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(Reuters)   George Carlin voluntarily enters drug, alcohol rehab program, says he has problem with wine and Vicodin   ( divider line
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2004-12-28 12:28:49 AM  
keep yr head up gc
2004-12-28 12:31:22 AM  
That motherfarker better sober up by January 23rd. I got a ticket.
2004-12-28 12:31:24 AM  
HAHA! Now THAT'S funny!
2004-12-28 12:31:38 AM  

How does one get addicted to a painkiller that is scripted out? Don't they usually give you only enough to last maybe a week.

Oh hell no. I'm on very strong sleeping pills, but my benefit coverage means that I have to pay a "dispensing fee" every time I fill the script... the drugs are free, but the dispensing fee is not.

My doctor (who is both an MD and a Doctor of Pharmacology) wrote the script for 60 doses worth to save me the extra expense. I appreciate it, but it's hardly protecting me from what 60 high-powered sleeping pills could do...

It's more about how the doctor feels about you. Mine knows I'm not going to be grinding these things into powder.
2004-12-28 12:31:44 AM  
Personally, I think he should have retired about 10 years ago. I listened to him extensively in the 80's and early 90's (had several of his albums), and he was really funny. Then I saw him a few times live a few years after that. He was recycling jokes and, even if he did come up with something new, you saw it coming a mile away. I think he's riding the gravy train for all it's worth, and if he can make a few bucks, more power to him. However, if I had to listen to his recycled material as much as he does, I'd be hitting the vicodin and wine really hard too.
2004-12-28 12:32:25 AM  
Anyone else get the feeling like Better Than You At Everything is compensating for something?

Maybe he's really Smaller Than Everyone

/just sayin
2004-12-28 12:32:25 AM  
Either you tell your doc that you're still in a lot of pain, find one that will write you a prescription just 'cause, or buy it off the street somewhere. Maybe you should ask Rush? He might know for sure.
2004-12-28 12:34:16 AM  
Erm, sorry about the all bold, forgot to close the tag properly.
2004-12-28 12:35:25 AM  
Vicodin addiction is retarded. You can get codeine over the counter from behind the counter (Schedule V cough syrup), and acetaminophen is OTC.
2004-12-28 12:35:54 AM  
I'd be willing to take all that extra wine and Vicodin off his hands. Beer and Xanax just aren't the same.
2004-12-28 12:37:37 AM  
Shouldn't this be Obvious?
2004-12-28 12:38:51 AM  
All your vicodin are belong to us.
2004-12-28 12:39:13 AM  
I must look to scruffy to have docs fall for the old, "I'm still in pain" method. Last time I got Vics was when I cut open my hand and had to go to the emergency room. Got a scrip for like five. Didn't last till dinner. I guess I'm just not cut out for the hoity toity "prescription addiction". Just good old fashioned gold paint for me.
2004-12-28 12:39:20 AM  
I took Vicodin once and it didn't do shiat for me. Didn't even relieve any pain. But a fifth of Jim Beam works pretty well for a few hours. Never tried mixing them, though.
2004-12-28 12:40:29 AM  
Hope you get it all out of your system quick, George.
2004-12-28 12:40:53 AM  
And another thing... What sort of pansy becomes an alcoholic on wine?
2004-12-28 12:41:12 AM  

The harmful portion of Vicodin is the tylenol. You can take up to 4 grams or 4000 mg of tylenol daily before you start to do some damage to your liver. The amount of tylenol is what's after the slash (5/500 = 5mg hydrocodone/500 mg tylenol).

/used to work in pharmacy
//recommends it to those who like to get their ass chewed for 10 hours at a time
2004-12-28 12:41:44 AM  
The easy way to get vicodin is to develop sciatica, which is not that uncommon for someone his age.

Hell, they will give it to you for a lot of reasons, really.

And hydrocodone (active ingredient) is good stuff. You can fly real real high on it.

/me had jaw surgery, didn't care about not eating
2004-12-28 12:43:51 AM  
the tippy toes of my cloven feet:

Recently his problem has been spewing liberal hate at the right side of the political spectrum instead of telling jokes.

