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(MSNBC)   Krispy Kreme padded its sales, nations butts   ( msnbc.msn.com) divider line
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2005-01-04 11:50:16 AM  
Let me be the first to say that KK donuts really, really suck. They're like a glocose tolerance test wrapped around a ringlike sponge full of old grease.
2005-01-04 11:54:15 AM  
..."glucose" tolerance, rather. You get my point.

/damn lack of typing skills
2005-01-04 11:59:03 AM  
This has been a long time coming.
2005-01-04 11:59:17 AM  
I've yet to try a Krispy Kream donut because there are always 5000 morons in line.
2005-01-04 11:59:38 AM  
I do like the donuts though.
2005-01-04 12:00:17 PM  
[image from stanford.edu too old to be available]

America's Most Wanted
2005-01-04 12:01:18 PM  
Krispy Kreme donuts are terrible anyways. They're only good for filling up trash cans.
2005-01-04 12:02:25 PM  
Uh-oh! Sounds like we have a cranky diabetic on our hands, doctor! Quick, we need 200cc of Sunshine, Smiles and Rainbows for him- stat!
2005-01-04 12:03:05 PM  
I guess I'll be the first to say that the donuts taste good, to me, but they're WAY overpriced. I can get an equally good donut at my local grocery store bakery cheaper.
2005-01-04 12:03:16 PM  
I can eat five in 23 seconds.

\has too much free time and friends that like eating contests
2005-01-04 12:04:11 PM  
Nice handle there Fell In Love With a Chair

//tried KK donut, prefer Dunkin Donuts
2005-01-04 12:04:12 PM  
Nope, no Krispy Kreme on this butt.

[image from gamespy.com too old to be available]
2005-01-04 12:04:18 PM  
We had one KK store open up here in my city in Ontario Canada. It opened among huge buzz and very long lines. Tim Horton's donut/coffee chain reigns supreme over here (dotted with Starbuck's now, but mostly the trendy college crowd goes to them) so when we got one it was pretty big news. I remember it opening just before Christmas last year, because our office was overflowing with their donuts.

It closed last week. From what I hear, KK is pulling out of Canada almost entirely. I have to admit, in this day and age, making such a high fat product is pretty risky. Their coffee was average at best, but I thought their donuts were ok, providing they were still warm. But they always gave me a tummy ache.
2005-01-04 12:04:25 PM  
Fortunately, we "shorted" the shiat out of this stock, and have done quite well ...

Anyway, what's the fascination with KK? People line up days before they open a new one in some cases, especially those who really don't need another farkin' doughnut ...
2005-01-04 12:05:56 PM  
I like them when they are hot... or rewarmed for 8 seconds in the microwave. If I want a donut with sprinkles or some other shiat i'll just go to Dunkin' Donuts.

[image from art.half.ebay.com too old to be available]
2005-01-04 12:06:05 PM  
Anyway, what's the fascination with KK? People line up days before they open a new one in some cases, especially those who really don't need another farkin' doughnut .../

When your life is food, these things are your highlights. Speaking of food, where the heck is my lunch date. Darn girl got herself stuck in another meeting I bet.
2005-01-04 12:06:43 PM  
I guess they just havent been making the dough they used to.
2005-01-04 12:06:53 PM  
Good. That's what they get for coming to New England and trying to challenge Dunkin' Donuts. You don't fark with the Dunkin'.

And the croissants sandwiches at Dunkin's rule.

I heard in a gambit to increase their market share, Krispies will take one of their over sugary donuts, and stick it to the top of many Boston Cabs as an advertisement.

2005-01-04 12:07:50 PM  
KK makes DOUGnuts?!
2005-01-04 12:08:15 PM  
I think they taste like week old ass, but Adam Smith likes them!
2005-01-04 12:08:16 PM  
cooper: From what I hear, KK is pulling out of Canada almost entirely.

Can we get Denny's to do the same?
2005-01-04 12:09:55 PM  
ive lost over $5K in KKD...someones gotta die!
2005-01-04 12:11:18 PM  
Deep-fried Sugar Bombs.

