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(Chron)   Texas trying to get it's well-armed residents to stop shooting their guns in the air for New Years Eve   ( divider line
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6045 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2004 at 5:23 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-29 07:30:30 PM  
I grew up in Caleefornia and I would take Texas over that fruit loop state any day of the year. Texas is Real America and the snobs who look down at it wonder why they lost the election. Obviously they still don't get it.
2004-12-29 07:31:51 PM  
Texans are cool because they make the best presidents. Except for one.

/hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?
2004-12-29 07:33:24 PM  

Ummm. Did you miss that part where I said we don't care what you think? Texas isn't for everyone. No one is asking you to move here, but feel free. We have plenty of room.


You'd be suprised who is Texan. Dan Rather, Hudie (Leadbelly) Ledbetter, Janis Joplin, Beyonc, Carol Burnette, Eisenhower, Roy Orbison, Aaron Spelling, Meatloaf, Tommy Lee Jones, Lance Armstrong, Morgan Fairchild, Farrah Fawcett, Steve Martin, Bill Moyers, Ginger Rogers, Patrick Swayze, Jaclyn Smith, Lee Trevino, Sissy Spacek, Joan Crawford, Gene Autry, Dennis and Randy Quaid, Mathew McCanehey(sp)

...just to name a few.
2004-12-29 07:33:46 PM  

I'm sure you had all you can get and wondered why the locals didn't partake. We don't fark livestock but whatever floats your boat.
2004-12-29 07:37:23 PM  

We look down at you for a reason. "Real America". LMAO.
2004-12-29 07:37:53 PM  
Wow, now there's a surprise. (not)

Texans are apparently the Arabs of America.
2004-12-29 07:38:10 PM  
It's even dumber with Texas because it's based on just being born there

It's not so much a birth thing as it is having been steeped in the culture your whole life. You are 'born and raised a Texan. Perhaps more akin to people who went to Ivy League schools.

... ummm... or people who went to Texas A&M, which is like being Texan on methamphetamynes.
2004-12-29 07:38:28 PM  
I obviously meant that people in America will tell Texans they are annoying. At least, they do in my area.
2004-12-29 07:41:13 PM  
BoJanglesPalladin, you forgot ZZ Top...
2004-12-29 07:42:15 PM  
Texas is definately the worst place you could live in this country.

Spleling is fro loesrs.
2004-12-29 07:43:21 PM  

Nah. Didn't forget them, just everyone knows they're Texan. Wouldn't be suprising. Like Willie Nelson (also Texan).
2004-12-29 07:45:23 PM  
Hating Texas is like Hating the United States. The only reason you don't like it is because you don't live there.
2004-12-29 07:49:32 PM  
Hating Texas is like Hating the United States. The only reason you don't like it is because you don't live there.

That's pretty much it.
2004-12-29 07:51:22 PM  
JohnGaltDiscGolfer , another BTAF fan? Sweet.

[image from too old to be available]

And the follow-up:

[image from too old to be available]

I seem to remember there also being one with a superhero called "L'Apostrophe" but I cannae find it.
2004-12-29 07:53:42 PM  
2004-12-29 07:33:24 PM BojanglesPaladin
You'd be suprised who is Texan. Dan Rather, Hudie (Leadbelly) Ledbetter, Janis Joplin, Beyonc, Carol Burnette, Eisenhower, Roy Orbison, Aaron Spelling, Meatloaf, Tommy Lee Jones, Lance Armstrong, Morgan Fairchild, Farrah Fawcett, Steve Martin, Bill Moyers, Ginger Rogers, Patrick Swayze, Jaclyn Smith, Lee Trevino, Sissy Spacek, Joan Crawford, Gene Autry, Dennis and Randy Quaid, Mathew McCanehey(sp)

...just to name a few.

These people are considered cool in Texas. QED
2004-12-29 07:55:33 PM  
which means it will be going pretty damn fast after falling any distance, especially if the dumb fark shoots it at a very high angle.

A lower angle would produce more speed (albeit a smaller vertical component; note that it is the total speed/momentum that counts when figuring damage, not the vertical speed). The higher angle allows the air more time to slow down the bullet (because it goes higher before it starts falling). The bullet will be travelling fastest when it leaves the gun. Final velocity drops the longer it is in the air.

Further, note that without air resistance, angle would not matter at all. The bullet would hit with almost exactly the speed with which it was fired (almost because presumably it falls farther than it rises; i.e. you don't fire from ground level).

