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2004-12-31 01:30:25 AM  
so much death lately...
2004-12-31 01:31:01 AM  
2004-12-31 01:31:47 AM  
well, you know, the "fashionable" death that makes it on the news.
2004-12-31 01:32:27 AM  
2004-12-31 01:33:48 AM  
i swear every time i log onto fark people die... maybe i've got some crazy death power...that or it's just a lot of death lately...i'm going to bed now, I hope I wake up in the morning.. i was supposed to score in the morning
2004-12-31 01:34:24 AM  

ya beat me to it.

hey there were over 5k people in there when it started. 134 dead is pretty good evac #'s imo.
2004-12-31 01:35:09 AM  
5,000 people in the damn club? It's horrible, but they should really consider taking some precautions, namely not allowing 5,000 in the damn club.
2004-12-31 01:35:45 AM  
5,000 people, I mean.
2004-12-31 01:36:49 AM  
this year just does not want to end w/o tragedies.

/"fire in the disco, fire in the disco, fire in the - taco bell"
2004-12-31 01:36:50 AM  
Water, fire.. whats next?
2004-12-31 01:36:59 AM  
Building codes aren't a bad thing. These other countries should pick up on some of them, like maximum occupancy limitations. It always seems like these fires in countries outside the US always kill a ton of people. They must stand there and watch it.
2004-12-31 01:39:02 AM  
Stand back, Buenos Aires.
2004-12-31 01:42:16 AM  
To be quite serious, this really does suck, but I bet nothing will change. Remember when the Great White thing happened, everyone talked about the changes to come in small clubs, but nothing really happened. I would also like to add that this not a very informative story.
2004-12-31 01:42:23 AM  
Or Something like that
2004-12-31 01:43:35 AM  
Guess it's Mother Nature's time of the month?
2004-12-31 01:43:58 AM  
is it just me, or is oil and natural gas maybe needed below the ground? I mean - its there for a reason.... the more we mine it the more we kill the planet
2004-12-31 01:43:59 AM  
2004-12-31 01:44:26 AM  
M-G, I think the mods and admins are not digging the tasteless and Great White related comments, I should know (they deleted two of my posts).
2004-12-31 01:44:43 AM  
Actually, a lot DID happen in Rhode Island after the nightclub fire. Most clubs in the state were forced to get sprinkler systems by a certain date and alarms that tie in to the local fire department.
2004-12-31 01:45:51 AM  
Tsunamis, Jerry Orbach, now this. What the fark is happening, get me off this planet please, i don't want to know this shiat is going on.

Way too depressed for NYE.
2004-12-31 01:46:26 AM  
I'm going to start collecting money. Ok, who'll donate?
2004-12-31 01:46:35 AM  

Actually, a lot DID happen in Rhode Island after the nightclub fire. Most clubs in the state were forced to get sprinkler systems by a certain date and alarms that tie in to the local fire department.

Sorry for my ignorance about RI and such, but I should say that the media acted like this was going to be a national type deal. Damn that liberal media.
2004-12-31 01:46:40 AM  
Is it 2005 somewhere yet?
2004-12-31 01:47:49 AM  
I think in this thread we need people to be funny and distract from all the depressing shiat happening around us. Cheer me the fark up, people.
2004-12-31 01:50:52 AM  
not 2005 yet:
2004-12-31 01:51:47 AM  
John Goodman is the next to go. You heard it here first.
2004-12-31 01:52:32 AM  
Anyone remember that Duran Duran song "Sin of the City"? If you do, keep it to yourself :-)
2004-12-31 01:53:29 AM  
Call me desensitized, but i'm no longer impressed with disasters unless the death toll tops 100K.
2004-12-31 01:53:39 AM  
2004 has sucked ass. I always disliked even numbered years.
2004-12-31 01:56:26 AM  
Ugh, I just read about this... that was my biggest fear going to all the crowded, little-venue shows I used to attend. You get into the habit of looking for a exit to hit just in case, and usually, there's no way you can see the stage and be by an exit you could reach without being trampled / dying of smoke inhalation at the same time.

