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(Some Guy)   The Colorado house with Christmas lights controlled by Internet users worldwide was a hoax. Guy explains how he did it.   ( divider line
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37232 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Dec 2004 at 8:20 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-12-27 3:57:22 PM  
Well, I am just absolutely devastated. This just RUINS my Christmas.
2004-12-27 4:08:41 PM  
sounds like he went through more trouble setting up the hoax, than actually running it as advertised.
2004-12-27 4:10:01 PM  
Well at least there's still a Santa Claus.
2004-12-27 4:26:39 PM  
Well, then I'm going back to where I can once again control things via the intarweb.
2004-12-27 4:27:50 PM  
Wow, maybe he can get a job in politics, considering the lack of difficulty he had in fooling the media. :>
2004-12-27 4:36:14 PM  
But the real question is, can he make it look like the war in Iraq is going well?
2004-12-27 5:04:36 PM  
I am shocked. SHOCKED!
2004-12-27 5:07:04 PM  
Wow. Very impressive hoax.
2004-12-27 5:24:00 PM  
the story of the hoax is a hoax
2004-12-27 5:28:37 PM  
Quit hoaxing us with your "the story of the hoax is a hoax" hoax
2004-12-27 6:08:17 PM  
I'm just trying to find out why sections of my lights quit working, while the bulbs are still good.
2004-12-27 8:24:07 PM  
Only the 3rd place I've seen this including Slashdot and HardOCP.

/wants more booby links
2004-12-27 8:25:13 PM  
Quit hoaxing us with your "the story of the hoax is a hoax" hoax X's infinity..
2004-12-27 8:25:31 PM  
Awesome hoax...comparable to actually making a controllable house!
2004-12-27 8:29:01 PM  
This needs the obvious tag.

It's just like the farking card trick that still mesmerizes my dad.
2004-12-27 8:29:24 PM  
What? a house? why didn't anyone tell me about it?
2004-12-27 8:31:50 PM  
unavalible for comment

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-27 8:33:59 PM  
Freaking awesome...
2004-12-27 8:34:14 PM  

What? a house? why didn't anyone tell me about it?

we did ...scroll up
2004-12-27 8:34:41 PM  
Wait a minute... there was a house with Christmas lights on it?... during Christmas? ...but there wasn't after all? ...but on the interweb thing? ...whaaaa???

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Joe: "It ain't so."

Me: "Thanks, Joe."

/airplane glue?
2004-12-27 8:35:09 PM  
Dan Rather should have contacted Alek to create the forged documents for CBS. This guy sounds halfway competent.
2004-12-27 8:35:27 PM  
sorry...previous post was a hoax

2004-12-27 8:36:37 PM  
Probably would have been easier to hook it up for real (X-10 or something) but still a wonderful prank. Gets a golf clap from me.
2004-12-27 8:36:47 PM  
The Colorado hoax with Christmas lights controlled by Internet users worldwide was a house.
2004-12-27 8:36:50 PM  
2004-12-27 8:37:07 PM  
Sussman, that was verrrrrrrrrrrrry clever. Nice work.
2004-12-27 8:37:21 PM  
"First, let me say there was never any malicious intent here. It started out (as) a 'technology puzzle' and I figured I could provide some holiday cheer to folks," Komarnitsky wrote.

Oh B.S.! This whole fiasco reeks of malicious intent! REEKS!
2004-12-27 8:37:51 PM  
I would like everybody to know that this post, that I am making right now, is a hoax.
2004-12-27 8:37:56 PM  
Nothing says Christmas than a neighbourly display of Christmas lights.

Nothing says attention whore like courting the local media with ostentatious displays since adulations of neighbours are no longer enough.

Nothing says desperate like making stuff up then pretending you're clever about it.

[image from too old to be available]

"How to minimize child focus in holiday family photo" by Alek, not Alex

2004-12-27 8:39:05 PM  
Gee, his writing is SO clear. Maybe he should be a journalist.
2004-12-27 8:40:20 PM  
Next you will tell me that Subservient Chicken is fake also.
2004-12-27 8:40:58 PM  
Awesome. Just awesome. I love a story that ends like this. People (especially the media people) are so stupid.

Totally worth a free helicopter ride!
2004-12-27 8:41:50 PM  
Well I fell for it, even spent some time with my son on the 22nd turning the lights on and off; I mean loading a new picture every couple of seconds. No hero tag?
2004-12-27 8:43:05 PM  
"holiday cheer" = fame and fortune
2004-12-27 8:43:07 PM  
Now what the heck am I gonna masturbate to?
2004-12-27 8:44:11 PM  
Do you think his wife's hotness is a hoax??? Damn you photo shop!!!
2004-12-27 8:51:19 PM  
I definitely remember seeing this on slashdot the past two years. That's the only reason I'm amused; I like having my memory tickled.

...well, I mean. Okay, yeah, I am leaving myself open for "what else do you like tickled," but meh.
2004-12-27 8:53:05 PM  
Now what the heck am I gonna masturbate to?

With the lack of Boobies links today not a whole lot.
2004-12-27 8:53:17 PM  
Wife is hittable... Props to the husband for showing that mass media has absolutely no clue how technology works and didn't dig to see if what the guy was doing was feasable or if it was actually working.

You know, if Leo was still on Tech TV (see vids on the guys' site) that Leo would have discovered the hoax! Cmon! You know he would have!
2004-12-27 8:53:35 PM  
This guy is really fishing for compliments and fame. Having a link on your own website directing people to petition that you be on Letterman to tell your crazy, mishchevious story to the world..... now that's modesty my friends.

/hates nerds that think they are awesome
//only ate lunch funded by nerds I beat up
///wishes he was smart :(
2004-12-27 8:57:09 PM  
Ya know, the technology behind this is so impressive that I'm almost incline to believe that he really did and lied about faking it.
2004-12-27 8:57:09 PM  

Wife is NOT hittable; You're merely desperate.
2004-12-27 9:01:00 PM  
for fark's sake, this never should have recieved so much attention in the first place.

actually setting up the cam as advertised would have made him a geek-

pretending he did just so he could go HA HA at everyone who gave him the benefit of the doubt just makes him an attention-starved loser.
2004-12-27 9:01:47 PM  
Watching the video of him in the news copter is pretty funny knowing that his wife is down there turning on and off the lights
2004-12-27 9:04:10 PM  
Gonna have to go with Gameshowhost on this one
2004-12-27 9:05:44 PM  
Personally, I think this one is pretty darn kewl. And fark 'em if they can't take a joke.
2004-12-27 9:05:54 PM; Still real.
2004-12-27 9:06:10 PM  
Christ, why a hoax? How hard would this be to actually make with some X10 and a webcam. It wouldn't be at all. L4m3.
2004-12-27 9:06:49 PM  
I mean look at those knees for gods sake.. . . ?

/God sake's
//god's sake
2004-12-27 9:09:29 PM  
Who gives a fark?
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