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(Yahoo)   Man stuck in garbage chute while trying to retrieve sweater is rescued. Wife intends to trash sweater next week in attempt to get rid of them both for good.   ( divider line
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2440 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2002 at 8:31 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-03 08:33:35 PM  
2002-03-03 08:41:22 PM  
"knotted bedsheets lowered into the chute by his wife.

Sounds kinky to me?!?!?!
2002-03-03 09:02:37 PM  
Sweater Girl simply insisted that I go get her sweater for her.
2002-03-03 09:06:51 PM  
"It was not difficult at all, because I am quite small,"

I'm sure his wife appreciates that

2002-03-03 09:11:38 PM  
All that needs to be said:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-03 09:17:51 PM  
Quick!, I just never expected your return

2002-03-03 09:24:16 PM  
My guess is that he didn't call someone to unlock the garbage bin at first because he didn't want to look stupid.

Mmmmm. Guess he blew that one, huh?
2002-03-03 10:57:49 PM  
Wife tossing out Mom's present to her competition in that marriage.
2002-03-03 11:21:08 PM  
Once in the X-Files a man fell of a building, into a guarbage compacter, and was compacted. But he was a regeneration alien, and survived. In other news, the X-Files has gone downhill lately.
2002-03-03 11:44:04 PM  
Yup 5%Nation, it certainly has, as has most of Fox's lineup.
2002-03-04 12:18:17 AM  
"It was not difficult at all, because I am quite small," he told the Expressen daily. "I knew the garbage would probably be collected early in the morning so I rushed to save the sweater."

ahah thats cute
2002-03-04 12:18:41 AM  
Note to self: Throw away husband's favorite sweater
2002-03-04 12:31:45 AM  
I agree it's stupid to climb down there, but it's also really lousy of his wife to throw away a hand-knitted sweater his mom made for him. Even if it was old. That's different from a store-bought thing.
2002-03-04 01:05:08 AM  
Here's another thought... why didn't he just wait till the garbage collector came and opened the door?
2002-03-04 02:05:10 AM  
No shiat is his wife an incredible jackass. If my wife threw away something my mom gave me that I valued, I would have stuffed the biatch (wife) in the garbage chute. This isn't about competition in marriage either. Its about respecting your spouse, which she obviously doesn't.
2002-03-04 02:20:50 AM  
I just can't believe this actually made the news on Yahoo. Or anywhere for that matter.
2002-03-04 02:34:58 AM  
03-03-02 09:10:34 PM MyTwocents
I got stuck in a garbage chute once.

Me too. No wait. It was a traffic jam. Nevermind.
2002-03-04 05:53:26 AM  
No, she shouldn't have tossed the sweater, but I suspect she snapped. The sweater was probably YET ANOTHER item of hubby's clothing that was hard to wash, full of holes, no longer fits him, smelly, requires special detergents and incantations to the Elder Gods to clean, etc. etc. that--when wife attempts to clear out the clothing drawers of unwearables--husband screams "You can't throw THAT out!" Because as soon as the possibility of actually getting rid of the schmatta arises, wifey is told that it is a Beloved Item. (Mom made it, or his first girlfriend ever gave him a BJ while he was wearing it, or he really will lose 100 pounds someday and fit back into it, and so on.)

She probably should have just thrown out all his *other* crap.
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