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(WEGW)   Woman killed in crash had boa constrictor wrapped around her neck   ( wegw.com) divider line
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2005-01-05 05:02:10 PM  
"No not that one, the feather boa!"

2005-01-05 06:21:47 PM  
2005-01-05 06:25:32 PM  
loved the picture in the article

/Todays lesson: alcohol, Boa Constrictors and driving don't mix
2005-01-05 07:45:49 PM  
But, did she get ticketed?? At least did they ticket the snake?
2005-01-06 12:11:33 AM  
I would agree that this qualifies as strange.
2005-01-06 12:13:58 AM  
I'm thinking this is a set up. No way that snake could have been driving.
2005-01-06 12:14:07 AM  
Nature's way of weeding out the population.

/friggin moran
//go USA
2005-01-06 12:15:06 AM  
Guess she really choked in that situation...
2005-01-06 12:15:13 AM  
Was the boa ok?
2005-01-06 12:15:18 AM  
[image from anjo.com too old to be available]

Fine, it wasn't a cobra. But I don't care.
2005-01-06 12:15:31 AM  
This thread is useless without Gil Grissom.
2005-01-06 12:15:36 AM  
This looks like it might be a interesting article to read.
2005-01-06 12:17:00 AM  
this whole thing sounds like a Gary Larson comic strip
2005-01-06 12:17:44 AM  
Notice the article on the same page
Nursing More Pleasurable Than Cocaine
[image from content.clearchannel.com too old to be available]

United Press International

Animal studies show mothers so greatly enjoy nursing their young they choose nursing over ingesting cocaine, Massachusetts researchers found.

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School who studied the brains of female rats found the area of the brain activated when mother rats nursed their young pups is the same area activated by cocaine. The activity is so pleasurable that when given a choice, the maternal rats chose nursing over the drug. Rats that had never given birth chose the cocaine instead.

Mother Nature also appears to have built in a protection for the mother-child bond. When lactating rats where given cocaine, the pleasure circuit in the brain that normally would be involved did not activate and appeared to be somewhat repressed.

"These are fascinating findings that verify what any mother who has breastfed knows: that it is a truly rewarding experience," said Tracey Shors of Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.J. "It makes sense that a system would evolve to keep a new mother focused on feeding her infants, because it is so critical for survival."
2005-01-06 12:18:31 AM  
FARK doesn't need Obscure Store's sloppy seconds.
2005-01-06 12:18:44 AM  
Well, that sounds awfully FISHY.

/Even if the pun doesn't fit, post it.
2005-01-06 12:19:26 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

The snake, after being released from the animal shelter, was quoted as saying "Ok, now.. I've been hearing some ugly rumors, and, while I do not wish to make any statements at this time in deference to my owner, may she rest in peace, I... I simply can't let these vicious attacks against me to continue unchecked. I'd just like to state, for the record, that at no point in time was I anywhere near Margaret's crotch area, nor was I ensconced in her velvety.. um.. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. I was gently coiled around her neck--GENTLY coiled--as the police report claimed."

/you lousy corksuckers. you have violated my fargin rights.
2005-01-06 12:19:37 AM  
Animal print must be back in fashion...
2005-01-06 12:26:52 AM  

You are my new 15 second hero for the Jonny Dangerously reference.

You farkin' SNEEEEKY bastiges!

smiling as we speak.
2005-01-06 12:27:01 AM  
I believe it. Not too strange for S.F.
2005-01-06 12:30:33 AM  
Ok, was the lady drinking or was the six-pack for the snake? Because it's way more interesting if the snake was plastered at the time.
2005-01-06 12:30:40 AM  
"scuse me while I whip this out."
2005-01-06 12:30:58 AM  
Car keys? Check

Snake wrapped around neck? Check

Open container? Check

Now, where's my cell phone?
2005-01-06 12:31:21 AM  
LOL @dr_blotto

Fargin bastiges!
2005-01-06 12:36:13 AM  
Last seen before the accident:

[image from www4.ncsu.edu too old to be available]
2005-01-06 12:39:34 AM  
Better around her neck then mine..
[image from img73.exs.cx too old to be available]

/Bud Wise Ass
2005-01-06 12:39:37 AM  
She must have been rattled

/awful pun
2005-01-06 12:40:24 AM  
"You wann see snakey? I don't think you wanna see snakey!"

-Green Jello
2005-01-06 12:41:38 AM  
The snake, which survived the crash, was taken to an animal shelter.

Must have been wearing his seatbelt.
2005-01-06 12:45:37 AM  
2005-01-06 12:47:51 AM  
Radio stations report news now?

Should CNN be afraid of a hostile takeover?
2005-01-06 12:48:23 AM  
Well, like I've never seen that before...sheesh.
2005-01-06 12:51:53 AM  
Wait until Mothers Against Drunk Snakes hears about this.
2005-01-06 12:55:50 AM  
as the one time owner of a constrictor myself, I have to say that these snakes are far too dumb to intentionally strangle a human.
They might actually get you in a lock if they were holding on for dear life, or you pissed them off or scared them, but in general they're only interested in humans as a very warm thing that they can curl around.

They'll wrestle with a coffee pot for heat, or light bulbs, or anything warm. Got to be careful not to let them hurt themselves.
2005-01-06 12:57:40 AM  
SEE!! it was an emergancy and she was obviously trying to get to the hospital!! this is what happens when you disobey traffic laws and dont take an ambulance in an emergancy....
2005-01-06 12:59:03 AM  
oh... they mentioned alcohol. Maybe the snake attacked her in a "drunken rage"
2005-01-06 01:10:14 AM  

[image from boogleboo.com too old to be available]
2005-01-06 01:13:11 AM  
I bet she voted for kerry
2005-01-06 01:14:36 AM  
and you voted for bush? IDIOT!!!!
2005-01-06 01:14:51 AM  
Where's all the fundie snake bashing? Eve this, Adam that! Can't apples be fermented into booze?

/going to bed *drunk* to ponder the Old Testement and January's Hustler
2005-01-06 01:15:15 AM  
I call shenanigans! Her boyfriend strangled her and found an awesome way to cover it up - wrap a boa constrictor around her neck, put the body in a car, and stage a wreck. Elementary, my dear Watson.

/didn't RTFA
2005-01-06 01:22:43 AM  
thedrunkpug: I bet she voted for kerry

Houseofthedead2: and you voted for bush? IDIOT!!!!

I love you guys. Never change a thing about yourself, you are perfect for my ammusment.
2005-01-06 01:28:14 AM  
Uhh, does anyone else find the title incredibly inapropriate?
2005-01-06 01:29:46 AM  
pinksugarmusic: Uhh, does anyone else find the title incredibly inapropriate?

Wrong thread buddy. Your looking for the little yellow balls thread. Its up that hill on the right, you cant miss it.
2005-01-06 01:31:01 AM  
no, the title of the article!
2005-01-06 01:32:35 AM  
they are making light of a serious situation. Do you want me to hold your hand while we read it again?
2005-01-06 01:36:44 AM  
Alice Cooper was unavailable for comment
2005-01-06 01:45:51 AM  

they are making light of a serious situation. Do you want me to hold your hand while we read it again?

Your kidding right? She was drunk driving, if your looking for someone to give pity too this is not the person.

No I dont want to hold your hand. Id rather not smell like masterbatory lotion.
2005-01-06 01:45:54 AM  
was Harrison Ford seen leaving the area?
2005-01-06 02:11:15 AM  
pinksugarmusic: Do you want me to hold your hand while we read it again?

Too too friggin funny!
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