Hell, I've been crushed/almost suffocated at an outdoor show, and that was hellish enough. I can't imagine what this must've been like. Or rather, don't really want to.

/no pyrotechnics at indie rock shows, though. Generally.
2004-12-31 01:58:39 AM  

You're sucking around for a friendly blast of 48 hour bannination.

Drop it
2004-12-31 02:00:14 AM  
Yeah, little venues are hell.

I live in Seattle, we have a little venue called Graceland, lemme tell ya, if a fire broke out there, not one man would live.
2004-12-31 02:02:15 AM  
Are you sure that it wasn't a bug meteor?
2004-12-31 02:05:32 AM  
Oh yeah, WHAT did ever happen to that 2029 asteroid that is supposed to hit us? Well, the one with a 1 in 45 chance, anyways... anyone?
2004-12-31 02:05:41 AM  

I think the mods and admins are not digging the tasteless and Great White related comments, I should know (they deleted two of my posts).

So it would seem. You'd think it would save everyone involved a lot of time if they just put a note at the top saying that they're gonna yank 'em.
2004-12-31 02:06:50 AM  
I think 2004 has been the year to finally teach networks and cable channels not to do their big "Year in Review" specials in early December. As soon as they all aired, WHAM - we had the Dimebag thing, 14,000+ killed by a Tsunami, and now this.
2004-12-31 02:07:19 AM  
What's next? Sheeesh.
2004-12-31 02:07:23 AM  

Oh yeah, WHAT did ever happen to that 2029 asteroid that is supposed to hit us? Well, the one with a 1 in 45 chance, anyways... anyone?

They kept revising the odds to the point where it's not a big deal. If you happen to have tinfoil headgear, they just did it to keep everyone calm, and we're actually gonna get creamed by it...
2004-12-31 02:07:53 AM  
It's a 1-300 chance.

I'm just going to continue to poison my body with cigarettes and alcohol and beat the astoroid to the punch. Haha, asteroid! Thought you could get to me first!

/ahh, nevermind.
2004-12-31 02:08:40 AM  
What was that place in Cicago that burned down last century? The coconut club or something like that? It seem that the folks in Aires have learned a thing or two about evactuation.

I also seem to remeber that they have had very bad fires in the past.
2004-12-31 02:11:57 AM  
google "argentina fire"

Club was full of teenagers.
Somebody shot a flare into the ceiling.
(Smoke on the water/fire in the sky)

/Lost a tech brother in RI.
//fearful I may have lost another
2004-12-31 02:13:27 AM  
M-G: Thanks for the asteroid update... I was so looking forward to something in the year 2029, but oh well now! lol
2004-12-31 02:17:01 AM  
Man, this sucks.

/Mother Nature just getting back at us?
2004-12-31 02:20:18 AM  
reno77: Water, fire.. whats next?

earthquake and tornado
2004-12-31 02:22:52 AM  
Incidentally, my old business was directly next door to the E2 nightclub. Terrible.
2004-12-31 02:26:27 AM  

Ah... you do know what causes tsunamis, right?

Just checkin'.
2004-12-31 02:28:01 AM  
Major United States Nightclub Fires

The Great Chicago Fire 1871 Chicago 300 lives lost
The Great Peshtigo Fire 1871 Wisconsin 1500 lives lost
Cocoanut Grove Night Club 1942 Boston 492 lives lost
Beverly Hills Supper Club 1977 Kentucky 167 lives lost
The Station Night Club 2003 Rhode Island 100 lives lost

