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(St. Petersburg Times)   Someone at FSU has concocted a parody map of the "new" campus, including the Bigfoot Institute, Crop Circle Simulation Lab, Dept. of ESP Studies   ( divider line
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2004-12-29 10:59:20 PM  
FSU is already a PARODY. Don't gild the lily.
2004-12-29 11:01:42 PM  
holy shiat that is hilarious

[image from too old to be available]

chiropractors are leeches
2004-12-30 12:07:08 AM  
OOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOO OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo
2004-12-30 12:09:23 AM  
I wanna go there. 4.0 here I come!
2004-12-30 12:09:39 AM  
That new school looks like a load of fun!
2004-12-30 12:10:27 AM  
Now they need to rename the school Fark Studies University and offer such popular courses as Boobies and Beer
2004-12-30 12:12:14 AM  
Chiropracting (chiropractitioning?) is quackery, plain & simple. Therapeutic massage and even yoga is truly therapeutic.

/Krack them bones!
2004-12-30 12:12:17 AM  
2004-12-30 12:12:33 AM  
This is an old map; the name of the Creationism Foundation has been changed to "Intelligent" Design Studies.
2004-12-30 12:12:41 AM  
does Duke still suck?
2004-12-30 12:16:38 AM  
am i missing something?

/not amused
2004-12-30 12:17:22 AM  
lucrative federal grants in alternative medicine

2004-12-30 12:17:32 AM  
They should add the Creationism Foundation. It would most likely get paid for by the Federal government with Bush there for the inauguration.
2004-12-30 12:17:34 AM  
Wow, that is funny. My favorites are Faith Healing and the Foundation for Prayer Healing Studies.
2004-12-30 12:17:35 AM  
"But some FSU faculty members are upset, too, fearing the school will shatter FSU's academic reputation. "

Too late...already the laughingstock of the state as it is.

2004-12-30 12:18:37 AM  
Drs. Raymond Stantz and Peter Venkman get another chance at funding.
2004-12-30 12:18:58 AM  
TheRising: am i missing something?

/not amused

A lame joke about an even lamer protest at a school I don't care about? Who wouldn't be amused?
2004-12-30 12:24:59 AM  
2004-12-30 12:27:38 AM  
Wait.. so FSU is a real college and not some joke institution people use in funny stories?
2004-12-30 12:28:31 AM  
Anyone else see those hats with "FU" written on them for "Florida University?" I always wanted to buy one.
2004-12-30 12:31:09 AM  
UFO Abduction?? Now that would be interesting!
2004-12-30 12:32:07 AM  
Go Gators!
2004-12-30 12:33:03 AM  
Hey! I take offense to the 'Remote Sensing' part of the 'School of Channeling' Obviously not Remote Sensing as in reading aerial photographs.

Map is full of type crashes. Obviously made by non-cartographers.

/i keed. Funny map!
2004-12-30 12:33:13 AM  
Funny thing is...where the put the chiropractic school is where my dorm is.

Salley Hall! W00t!
2004-12-30 12:33:58 AM  
If you want good shoes go to FSU,
if you want a good education go to UF.

2004-12-30 12:34:29 AM  
The Yeti foundation is my new dorm...Smith is ghetto though.
2004-12-30 12:35:37 AM  
...a Meeting of the Minds...

/Burt Reynolds surrenders
2004-12-30 12:37:05 AM  
With a nod to Dorf11

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-30 12:37:11 AM  
I was vacationing in Georgian once, and FSU had set up their practice circus in the area. Crazy stuff.
2004-12-30 12:37:14 AM  
On behalf of all the chiropractors out there, I'd like to say that... well, we *are* full of shiat and make a whole lot of money by twisting you into funny shapes.

Thanks for helping sending my kids to a private school.
2004-12-30 12:37:35 AM  
UF is...wretched. No offense but they only have a couple of better programs. And that's not by much.

Criminology is nationaly known at FSU and so is the theatre.

Plus, the people are opposed to UF where I can see up people's nostrils.
2004-12-30 12:38:28 AM  
Let me get this straight...some guy with an M.D. made this map and didn't put the School of Astrology near the Palmistry and Tarot buildings...also the Yeti Foundation should be a wing of the Bigfoot Institute...and man, Faith Healing and Prayer Healing...ESP and Remote Sensing...don't these people know anything about minimizing foot traffic???
2004-12-30 12:43:42 AM  

With the remote sensing class, you don't need to walk to the individual classes.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-30 12:45:35 AM  
Chiropracting (chiropractitioning?) is quackery, plain & simple. Therapeutic massage and even yoga is truly therapeutic.

/Krack them bones!

yeah, you keep on believing that. i guess the millions of people chiropractic works on are all lying, right?
2004-12-30 12:48:49 AM  

On behalf of all the chiropractors out there, I'd like to say that... well, we *are* full of shiat and make a whole lot of money by twisting you into funny shapes.

