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2005-01-06 05:03:11 PM  
Bench-Salorio, an English teacher, had sexual contact with the 13-year-old boys in "numerous" locations, Hill alleged.

You mean, like the back of a Volkswagen?
2005-01-06 05:09:15 PM  
Man, these 13 year olds are getting laid more often than I am.

2005-01-06 05:09:16 PM  
God damn these are worthless headlines.
2005-01-06 05:09:47 PM  
Sexfecta next?
2005-01-06 05:10:13 PM  
This is... odd. Did they just have a huge sting or something? Sending in midgets dressed like kids to find out who these teachers are?

Midgets scare me.
2005-01-06 05:10:19 PM  
13, the sicko
2005-01-06 05:10:21 PM  
Old n busted: drug dealer beheadings
New hotness: teacher and uh...
2005-01-06 05:10:29 PM  
A couple of these look like the same story...that's not a sexfecta.
2005-01-06 05:11:09 PM  
From Will_the_Thrill's profile:

Submitted links approved: none

Now now, Will....
2005-01-06 05:11:14 PM  
Wow these boys could all get together and form a national support group. Or a circle-jerk. They are, after all, now deprived of the edumacational pooty.
2005-01-06 05:11:18 PM  
2005-01-06 05:11:23 PM  
That's it goddamnit.

I'm getting a job as a teacher!
2005-01-06 05:11:50 PM  
No! This is the same as the earlier MSNBC 'Superfecta'!!!


We'll all look like fools!
2005-01-06 05:12:00 PM  
This is the same woman as the teacher in the "superfecta" article, is it not
2005-01-06 05:12:04 PM  
if you'd believe it, this happened at my school recently too!!
a substitute at Cheltenham High School took a special ed student home after school and had sex with her. details arent out yet as to whether it was willing or rape..
i think the guy was on his first day teaching, too
2005-01-06 05:12:30 PM  
It's great, how whatever gets greenlit for us lowly farkers to see can influence perception. All of a sudden January 6, 2005 is a day that will live in infamy when it comes to illegal carnal knowledge, simply because that's when these particular stories got greenlit for public consumption. In reality this probably goes on every day.

no, I don't have any point to make.
2005-01-06 05:12:32 PM  
What'd I tell you little shiats down in the first thread?!


You fark it up for everyone else!
2005-01-06 05:12:52 PM  
2004 is now officially 'Year of the Female Child Molestors'.

Is there a tfarkette I can give a plaque to? I made one out of cheddar cheese and razor wire.
2005-01-06 05:12:57 PM  
Need pics.
2005-01-06 05:13:01 PM  

Yes, it is.
2005-01-06 05:13:03 PM  
What is it about teaching that gets some women so hot?
2005-01-06 05:13:22 PM  
ok, there's lots of teachers farking their students. we get it. please stop now?
2005-01-06 05:13:42 PM  
Oops two were the same. Read so many of these today it's all blurring together
2005-01-06 05:13:51 PM  
the eidolon: What is it about teaching that gets some women so hot?

Being the center of attention of a bunch of horny males?

Even if they are 13...
2005-01-06 05:13:53 PM  
It certainly looks like school's gotten a lot more interesting than it was when I was a kid.
2005-01-06 05:14:17 PM  
Um...not 5. This one is the same as the previous teacher. What I wouldn't have given when I was 16 to nail a teacher - especially the health teacher / cheerleading coach. Damn. Okay...gotta go. fap fap fap
2005-01-06 05:14:18 PM  
I've got East St. Louis in the Pick-6, c'mon baby! Daddy needs a reason to endure the pain of living for one more day!
2005-01-06 05:14:29 PM  
Where were these hot teachers when I was 13? Amazing how many female teachers are getting caught doing this. Just think how many male pedophile teachers are out there. Makes me shudder - I will never let my kids go to school.
2005-01-06 05:14:32 PM  
Damn, all we had when I was in school was bake sales.
2005-01-06 05:14:52 PM  
lots of teachers doin it with students...hmmm...must be the new interactive sexual education classes...

/that was lame... *shakes head...
2005-01-06 05:15:35 PM  
Threepete.. same skank-ho teacher as two if the other articles.
2005-01-06 05:15:51 PM  
Let the damned kids have sex with their teachers, what's the big damn deal? You people make me sick.
2005-01-06 05:16:21 PM  
1. this is the same story as the previous link (WTG mods)
2. i wish i was 13 again
2005-01-06 05:16:56 PM  
" After the one boy came forward, a follow-up investigation "determined there was a second victim," Hill said,"

You say 'victim', I say lucky little bastard and his Bizzarro World Hallmark Moments.

2005-01-06 05:17:04 PM  
Stomachmonkey - Don't you mean 2005 is the year of the female molester?
2005-01-06 05:17:41 PM  

mods don't pick headlines. admins do.

This message brought to you by Me.

The more you know...

*queue flying star*
2005-01-06 05:17:47 PM  
Whoa... that was confusing, the link before this one of which this is a repeat has now disappeared...

/it's a cover up!
2005-01-06 05:17:50 PM  
I'll echo it again...
MAN, I wish i were back in highschool right about now.
2005-01-06 05:18:12 PM  
Damn, back when I was in school, we only had these wrinkled senior citizens teaching. And even then, as a mass of raging hormones, I wouldn't have hit it.

Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

/i don't feel tardy
2005-01-06 05:18:16 PM  
Omni I'm guessing most of these things happened in 2004 but they're just coming out now.
2005-01-06 05:18:28 PM  
/going back to jr. high
//worthless without pics
2005-01-06 05:18:32 PM  
i'm sick of these nympho teachers - i want more swearing toys.
2005-01-06 05:18:36 PM  
"...but then my homework was never quite like this!

Got it bad
Got it bad
Got it bad

I'm hot for teacher..."
2005-01-06 05:18:43 PM  
sheesh. only the gay theater teacher ever hit on me... and I wasn't about to hit that.
2005-01-06 05:19:06 PM  
Something is seriously wrong in this society if women are going after 13 year old boys. I mean, seriously, have any of these women tried online dating??? :)
2005-01-06 05:19:51 PM  
Whatever happened to reading, riting, and rithmatic?
2005-01-06 05:19:58 PM  
She's the fugly blonde haired one, no pic needed, move along.
2005-01-06 05:20:04 PM  
Police learned of the alleged abuse Monday after one boy reported it to his parents.

2005-01-06 05:20:06 PM  
StomachMonkey, where's my pic of Spike Lee or Mark Paul Gosselaar?

i couldn't remember who greenlighted what...thanks for the moment of clarity.

/back to wishing for puberty again
2005-01-06 05:20:19 PM  
Tis the season to reach out and touch a child...in that special place
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