The Straight Dope discussed this as well. They cite studies that show that a bullet will penetrate the skin of a cadaver at 191 ft/s. Plus, they show some studies that indicate that a bullet fired straight up landed at 300 ft/s, clearly more than enough to penetrate the skin. Further, as I said before, the lower the angle, the greater the speed when it reaches ground level.
2004-12-29 07:57:22 PM  
"Hating Texas is like Hating the United States. The only reason you don't like it is because you don't live there."

Dumbest thing ever said.
2004-12-29 07:58:55 PM  
Dumbest thing ever said.
case in point.
2004-12-29 07:58:57 PM  
Very sad. This article could have come from practically any state in the union with a city over 1 million, especially if that city was largely minority. Those who have said that it's primarily Mexicans out shooting their guns in Houston are entirely correct.

How do I know this? I lived in Houston for 10 years. My husband is a retired Houston police officer. The patrol officers unlucky enough to be working on New Year's Eve are told to find a safe place and get out of the way. Why? Because the department really doesn't want a lot of Mexicans and/or cops shot over the holidays. Oh, they run calls and do their jobs, but I'd say 99% of "I think I heard a gun shot" calls are ignored that night.

Take that how you will. And those of you bashing Texas, I'm guessing you haven't ever been here. This is a great state and it's full of great people. We'll welcome you into our homes no matter what you say about us on the Internet. Come on down to Austin and we'll show you a good time.
2004-12-29 07:59:05 PM  
...and Tennessee, upon realizing the nature of this thread, smiles and backs slowly toward the door...
2004-12-29 08:02:10 PM  
And Kentucky is not too far behind.
2004-12-29 08:03:00 PM  
zoolander: Why is it all of a sudden not cool to be from Texas?

Um, it was at some point?

"Woohoo, it's cool to be a backwards-ass-country-fark"
2004-12-29 08:03:03 PM  
USA or Mexico???

texas will be our biatch!

/OU Sooner
2004-12-29 08:03:07 PM  
Huh. Buddy just told me Renee Zellweger is from just outside Houston. Did a little look see for others. Let's see:

Jennifer Garner
Shannon Elizabeth
Hilary Duff
Morgan Fairchild
Farrah Fawcett
Ginger Rogers
Jaclyn Smith
Debbie Reynolds
Perl Geplin (Roz from Frasier)
Linda Lovelace
Jerri Hall
Bridget Hall
Patrick Swayze

Lotta pretty women from Texas. But we already knew that.
2004-12-29 08:03:28 PM  
is there any way to get Texans to celebrate by shooting parallel to the ground on New Year's Eve?

/sorry if this is a repeat. one can feel this way multiple times.
2004-12-29 08:04:44 PM  
(rolls eyes)

Whatever Jethro.
2004-12-29 08:07:25 PM  
BojanglesPaladin ,

"from" lol
2004-12-29 08:09:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

oh wait, its bad when brown people do the same thing.

better liberate them!
2004-12-29 08:09:28 PM  
What's the reason for your unadulterated hatred of Texas?

Also, if you are truly from France as your profile states, you may want to consider withdrawing from the thread. You see, French people making fun of anything supremely ironic. A good analogy would be someone with Downs telling Stephen Hawking that he's a retard.

Vous, monsieur, tes un sac de merde.
2004-12-29 08:11:39 PM  

Exactly why texas is not representative of the United States.
2004-12-29 08:12:07 PM  
To borrow a line from Waylon Jennings:

He ain't wrong, he's just different but his pride won't let him,
Do things to make you think he's right.

Hate is an awful powerful word. I can't rightly say I could hate anyone simply based on where they were born or live. That's simply juvenile prejudice. Every village seems to have it's idiot(s).

Besides, y'all grossly overestimate the depth of our concern about how we are viewed in other parts of the country.

Yes, I own a weapon.
No, I don't shoot into the air.
2004-12-29 08:13:53 PM  
FROM a very young age I always wondered why the french hated us. Maybe it's because we saved their ass so many times in history when their chickenshiat armies gave up/ran away/took a break for some wine and cheese in the heat of battle.

Actually, they were the smart ones. Why fight for your country when a bunch of dumbass americans will do it for you. And give you the cash to rebuild.
2004-12-29 08:19:56 PM  
Beaten by all the other corect-use apostrophe supporters already!
2004-12-29 08:21:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Fundies firing guns into the air? Unspeakable!
2004-12-29 08:23:19 PM  
You always see these asshole dictators firing guns in the air, (to intimidate the populus)?
Let's charge $5,000 per bullit. That'll stop farking crime.
Americas is the only country where people go hunting on a full stomach.
//Chris Rock
2004-12-29 08:24:55 PM  
bargirl24 wins the thread. Jay Gielle, you may not want to sit down for awhile.
2004-12-29 08:31:28 PM  
NCRider: Oh.My.God.