No shiat? I think I slipped a disk or something evil like that in my lower back last week (not that I know what I'm talking about but I can pretend) and was thinking about going to one since it's been painful to just walk at times but now I know better. :)
2004-12-30 12:49:50 AM  
I just use my Spine-O- Cylinder.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-30 12:51:02 AM  
ltb want to buy some pills? they're called placebos and they will cure absolutely anything that's wrong with you. Guess you've never heard of the scientific method, or having a control group, or double-blind testing procedures have you?
2004-12-30 12:51:26 AM  

Florida State! Florida State!! Florida State!!! WHOOOO!!!

/'94 BFA Film School Grad
//Had to wait a year for the diploma due to parking tix
///Rix Happens
2004-12-30 12:52:54 AM  
And we should make fun of any institution of higher learning? We should? And what does that make us? Funner makers? And that puts us 'where' in the evolutionary scale of evolution? Pretty close to zero. Where I am. And farkers exist. Thank god we do exist, I guess.
2004-12-30 01:00:19 AM  
Some people say chiropractic is a joke, but I would be in real trouble if I hadn't used it. I had a serious case of scoliosis and didn't know it until I went to a chiropractor after having some back pain.

If not for him, I'd probably have several ruptured discs right now. I'd most likely be taking heavy painkillers for the rest of my life, too.

The first thing he did was an x-ray, just like a "real" doctor. Then he proceeded to take the pressure off and loosen me up.

After a couple of weeks of treatment, I was able to lift more weight and stand up straighter than I ever had before, not to mention feeling better than ever. If I ever do have some discomfort, I usually get someone to crack my back and I feel fine.

I couldn't do much heavy lifting before, but now 50, 60 or even 80 pounds is easy. I actually did construction work until recently.
2004-12-30 01:01:54 AM  
2004-12-30 12:37:35 AM kinasylum

Let me guess, UF denied your application so you went to FSU instead?
2004-12-30 01:01:59 AM  
I went to FSU for one of my undergraduate degrees, and one of my Masters degrees. FSU is fine as far as state schools go.

However for a state school to endorse Chiropractic (Latin Chiro meaning beads, and practos meaning rattles) is nonsense. Chiropractic has remarkabley limited utility and calling Chiropractors doctor is laughable. Claims that hypercholesteremia is caused by a subluxation in the spine is patently absurd, but Chiropractors make up nonsense daily.

FSU just started its medical school and it will be putting that in jeopardy by adding this voodoo nonsense school.

For fun and intersting facts about Chiropractic see Quackwatch.

2004-12-30 01:05:13 AM  
So basically a bunch of pill-pushers are threatened by the school adding another source of revenue from a WIDELY accepted and well-documented beneficial alternative medical practice?

I guess their main concern is that FSU sucks and the chiropractors that graduate from there probably WOULD be crack-pots, along with all the other pot-smoking partiers that come out of that fess-pool of STDs and alcohol.
2004-12-30 01:08:42 AM  
digitalposer: WIDELY accepted and well-documented beneficial alternative medical practice

Widely accepted means that there's a lot of people taken in by snake oil salemen. And you're right, it is well-documented as a modern snake oil. Finally, if an "alternative" medicine is shown to work, then it becomes plain old MEDICINE.
2004-12-30 01:10:20 AM  
This thing will sink quickly if Kroto and Holton are opposed to it like the article says.
Holton= brought in $400 million to FSU through Taxol patents
Kroto= biggest hire FSU has had in years
/works for the FSU Chemistry Department
2004-12-30 01:10:32 AM  
mc frontalot

No...I'm majoring in theatre...UF was never a consideration for that very reason. Their drama program is worse than the best of Orlando high schools.
2004-12-30 01:10:58 AM  
WOC-AM surrenders?

/really, really obscure
2004-12-30 01:13:02 AM  
and the point is? Some people object to the premise that FSU or FU sucks? Some people, stand up for your rights, guaranteed under the US Constitution. Then accept the fact that learning is possible.
2004-12-30 01:13:54 AM  
chiropractors have helped me...

all I got to say about the subject!
2004-12-30 01:14:03 AM  
Holy crap! Where do I start?

First, as an alumnus of FSU (BA, 1971), this is just farked up. Once again, the dumb, shiat for brains Florida legislature is doing its best to wreck the best state university in Florida. With very few exceptions, chiropractic, or quackopractic as it is most often referred to in insurance claims, is just junk science, little removed from shamans and witch doctors. Just go check out sometime.

Second, the "Yeti Institute" on the map is, in reality, Smith Hall, which was my doem in my freshman and sophmore years. The poster above who claims to live there now and calls it a ghetto has no idea how bad it was in the late 1960's. Can you still stop the elevators betwen floors with the pencil trick?

Third, FSU still has an excellent academic program, regardless of the previous moronic posts.

Fourth, and just for fun, do any of the posters here who claim to be FSU students know the story of the "Jenney Murphrey rose"?
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