wow, 1500.
2004-12-31 02:29:43 AM  
Unfortunately, "at least" is the key phrase in this story. 5,000 people in a club & it catches fire. There are likely way more than 134 dead in this one. Probably by a factor of 10.
2004-12-31 02:30:31 AM  
Brodan: I'm in the suburbs of Chicago near Woodfield Mall. The E2 nightclub thing was that nightclub on the South Side right; someone sprayed mace and 22 people died trying to get out...? They all clogged this 2 story stairway and literally, people were one on top another since the actual exit was small and some of the large patrons (I'd say 200-300lb women, for real) were the actual clog.
2004-12-31 02:31:19 AM  
So is anyone else feeling kinda numb to tragedy right now? Not in a "I don't care" kind of way, but a "this is way too much" kind of way?
2004-12-31 02:34:08 AM  
I'm suprized something like this but a smaller magnitude hasn't happened here in Tampa. There are hundreds of clubs filled with thousands of idiots.
2004-12-31 02:34:12 AM  
134 is about 0.03% of the people that are probably dead from the tsunami, so I can understand why this thread is relatively lifeless compared to the tsunami threads.
2004-12-31 02:34:36 AM  
StreetlightInTheGhetto: you do know what causes tsunamis, right?

Tornados? :P

I was going for the 4 elements angle (earth, wind, water, and fire). Technically, it was the water that caused the deaths, not the earthquake.
2004-12-31 02:35:17 AM  

That's the one.
2004-12-31 02:36:03 AM  
Earth, wind, water, fire?
Landslides and hurricaines!

Y'know, it's shiat like this that makes me hate overcrowded clubs. I don't care if I'm getting ground upon by some foxy girl, it's not like I have a quiet corner in the club to take her anyway.
2004-12-31 02:36:03 AM  
I declare December 31 "World stop dying day!"

Oh... crap!
2004-12-31 02:36:21 AM  
screw it, from now on i'm dancin' on the ceilin'
2004-12-31 02:43:19 AM  
As a Rhode Islander, I can tell you that while there is legislation mandating that all the clubs have to get sprinklers installed by July, they've all put it off to the last minute, and now its been reported that there simply aren't enough qualified installers in the state and surrounding region to sprinklerize all the clubs in time.
Sooooo....we're either gonna have a lot of half-@$$ed sprinklers in the clubs (like the cheap insulation job that started the whole thing) or the legislators are gonna fold or....and this is a real long-shot, there's gonna be a lot of closed venues in RI for the latter half of 2005.

Good luck to the people in Buenos Aires. I really hope the ead/injured count doesn't keep going up.
2004-12-31 02:49:25 AM  
fire,tsunami,asteroid.... MARTHA STEWART??????? what's next....one of these 3 will kill us all! I'm betting on Martha...
2004-12-31 02:50:04 AM  
LOL...4 i meant...wow...im tired and its late....i can't count...roflmao...sri...
2004-12-31 02:50:07 AM  

[image from img155.exs.cx too old to be available]

Dance in the streets!
2004-12-31 02:51:28 AM  
Next big news media hypejob: Your child WILL DIE by going to rock concerts! Danger! I'm surprised it hasn't happened already with the Great White and Damageplan incidents.
2004-12-31 02:53:31 AM  
Yes of course..it's the media.
2004-12-31 02:57:40 AM  
2004-12-31 03:02:08 AM  
Thanks man! Updated.
2004-12-31 03:03:47 AM  
JihadJoe: Didn't we have a volcanic eruption? That'd be earth for ya.

All we need is a hurricane, series of tornadoes, or a big thunderstorm or something, and I'd say we have some high quality signs of some apocalypse or another.
2004-12-31 03:10:26 AM  
2004-12-31 03:03:47 AM Prime
I'd say for a volcano explosion to really count, it needs to be some cool mountain that will kill alot of people... like Mount-near-Seattle, whatever it is called. Or have the crater that Mexico City is in just all of a sudden open up. That would be totally farked and ridiculously awesome, all at the same time.
2004-12-31 03:11:53 AM  
Nightclub worker, should be featured in the top 10 most dangerous jobs. All the fires, and shootings that have happened in the past couple of years make me glad I don't work in clubs anymore.
2004-12-31 03:17:44 AM  
So many dead, so many, what a pity.
2004-12-31 03:18:27 AM  
Well, that settles it: Mount St. Helens is gonna blow now and annihilate the entire state of Washington. It's the countdown to doomsday!