Exactly why texas is not representative of the United States.

See, that's just it. No one state is representative of the entire US. Or, rather, that's how it should be. Take a look at the whole, look beyond the government and down to the people. Oh, I'll grant you that this country is chock full of farking idiots, but what do you want from a nation of over 294 million people?
2004-12-29 08:39:04 PM  
ach komm, whats the problem. shooting off guns into the air is common in all parts of the third world, texas included.
2004-12-29 08:43:28 PM  
I got a bullet hole in the roof of my car a few new years eve's ago, parked at my friend's ghetto house. (in houston...) If I'd been in the car , it wooda gone through my head.
2004-12-29 08:47:17 PM  
I had to go back and read bargirl's comments after seeing Pyloric's declaration above. Damn, that woman is good. Wonder if she wants to get married :-)

Regardless, it might be cool if we were deeded over to Mexico. We could take over in about 45 days and run all that too. :-)

They gots da good ganja down there ;-)
2004-12-29 08:51:45 PM  
I really don't like Texas very much but I will give them credit for one thing...they managed to get George W. Bush the fark out of their state! Of course, they kicked him upstairs into the white house, but least he's not still in Texas. There is a sick logic to that!
2004-12-29 08:53:05 PM  
So New Year's is like the Alamo only with Texans offing Texans. Works for me. Chlorine in the gene pool.
2004-12-29 08:54:42 PM  
Next thing ya know, men in Texas won't be able to suck dick, anally fist each other, check out "Wrangler butts" or talk shiat about the Mexicans who do all the stuff they're too high and mighty to do.

"They gots da good ganja down there ;-)"
Sure, as long as "good food" means human feces.
2004-12-29 08:59:28 PM  
Here is my list of great things that came from Texas:
1. Stevie Ray Vaughn.
2. ummm
3. ......wait! I'll think of something
4. OK, ZZTop (the eary zztop not that 80's shiat)
2004-12-29 09:01:35 PM  
Ya know how I said that this article could have been from practically any other state?

In no order (other than how I found them) here ya go:
North Carolina
New Jersey

ok, sure, that's only six, but I'm certain you can see my point and I'm not interested enough to find any more examples. It's everywhere, not just Texas.
2004-12-29 09:04:24 PM  
I spent a long time in the Mexican interior working. I found a wonderful bunch of people that no matter how poor always treated me like I was a long lost prodigal son. A very marked difference from what I experienced in Boston.

And the idea there of "family" was refreshing. The depth of thought when you don't have television dictating what is "cool"... you wouldn't understand.

The only time I ever got sick was when I ate at a 5 star hotel. I ate what they ate. And it was good. The coffee, oh the coffee was wonderful, grounds and all.

There is a lot we could learn from the indians (and that's what they are in the "wilds" of Mexico). I had a kidney stone not long ago and was in intense pain despite the treatment prescribed by the doctors. A mexican woman came over with some herbs and stuff, relieved my agony almost instantly, and in three days you couldn't find a stone on the x-rays... draw your own conclusions.
2004-12-29 09:06:28 PM  
Texas has given the world so many things....
[image from too old to be available]

Scary looking, grizzled, wrinkled up old people in cowboy hats and bad clothes for instance!
2004-12-29 09:14:04 PM  
>That clinches it: Texas is a third-world country.
>You have obviously never been to Texas nor a Third-World Country

Actually, I've been to the "Permian Basin" area in the blasted wasteland that is the West-half of the state. The whole experience gave me a good impression of what Mordor must be like, with the run-down, ramshackle buildings; the refineries; and the orcs.
2004-12-29 09:18:22 PM  
Number of presidents born in Texas = 2 (LBJ and Dwight Eisenhower)
Number of presidents born in Michigan = 0
2004-12-29 09:18:25 PM

An answer about the bullet speed is at the above link.

He scratch calculates the terminal velocity at 40.8 m/s (91.2 mph).

this is calculated using an estimated drag coefficient of 1.0

If you can argue that a bullet would have a drag coefficient closer to that of a sphere(0.5) then it will fall proportionatly faster (speherical shot would reach 81.6 m/s terminal velocity.)

A pointy bullet doesn't need to be going that fast to punch right through the top of your skull, or penetrate you torso and take out your heart or a lung.
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