Loves my beignets. There's a touch of sweetnes in the dough, and you can control how much powdered sugar you put on 'em. Usually chase 'em with piping hot Cafe au Lait, unless it's Mardi Gras. Then the chaser is beer or Bloody Mary.

Yum yum.

Laissez les Bon Temps Roule, cher!
2005-01-04 12:11:48 PM  
Thanks forcebender, yours is way more creative than mine, though. =D

I enjoy the Dunkin Donuts doughnuts more for the fact that there's 66 shops in all of Providence (where i work), and therefore more accesible. But I bet a hot KK donut, instead of the cold, semi-nasty ones at KK, would be at least a match for it.

But not those doughnuts with the handles on em. Can't beat that.
2005-01-04 12:11:59 PM  
Krispy Kreme can keep its crappy doughnuts. (Dognutz)
2005-01-04 12:12:30 PM  
Can we get Denny's to do the same?

There's no Denny's around where I am!
/is sad *tear*
2005-01-04 12:13:10 PM  
In my mind, Krispy Kreme can do no wrong. God bless you, Krispy Kreme. All is forgiven.
2005-01-04 12:13:47 PM  

I submitted this exact same article with almost the same exact headline, and did it get posted? NO.

2005-01-04 12:14:39 PM  
Maybe the ad execs over at KK can put magnetized donuts on top of NYC cabs or something
2005-01-04 12:14:40 PM  
cooper: There's no Denny's around where I am!
/is sad *tear*

Shudder!!! I stopped in at one off the 401 in Kingston.
The food reminded me of the cafeteria at an old folk's home.

The place smelled the same, too.
2005-01-04 12:16:31 PM  
cooper: From what I hear, KK is pulling out of Canada almost entirely.
Can we get Denny's to do the same?

Right farking on.

/Fell In Love With a Chair: My pancreas is fine, thanks. KK's donuts, however, still suck ass.
2005-01-04 12:17:05 PM  
Post your headline and us fark-liters can talk about wether it's the TF conspiracy or not. Unless I dig up $5 or get sponsored, then I'll laugh at you and conspire to make sure -liters don't get their links posted.

Mmmmm.... sponsorship...
2005-01-04 12:18:33 PM  
Well adman12...now what'll I do with this syringe full of happiness?
2005-01-04 12:19:47 PM  

I'm wondering who was nuts enough to hold Krispy Kreme stock through the Atkin's craze.
2005-01-04 12:23:20 PM  
Anyway, what's the fascination with KK?

Wait till Potbelly Sandwiches goes public (they have no plan to...yet). In short...BANG. Ever been in one of those during lunch hour? Holy Christ.
2005-01-04 12:24:05 PM  
KK is the classic example of a company putting marketing ahead of product. They make a big marketing splash whenever they enter a new market, people line up for hours, and they get tons of free publicity.

Their glazed donuts are great when the "hot doughnuts now" sign is on, but become a lump of greasy sugar once they cool. Still, this doesn't keep their marketing geniuses from packaging them and selling them in every grocery store in the market. People, accustomed to great hot doughnuts, expect the same thing when they buy the store-boxed version and quickly become disenchanted, leading to declining sales in their own doughnut shops and inevitably the (quiet) announcement that they are pulling their doughnut stores out of the market.

I've seen this scenario in two cities where I've lived. Look for it soon in a town near you.
2005-01-04 12:29:14 PM  
I ate my first KK the day i broke up with a boyfriend years ago, and because of nerves... and the disgusting sugar levels, I lost it later. Since then... the THOUGHT alone is enough to make me feel ill...

Anyone who can eat these and keep them down... I'm in awe of, and a little grossed out over.
2005-01-04 12:30:20 PM  
forcebender: Speaking of food, where the heck is my lunch date. Darn girl got herself stuck in another meeting I bet.

Way to go buddy! You actually managed to fit the fact that you have a "lunch date" into a discussion where no one could possibly need to know. At least the people on the internet now know you are capable of getting a lunch date...if that's what you were going for.