May the bastards who packed 5000 people into a club have their genitals infested with the fleas of a million camels!
2004-12-31 03:22:53 AM  
"And so this is Christmas...and a happy new year...let's hope it's a good one...without any fear..."
2004-12-31 04:00:53 AM  
Someone come out and say WHY you are deleting random seemingly harmless comments from this thread. INCLUDING the ones which are commenting on all the deletions.

This news is terrible. Soon some fundamentalist christians are going to say this is God's punishment for all our sins of some kind (gay marriage, being muslim, etc).
2004-12-31 04:14:18 AM  
Psh. Amateurs.
2004-12-31 04:19:05 AM  
Hurricanes, Every raging war, tsunami, fire, death, death, death.....

This is the closing for the year of the monkey. Anyone else besides me tired of it flinging its poo at us?

/I, for one, did not taunt dynamite monkey.
2004-12-31 04:19:42 AM  
I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us that the Earth is full.

//i bet this story will be fogotten in 48hrs.
2004-12-31 04:26:43 AM  
who the hell shoots a flare inside of a crowded nightclub anyway?
2004-12-31 04:41:40 AM  
Just remember, aside from idiots with Pyrotechnics... if you think things like this don't happen here, you would be Dead Wrong (pops)
2004-12-31 04:51:03 AM  
The delete toll will be up to 15,000 by morning, if current trends continue.
2004-12-31 04:58:37 AM  
Caliburn: The delete toll will be up to 15,000 by morning, if current trends continue.

hahaha i gotta end it on that one. g'night everyone, and happy new year. here's to less tragedies and more boobies in '05.
2004-12-31 06:06:43 AM  
what a tragedy! The nightclub's full capacity was rated at AT LEAST 300.

/Brazilians hate argentinians
//going to hell
2004-12-31 06:33:31 AM  
"People were pushing and jumping over each other trying to get out," one concert-goer, Jose Maria Godoy, told The Associated Press. "It was like a human wave. As people fell down running for the door, others just simply ran over them or pushed them down."

Bunch of animals, I tell you. Don't they have fire drills in Argentinian schools? You'd think people would learn the basics in life like Getting Out Of A Building 101.
2004-12-31 06:58:35 AM  
Only 174 huh?
I'm sorry but you're going to have to do a little better than that.

I'm not satisfied til I'm so desensitized by the media that I can shrug off a half a million dead people.
2004-12-31 07:08:56 AM  
Grande Blanco Sur Americano gira 2004
2004-12-31 08:09:48 AM  
SHADOW BLASKO, my parents were there that night at beverly hills, luckily, they were among the first ones out
2004-12-31 08:11:51 AM  
Whew, I just got back from Buenos Aires a week ago...didn't happen to go by this particular venue while I was there but my jaw dropped when I read the headline.

/Hopes the Argentenian friends he made are ok
2004-12-31 08:28:06 AM  
Floods, Fires, Famines... Bring on the insects!
2004-12-31 08:33:57 AM  
Nowadays I don't start to pay attention until at least 100,000 die.
2004-12-31 08:37:27 AM  
2004-12-31 01:36:50 AM reno77

Water, fire.. whats next?

Tomorrow: tornado kills 10,000!
2004-12-31 09:00:52 AM  
This sucks.. I have a coworker that lives BA. Hope she's ok.

The shiatty thing is that they wired all of the emergency exits closed so people wouldn't get in. I think the owners and managers ought to be looking at 174 murder charges.
2004-12-31 09:03:23 AM  

a bug meteor? would that be a really farking huge outer-space insect, or a large meteor made up of small outer-space insects?
2004-12-31 09:14:01 AM  
2004-12-31 09:17:20 AM  

I think I've just heard the last cuckoo of 2004
2004-12-31 09:20:58 AM  
Did this have anything to do with the fact that the patrons were there to see the Argentine '80s arena rock superstars El Gran Blanco?
2004-12-31 09:30:20 AM  
How long will it take for someone to blame Bush for this?
2004-12-31 09:33:12 AM  
Don't cry for Argentina...

