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(AZCentral)   After pulling out two weeks ago, Big Unit may be inserted into Yankee rotation this week   ( divider line
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2004-12-30 08:13:16 AM  
Duke sucks.
2004-12-30 08:13:18 AM  
'Wish my unit rotated...
2004-12-30 08:14:00 AM  
Premature D-backulation?
2004-12-30 08:18:46 AM  
Birds flying around Yankee Stadium shudder in fear, crap on something...
2004-12-30 08:21:55 AM  
baseball...better than NyQuil.
2004-12-30 08:33:14 AM  
There is no Freudian Slips in this article.

Nope, none at all
2004-12-30 08:40:29 AM  
*sigh*....time to distract the big guy once again...

[image from too old to be available]

And thus, too subtle?
- - - George, The 7th Chicken!!!!
2004-12-30 08:51:36 AM  
...Derek Jeter goes to depression counseling once he discovers "Big Unit" refers to a new pitching acquisition...
2004-12-30 08:55:25 AM  
Nice work, submitter.

He's going to take the mound.
2004-12-30 09:10:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oh yeah, you like that?
2004-12-30 09:24:19 AM  
I would just like to take this moment to thank the submitter for causing a spit-take with hot coffee on my monitor this morning.


/Now I can go RTFA
2004-12-30 09:53:14 AM  
glad they filled the hole in their pitching lineup. His ability to ram it down the throat of batters will make him an ass-et.

But he is most famous for his fast ball.

/thinks these were probably all made in previous posts.
2004-12-30 10:02:36 AM  
2004-12-30 10:14:37 AM  
He will now be morphed from the Best Pitcher in the NL last year to Chan Ho Park by every Boston fan that enters the thread.
2004-12-30 10:14:50 AM  
We got the Big Unit, he's one helluva good Johnson, and, once we get into the hardcore, he's going to perform ten times better then A-Rod.

/Theres no phallic reference anyone on this thread.
//Go Yankees.
2004-12-30 10:15:47 AM  
Because big unit means big weenie

You people are so FUNNY
2004-12-30 10:20:40 AM  
I'm trying very hard to say this from an unbiased perspective (I'm a Sox fan)

but i REALLY hope the Yanks dont get him and/or Beltran, but if they do, i want the team to suck. i want baseball to see that u can't buy a championship (ignore the Marlins from a few years back). i know my Sox have a huge payroll too.

if anyone wins it, i want it to be a small-market team, a hometown team, a team that didnt buy the victories.

if youre a fan of the 20 or so teams in baseball that have no chance now, 5 years past and 5 years in the future, what do u tell your fans?

"we will develop great players from our farm system.. and hopefully not lose them to the big market teams"? baseball sucks in its current setup.

any team that tries to buy all the best players deserves to lose in a big way.
2004-12-30 10:25:50 AM  
Big Unit is a great pitcher. But I expect the Yankees to lose in the first round of the playoffs this year.

Also, Vazquez can be traded to Baltimore and maybe, just maybe they will have a decent starting pitcher.

Ponson is fat... I hope he enjoys prison.
2004-12-30 10:26:31 AM  
F'n Yankees. Two words: Salary Cap. The luxury tax is BS.
2004-12-30 10:27:15 AM  
...into Yankee rotation this week

Um, does anybody here realize there IS no rotation this week?

Unless the baseball season schedule underwent some drastic change I was unaware of in the last month or so...
2004-12-30 10:50:33 AM  
Is this "Derek Jeter is gay" thing just you farkers being smarmy or is the guy actually gay? Inquiring minds want to know.
2004-12-30 11:16:09 AM  
well, our beloved Sox might have a high payroll, but at least it is going to be more inline with the rest of the league this year(around 120-125 million) and not able to pay for the 10 lowest paying teams, like some certian other team who is going to have it approaching 200+ million.

Hell, any Yankee fan that says anything about the Sox payroll just needs to look at the fact that the current ownership inherited the 2nd highest paid player in baseball(Manny Ramirez), and as great as he is, they want to be rid of his contract, as they are trying to be more like a small ball team. And yes, I realize that you cannot be a small ball team with a 120 million dollar payroll, but they arent the A's, the Red Sox actually get people to go to their games, so they can afford to pay their players a little bit.
2004-12-30 11:33:04 AM  
Sounds like somebody's got a Randy Johnson.
2004-12-30 11:42:47 AM  
Steinbrenner (in deep voice): Randy... (heavy breathing) Come to the Dark Side....
Randy: No! No! I'll never join you!
Steinbrenner: Randy... (heavy breathing) I am your father...
2004-12-30 12:11:45 PM  
they have a big unit in a randy johnston AND an a-rod? wtf? I bet Steinbrenner makes a bid for Mike Okislong.
2004-12-30 12:15:22 PM  
I was really hoping that maybe winning the series would ease up some of the sox penis envy but it has apparently done nothing.