[image from ctownnews.com too old to be available]

Don't be jealous just because I've been on the internet talking to babes all day long.
2005-01-04 12:30:42 PM  

I knew you had to be in Chi when you said Potbelly - of course they might be in other places too...
2005-01-04 12:33:10 PM  
The best thing Krispy Kreame ever did for me was fire me (not being nice: Promised full time hours on the midnight shift given 15 hours midnights, complained, fired) , I had my own home buisness withen six months of leaving KK and now that the store is closing I feel I have the last laugh.

also I find it incredbly offensive that they call their workers the Krispy Kreame Krew (KKK for short).
2005-01-04 12:34:07 PM  
It's a freaking donut. How can anyone be surprised about this? How much can you sell a donut for these days anyway? It's not like this donut gave you orgasms or made you skinny.

And in my opinion it wasn't even a really good donut. All I ever see people eating are those boring glazed grease bombs. They can blame low carb diets all they want to, but it doesn't change the fact that they have an un-original product that was fueled by marketting dollars until they oversaturated themselves.
2005-01-04 12:34:50 PM  

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce
2005-01-04 12:35:28 PM  
Maybe it's my Left Coast background talking...but I've never liked the taste of Dunkin' Donuts. This is a sad day for donut lovers everywhere. :(
2005-01-04 12:36:59 PM  

Excellent call. There's nothing quite like stumbling into Cafe Du Monde after a hard night of drinking in the quarter and sobering up over beignets and cafe au lait while you watch the sun come up on the levee. You just have to get out before the stench from bourbon hits...
2005-01-04 12:37:26 PM  
Mine was: "Krispy Kreme pads sales, customers."
2005-01-04 12:43:56 PM  
And a former sales manager at a Krispy Kreme plant in Ravenna, Ohio, said a regional manager ordered that customers be sent double orders on the last Friday and Saturday of the 2004 fiscal year...the doughnuts would be returned for credit the following week once fiscal 2005 was under way.

LOL. This thing reads like an "Intro to Ethics" case study. This is the oldest trick in the book. How could such a high profile company under so much scrutiny expect to pull this stunt off?
2005-01-04 12:44:03 PM  

yours is correct form.
2005-01-04 12:44:09 PM  
TwistedFark: it doesn't change the fact that they have an un-original product that was fueled by marketting dollars until they oversaturated themselves.

No pun intended?

The thing that Krispy Kreme had going for them was a certain mystique.

No TV ads, very few print ads, just word of mouth about a somewhat rare commodity. I remember people coming back from conferences and the first thing they'd tell you is that they had Krispy Kreme donuts every morning! When a store opened up 30 miles away, people in my neighborhood drove there. The newspapers were running front page stories about them.

Now that the donuts are on the shelves in Wal-Mart and the grocery stores, people aren't so interested in them. Trouble is, they can't go back to the way it was, because they've let the cat out of the bag.
2005-01-04 12:45:49 PM  
I've tried Krispy Kreme, but Yum Yum remains my favorite. Nothing beats their blueberry donuts.
2005-01-04 12:48:27 PM  
They cook the books, pad their sales and don't pay their employees. If they don't screw you out of work in the first place.

I worked at the KK in my hometown this past summer. I was going to work in production getting paid 8 bucks an hour. Then, the guy I was supposed to replace decided he didn't want to quit, so I was taken off of the schedule for almost a month. When they did put me on the sched, they put me in a position that only paid 7 bucks an hour, after I had left a job pulling 7.50.

Two months of hellish working conditions and little to no respect from the management later, I went back to school in a town where there is no KK (thank deity here). I went back for two days in mid-October to make some cash there, and I never got paid for it. After constant badgering on a weekly basis on my part, I find out that they lost my paperwork. For the second time. I finally got fed up and called the corporate offices and they immediately mailed me my paycheck.

Still, it could've been avoided if they had paid me like they were supposed to the week after I worked.

Oh, and those sugary grease bombs suck a donkey's...you know. Plus, for those out there who haven't seen it, before being applied to the doughnuts, KK's glaze has the consistency of human semen. Just imaging that whenever you see the hot light on.
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