/any coincidence that "evita" is the imperative form of "avoid"?
2004-12-31 09:35:26 AM  
Everyone. Please. It is not the end of the world. People die every day. In fires and earthquakes and tornados and such. It has been going on for all the years that humans have been alive. Not to downplay the tragedy, but stuff like this has been going on for a long long time and humans being humans it will continue to happen.
2004-12-31 09:39:59 AM  
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

/can't believe it hasn't been said yet
2004-12-31 09:44:54 AM  
NikolaiFarkoff :

/see above, beat you to it
2004-12-31 09:45:04 AM  
"Someone from the crowd tossed a flare and there were immediately flames," said Fabian Zamudeo, a 22-year-old in the crowd to see the Argentine rock band, Los Callejeros.

...who until recently were known as Blanco Grande.
2004-12-31 09:46:12 AM  
NikolaiFarkoff wins.
2004-12-31 09:46:59 AM  
Me mind on fire, me soul on fire, feelin' HOT HOT HOT!
2004-12-31 09:54:59 AM  
Is Great White back on tour again?
2004-12-31 09:55:59 AM  
At first I thought it read 'nighclub fight'.
2004-12-31 10:00:24 AM  
we're due for locusts any minute now
2004-12-31 10:10:58 AM  
Not to be a sick bastard, but did anyone else have "Disco Inferno" pop into their heads as well?
2004-12-31 10:13:11 AM  
population control...

/Just Kidding <-added so Nazi Mods know I'm not trolling....
2004-12-31 10:33:06 AM  
[image from img132.exs.cx too old to be available]
This is Mike "The Doctor" Gonsalves who died in the Station Fire. He was the best damn metal DJ in the Northeast. He's spinning righteous metal for the headbanger kids on the other side.
2004-12-31 10:33:59 AM  
Hurricanes - Wind: Check
Tsunami - Water: Check
Nightclub - Fire: Check
Earthquake - Earth: Check

Let's all hope this man:
[image from icybrian.com too old to be available]
Doesn't summon meteor to round out the year.

/sorry, just got off of a 3 day Final Fantasy VII binge.
//Beat Emerald Weapon with one shot suckas!
2004-12-31 10:42:21 AM  
traces of bug plasma were found at the scene.

[image from shadowspawn.net too old to be available]

unavailable for comment.
2004-12-31 11:17:00 AM  
Does anyone know where I can find a death list, for the club?
2004-12-31 11:17:41 AM  
/Just Kidding

I thought that would help too and they still deleted my post ...
2004-12-31 11:45:57 AM  
clown-penis.fart: /can't believe it hasn't been said yet

il Dottore beat ya to it
2004-12-31 11:50:26 AM  
Most of the exits were locked shut. Geez did these guys not learn ANYTHING? Oh boo hoo a couple of people sneak in. THe place was friggen packed, you wouldn't have lost much.

Locked doors + over crowding + flair = disaster
2004-12-31 12:17:51 PM  
"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don't need no water, let the...hey wait a minute."
2004-12-31 12:34:06 PM  
For those about to rock, we saute you!
2004-12-31 12:51:33 PM  
Locked doors + over crowding + flair = disaster

Peter Gibbons: Doesn't it bother you that you have to get up in the morning and you have to put on a bunch of pieces of flair?
Joanna: Yeah, but I'm not about to go in and start taking money from the register.
Peter Gibbons: Well, maybe you should. You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair that they made the Jews wear.
2004-12-31 12:55:01 PM  
that's the last time i play poker with Tarot cards.
2004-12-31 03:10:06 PM  
Aaand this JUST hits MSN now.
2004-12-31 03:18:11 PM  
"Tragedy strikes Buenos Aires, would you like to know more?"
(Therealshadowspawn beat me to it)
2004-12-31 03:37:15 PM  
The article is poorly written, the doors were locked shut at the market in Asuncion where 300 people died this past August.

/wonders why so many people want to believe an Argentine nightclub owner would do something like that.
2004-12-31 03:56:12 PM  
How come every time I read a story like this, it says people died "scrambling for emergency exits"? Isn't that a good hint that maybe these kinds of places should rethink what they consider to be effective "emergency exits"?
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