Go away, troll. You're not welcome here. Go grief people on Counterstrike. Better yet, don't. Go sit in a dark room and sulk.
2004-12-28 12:45:08 AM  
Take care of yourself George. We need you!
2004-12-28 12:46:56 AM  
Maybe it was the gold paint on your face from huffing that made the ER nervous about giving you more than 5 tabs.
/just a thought
/p.s. it's cheaper at home depot
2004-12-28 12:48:05 AM  
If you don't mind a totally screwed up sleep schedule, cloudy mind, and a high propensity towards addiction, then vicodin (that's how you spell it, BTW) is really good stuff. Only straight morphine is better (where "better" is obviously an extremely relative term).

Nothing says "bored suburban whitey" like a liquor and pill buzz.

</bored suburban whitey>
2004-12-28 12:49:31 AM  
the tippy toes of my cloven feet

Recently his problem has been spewing liberal hate at the right side of the political spectrum instead of telling jokes.

uhm... apparently you need to go watch his early-80s HBO specials. that's not new territory for him. at all.

/vicodin and bong hits for me plz, mixing opiates & alcohol = bad
2004-12-28 12:50:12 AM  
I liked Carlin until he sold out. Sitcom, Mr. Conductor, Dodge Neon commercial, what else?
2004-12-28 12:51:36 AM  
I like that word Vicodin...


Say it out loud!
2004-12-28 12:52:43 AM  
So that's why he's been acting like the Carlin of old lately. rrrrrrrrrrrrreal farked up on drugs.......

2004-12-28 12:53:49 AM  
Nothing says "bored suburban whitey" like a liquor and pill buzz.]

[image from too old to be available]
"Just call me a bored suburban whitey, baby!"
2004-12-28 12:55:31 AM  
What allanhowls said.

2004-12-28 12:57:03 AM  
Well I guess istickmyneckout wants it all dosen't she?

In other news.. Who cares!! Who doesn't have a drug or alcohol problem according to the people who do the finger pointing. So What! He takes pills and drinks liquor. If the intraweb were a game of King of the Hill then I would walk up and punch you straight in your moral highground.

/Just say no.
2004-12-28 12:59:28 AM  
Just a thought...why do we only hear about people entering rehab for booze, coke, pills, and smack (which is really just intense pills)?

Why don't we ever hear about the celebs who go into rehab because they just can't handle their acid, X, Ketamine, and/or turpentine? And when was the last time we had a celebrity on a public PCP/GHB bender? Where's Nick Nolte when we need him?

Hollywood is out of drug ideas.
2004-12-28 01:05:11 AM  
can't believe no one else has said this...


2004-12-28 01:07:05 AM  
That's what I'm talkin' about allenhowls! We need more celebrities on dust taking shots at cops and stabbing themselves with scissors. Then maybe things coming out of Hollywood would be interesting and not garbage like Christmas with the Kranks.
2004-12-28 01:08:49 AM  
Do I need to bribe someone to get a link submitted? This was greenlit a good eight hours after it hit CNN, and there were surely at least 50 submissions of it
2004-12-28 01:10:21 AM  
i love george. my mom got me a calandar for christmas with "a quote a day" of his.

Vicodin is lovely. i've had 6 surgeries: wisdom teeth, tonsils, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, ulnar tunnel (all the 'tunnels' are nerve problems in the hand/arm) and bunion, and they've given me that every time. works like a charm for me. except last time they gave me percocet first, and damn, that made me hallucinate.
2004-12-28 01:11:52 AM  
And all these years I just thought George was just pissed. Well it turns out he was pissed. Just, not in the way I thought...
2004-12-28 01:16:04 AM  
He'll be selling Canyoneros soon.
2004-12-28 01:16:13 AM  
A 67 year old mixing hydrocodone/tylenol and wine is begging for liver failure.

