway."
2005-01-10 11:54:16 AM  
Rock a bye baby?
2005-01-10 11:55:17 AM  
Hush little baby don't say a word, Mommas on a 3 day crank smokin binge...
2005-01-10 12:02:30 PM  
Words escape me.
2005-01-10 12:26:58 PM  
[image from rds.yahoo.com too old to be available]

Make room for baby.
2005-01-10 01:30:27 PM  
Nobody puts baby in the corner.
2005-01-10 02:09:51 PM  
sick is more like it.
2005-01-10 04:39:16 PM  
I'm surprised this wasn't in the 909!
2005-01-10 04:40:14 PM  
Damn rich kids get all the cool stuff in their rooms.
2005-01-10 04:40:28 PM  
The good news is the meth chemicals overwhelm the smell of baby's poop-filled diaper.
2005-01-10 04:40:39 PM  
The fumes alone could kill a baby, not to mention the risk of explosion.

Jailarity should ensue.
2005-01-10 04:41:03 PM  
I bet that baby was skinny as hell.
2005-01-10 04:42:25 PM  
There was a photoshop contest a couple years ago about unlikely christmas presents and someone posted a "my first meth lab picture." A dollar to the first one who can find that pic.
2005-01-10 04:42:54 PM  
Maybe she wanted her kid togrow up to be a chemist?

/thinks the mother should have waited until the kid was old enough to help out
2005-01-10 04:43:17 PM  
so, if we take out all the trailer trash, is that considered ethnic cleansing?
2005-01-10 04:44:11 PM  
Hey, at least the cops didnt strip search the baby looking for $10.
2005-01-10 04:44:14 PM  
Lucky kid. All I got was a chia pot plant.
2005-01-10 04:44:21 PM  
The good news is the meth chemicals overwhelm the smell of baby's poop-filled diaper.

The bad news is that the smell of meth chemicals overwhelm the baby.
2005-01-10 04:44:37 PM  
[image from thesunmachine.net too old to be available]
this what you're looking for?
2005-01-10 04:46:53 PM  
Acetone really gets a baby clean, I hear.
2005-01-10 04:47:01 PM  
My little baby loves shortnin' shortnin' my little baby loves shortnin' CRACK.
2005-01-10 04:47:57 PM  
No wonder New Mexico calls itself "Land of Enchantment"
2005-01-10 04:49:41 PM  
what is it with white trash and meth? heroin or coke too expensive, but they're tired of pot? i'm surprised wal-mart just doesn't give up and start up its own lab...
2005-01-10 04:51:14 PM  

I don't think even the most hardcore tweeker would snort, smoke or shoot Wal-Mart brand meth.
2005-01-10 04:52:02 PM  


Hey, this kid may not get good grades in school, but he'll be popular:

Other kids will have birthday parties with cake and ice cream.

This guy's birthday parties will have DJ's, multiple stages, multimedia screens and laser lighting, chill tent, VIP room...
2005-01-10 04:53:34 PM  
I just read that people on Meth love Mountain Dew. for real. You need to be on Meth to like that piss water.
2005-01-10 04:54:37 PM  
gotta give (I think) Aarkieboy credit for that PS.

that said, this woman should be drug out into the street and shot, execution style. or maybe a Mexican bar-b-que.
2005-01-10 04:55:56 PM  
Did they own a pet wolverine?

/Val wants his trumpet back.
2005-01-10 04:56:35 PM  
the sad part is I live right down the street of this meth lab and its like the 10th meth lab bust this year....
2005-01-10 04:56:40 PM  
I read that as "EZ Pass Meth Lab". That would be cool. 50 cent discount on meth, and you get to get it at 35 mph :)
2005-01-10 04:58:59 PM  
Anyone here ever been to New Mexico? this is no surprise to me, I frequent the state on my way to colorado I have yet to see anything enchanting.
2005-01-10 04:59:34 PM  
Kitwilly: I love mountain dew and I am most assuredly not on meth.

Mountain dew preferred by 4 out of 5 programmers.
2005-01-10 05:02:28 PM  
An asploding Micky Roarke from "Spun" unavailable for comment.

/recreationally partake in that particular substance abuse two or three times a year - always observe my 3 a.m. cut-off time.
2005-01-10 05:03:02 PM  
Kitwilly...all the tweekers I knew drank Dr. Pepper or Jolt. Probably has something to do with the caffeine content...odd thing is, most of them hated coffee.
2005-01-10 05:03:51 PM  
2005-01-10 05:08:16 PM  
"It's a shock to me. To think that she would do this with the kids in her house," she said.

So the sister wasn't shocked that she was cooking meth, just the fact kids were there.

This why we have such a hideously large meth problem, especially in the Midwest.
2005-01-10 05:13:14 PM  
Kids grow up so fast these days.
2005-01-10 05:13:43 PM  
But it's allright now. I've learned my lesson well. Ya see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.
2005-01-10 05:19:11 PM  
meth is for wimps. i've since moved on to injecting draino.
2005-01-10 05:20:10 PM  
i love mountain dew ... but i'm not on meth nor i'm a programmer.

maybe it's because it has more cafeine than a cup of coffee?
2005-01-10 05:20:56 PM  
vernonFL: "Rock a bye baby?"

Buy a rock, baby?
2005-01-10 05:25:15 PM  
recycled photoshop contest entry
[image from home.austin.rr.com too old to be available]
2005-01-10 05:27:53 PM  
Fast_Deluxe: maybe it's because it has more cafeine than a cup of coffee?

it doesn't.
2005-01-10 05:37:36 PM  
Just moved to New Mexico this year. My husband and I hate it and just about all the people in it! Can't wait to leave, even if its going back to the Midwest where there is more meth. At least people in the Midwest let the meth have its own room.
2005-01-10 05:48:10 PM  
What the heck is the deal with meth? It isn't that great, and everyone knows it eats you alive and is a quick way to HIV infection, rage, loss of job + friends + your teeth. Plus you get that "look" that tells all of society "maintain fifty foot clearance"

Sounds like fun to me.

Go do some shrooms or something cool. Meth sucks.
2005-01-10 05:48:17 PM  
2005-01-10 04:49:41 PM garf

what is it with white trash and meth? heroin or coke too expensive, but they're tired of pot?

You pretty much hit it right on the head there. Coke has to be shipped in from South America, Heroin from Asia. That makes it expensive with all those middle men getting a cut. But hell, get your hands on some rather easily attainable chemicals and you can cook up some meth during the commercials when your watching wrestling.
2005-01-10 06:24:56 PM  
so whats in the baby powder bottle?
2005-01-10 06:42:29 PM  
Treasure cat: Don't forget the brass pole for the skanks....errrrr strippers....errrrr exotic dancers.
2005-01-10 06:46:23 PM  
...for the skanks....errrrr strippers....errrrr exotic dancers.

quit trying to be all PC...you were right the first time.
2005-01-10 06:48:45 PM  
Be all PC? I can't even spell PeaCee
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