Some misconceptions:

1)Only 5 teams or so have a chance: 15 teams had a legit chance to make the playoffs this year very late in the season. They certainly would have to count in the having a chance catergory. How about the teams that Were thought to have a good chance then fell out of contention add in a few of those and you have close to 20 teams that at the first of the year could have a pretty good feeling about having a chance this year. Add in the teams that have been good or thought to be good the year before and in the last two years most teams have had a chance.

2) The yankees hurt baseball: If by hurt you mean make more money for the game than any other team. The Yankees put butts in seats on the road and viewers on TVs thats just a fact if you want to look up road attendances. The Yankees have help spread baseball to other countries. The teams that hurt baseball are the ones that don't put money back into their teams and nobody watches.

3) Derek Jeter is gay: If by Gay you mean dumped Miss universe, Dated Mariah Carey, is seen constantly with beautiful women.

4)Small Market Teams don't win: The sox set a record with the highest payroll to win the world series. Before them however it was the angels and Marlins, both of which at the time where small market teams.
2004-12-30 12:27:25 PM  
a conception:

1) yankees suck

/they're really pretty good, but it's fun to say.
2004-12-30 12:49:05 PM  
No more yankee my wankee.

I'm tired of the constant media false starts. Write the farking story when the trade is complete. Until then, go Phoenix Coyotes... er... um...

2004-12-30 02:06:37 PM  
good points brdlyson.

Maybe if I was not raised in the bronx, by a diehard yankee fan, I would not have become a yankee fan... rooting for a small market underdog would be more in line with my personality, for sure. However, I *WAS* so I *AM*

And really, whine all you want about the boss, but, he does what he can to win. And as a fan, thats all you can ask for, a guy who's willing to shell out the bucks, to bring a legit contender to the stadium every year. I'd much rather be 'ruining baseball' and be excited about the season every year, then be turned off by the Detroit Tigers or the Chicago White Sox, or any other perennial loser. Tose ARE the teams ruining baseball, because, their inability to compete...

You can say, that their inability to compete is due to the Yankees dominating the baseball economy, however, George is not the richest owner in baseball, even if he does have the richest marker: There are billionaires, and corporations, that own teams, and they could put more money into baseball if they wanted to... but they don't.

/I think I missed the point.
2004-12-30 02:16:53 PM  
Am I the only one that thinks that Randy Johnson is still just only 1 or 2 years from being completely and utterly done? He's still over 40 et al. . . I'd be amazed if he makes it through this season healthy.
2004-12-30 02:25:13 PM  

And really, whine all you want about the boss, but, he does what he can to win. And as a fan, thats all you can ask for, a guy who's willing to shell out the bucks, to bring a legit contender to the stadium every year. I'd much rather be 'ruining baseball' and be excited about the season every year, then be turned off by the Detroit Tigers or the Chicago White Sox, or any other perennial loser. Tose ARE the teams ruining baseball, because, their inability to compete...

How is it possible for these teams to compete if they can't afford to buy up all of the good players?
2004-12-30 02:39:13 PM  
The word is that they will probably go after Delgado instead of Beltran if they get Johnson.

And for the obligatory double entendre .... let me just predict that there will be many screams of ecstasy the first time the big unit digs into the mound.
2004-12-30 02:39:38 PM  
Free 'roids with every contract extension?
2004-12-30 02:41:52 PM  
ESPN is reporting that the deal is done and the paperwork sent, pending Bud Selig's approval.
2004-12-30 02:52:02 PM  
Other teams can compete by copying the system that the Yankees employed in order to win four championships from 1996 to 2000:

1. Develop a great farm system,
2. refuse to trade your best prospects,
3. make shrewd trades,
4. only acquire or retain those players with winning attitudes,
5. only spend big free agency money on keeping your own developed stars.

There is no need to buy up every single star on the market. The Yankees have abandoned the approach above for the one favored by the NY Rangers - just keep spending. This is why both teams are completely larded up with useless, aging players who have monstrous contracts.
2004-12-30 03:08:35 PM  
Higgy, what I'm saying is, they CAN afford them, they just choose not to. Some of them at least...
2004-12-30 03:45:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
The Milwaukee Brewers will win the next nine world series!
[image from too old to be available]
Oh, and the world will end in 2029, as well.
2004-12-30 04:54:33 PM  
Okay, fine. You don't trade the good prospects. Problem is, those prospects have a say too, and maybe they don't WANT to linger in futility if they figure they can do better. So they refuse to re-up with the team that drafted them, and the crappy team gets nothing for them.
2004-12-30 08:12:00 PM  
A letter to SI editor a couple of weeks back said it best: "Hey Boston, when are you going to stop acting like the little team that could and own up to what you really are: a deep-pocketed, big-market team, just like the Yankees." Here's to the Unit, championship number 27, and 86 more years of futility for the Red Sux. Go Yanks.
2004-12-31 12:04:47 AM  
Man. BOB will not be the same if AZ cannot win any games.
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