Good luck with that, douchebag.
2004-12-28 01:17:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wow... General Zod is looking like shiat these days...
2004-12-28 01:18:08 AM  
George was addicted to cocaine in the 80s. His receptor sites are wired for opiates now.
If he was doing wine and vicodin together he would have to cut both to get over it.
At least he recognizes there is a problem and is doing something about it.
2004-12-28 01:22:30 AM  
I'm reading his new book "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?'. Funny stuff! Some of it is old jokes of his, but its some twisted shiat.

Now I know where he got his material from!
2004-12-28 01:28:25 AM  
ahhh! mr. carlin and i have the same tastes. however, i prefer vicodin and vodka though, or V'n'V as i like to call it.
2004-12-28 01:32:02 AM  
Yay! Pills and alcohol increase your chance of respiratory failure by two!

Are these the same people that say pot should be illegal?
2004-12-28 01:37:48 AM  
Will his next bit be about Stupid Junkies?
2004-12-28 01:39:20 AM  
Maybe this explains why he has been unfunny since the mid-80's.

At least if he had OD'd his family could have got a dead cat bounce out of his old recorded shiat.

Now we all have to endure while he lingers on with his holier than thou shtick for another 25 years.

Just die already.

-former joke writer, circa 84', you prick.
2004-12-28 01:41:57 AM  
After the denegration he laid on Rush last year for that other man's addition! What a pair he must "think" he has to push himself forward on this one. As someone said earlier "media whore".

I used to love the guy. But his shiat is either old and/or tired now.

BTW is a plane ticket to France included in that treatment? Wasn't he one of the clowns trumpeting to the world that he would leave if "Commie boy" wasn't elected?
2004-12-28 01:43:37 AM  
Why don't we ever hear about the celebs who go into rehab because they just can't handle their acid, X, Ketamine, and/or turpentine? And when was the last time we had a celebrity on a public PCP/GHB bender? Where's Nick Nolte when we need him?

Acid's not addictive. Never done it, but I know plenty of people who have, and they all say it's something that you just stop doing after a while because it really starts to fark with your mind. It's just not habit-forming. You do it with a bunch of friends when the right time comes up, not something you do while you're bored and on the couch for a quick buzz, like say, alcohol or pills. Most people who drop acid fall into one of two categories: 1) They do it a few times, go batshiat cuckoo, and you never hear from them again, or 2) They do it a few hundred times until it gets old, then they stop and get on with their lives.

Ketamine I don't know much about. PCP will make you jump out a plate glass window and kill yourself before you ever get farked up enough to enter rehab. Sniff glue/turpentine a few too many times, and yeah, that will kill you too. That's why you don't hear about them.

And people who go into rehab for weed are just farking idiots. Weed is not addictive. Bob Saget said it best in half baked: "I used to suck dick for coke. You ever suck dick for some marijuana?"
2004-12-28 01:45:05 AM  
people who go into rehab for weed are just farking idiots

naaah. they're just people looking for a reduced sentence, typically.
2004-12-28 01:46:23 AM  
2004-12-28 12:23:58 AM jonasborg

Horray, lizard shiat, fark

You neglected to add the rest!

Rat shiat
Bat shiat
Dirty old twat
69 assholes, tie it in a knot
Hooray, lizard shiat, fark!

Why do I remember that?
2004-12-28 01:49:56 AM  
il Dottore

the cocaine doesnt have anything to do with opiates. cocaine is made from coca plants, (not coco like hershes) and opiates are made from poppy plants (not all types of poppies, dont go to the supermarket and expect to get a buzz from a poppy seed begal) True they both act on receptors in the brain, but to my knowledge, they act on entirely different ones. Cocaine acts on more happy releacing receptors. I think it opens the pathways for extra dopamine and endorphins. Opiates actually block pain recievers in the brain. When the body sences pain, it sends a signal to the pain recievers in the brain, opiates just cover these recievers up and allow for a higher pain tollerance. Both of these drugs to lots of other things, but this is just a basic rundown of what they do.

\end rant
\\does know WAY too much about drugs
2004-12-28 01:50:15 AM  
Hang in there! Other former drug addicts have recently gone on to win presidential elections.
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