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2004-12-27 02:03:00 AM  
Anti-perspirant containing alluminum contributes to breast cancer. How close is that to a disease of the arm pits?
2004-12-27 02:04:12 AM  
27. Aliens will be proved to be not real.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way aliens will ever be proved to not be real is if everything in the entire universe gets destroyed...
2004-12-27 02:06:43 AM  
two things:

-- once again: predictions are by his bat shiat listeners, not him!

-- the black pope is not really that far fetched.
2004-12-27 02:07:40 AM  
Oh, and on Jim Morrison:

1. I was in Paris when he croaked. Wish I had found him and got an autograph. I'd been farking rich now.

2. I actually know a woman who got invited by him to a three-way. She ran away from the offer.
2004-12-27 02:09:31 AM  
I predict this thread will not achieve infinity status, though it may progress beyond "lots".

Oh, and they'll find pygmies living in Montana. Giant pygmies.
2004-12-27 02:09:34 AM  
Those psychics that work for the police do the same thing. They make about 1000 predictions and one or two are right, so people love them for it. Then again, they are just as accurate as the FBI in some cases (such as the Baton Rouge serial killer--the FBI said he was some white guy who was awkward around women but really smooth around women...). Then after they caught him they said, "Uh huh, see, we told you he would be between 20 and 90 and 5'0" and 7'0"...so he was black, oops."
2004-12-27 02:11:47 AM  
Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs and Forced Into Weight Loss Programs - -all next week on Art Bell.
2004-12-27 02:23:31 AM  
tonesskin: some white guy who was awkward around women but really smooth around women...

2004-12-27 02:24:49 AM  
Honest question:

Who the hell is Art Bell?
2004-12-27 02:25:21 AM  

Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs and Forced Into Weight Loss Programs - -all next week on Art Bell.

Any thread with a UHF reference is a good thread. Kudos.
2004-12-27 02:29:48 AM  

OMG! He was right for one of 2003's predictions!

"20. Red Sox win World Series.
Red Sox won the World Series 4-0."

Since that was true, you must believe the rest." )

Nah - he just blew his whole load on that one hehehehe
2004-12-27 02:32:43 AM  
my predictions for 2005:

1. Letterman will die or quit.

2. George Bush will have a good year until November.

3. San Diego will have some kind of disruption/power outage.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves win the NBA.

5. U2 disbands.

6. Ariel Sharon diagnosed with prostate cancer.

7. Chevy pickups recalled for door latch mechanism failure problem.

8. Wild geese population in small town in Ohio causes local residents to debate solution.

9. Actress marries rancher. The actress: Winona Ryder. The rancher? Ted Turner.

10. Hot dogs sell at huge discount after e coli/superbug scare in southwest Alabama.
2004-12-27 02:37:46 AM  
You know I remember a show he did just at the beginning of the war and he was very negative about going in, and said a few frank things about the administration. The next night he went completely the other way. Like someone had cracked the whip or something.
2004-12-27 02:39:42 AM  
13. People of Canada will rally to become part of the USA.

Of course, being a liberal government we will fight hard to join the US!!

We know he must be telling the truth when he contradicts himself with the Pope's death!!
2004-12-27 02:42:33 AM  
[image from nbc.com too old to be available]

2004-12-27 02:44:14 AM  
someone please post the screen cap. from caddyshack that they believed was the shuttle Columbia exploding. That was Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM that believed it was real
2004-12-27 02:46:08 AM  
Which is worse: the people who call in to this show, or the handful of us who listen and mock them?

Early Riser, Frequent AM listener
2004-12-27 02:47:23 AM  
salsashark1: Now, shouldn't that be just one item on the list?

No, he's pretty old, and sick. It's best for the list if they repeat the predictions that are actually likelly to hapen.

"A sick old man will die" is a pretty good bet.
2004-12-27 02:49:38 AM  

rppp01a [TotalFark]

Lesbian Nazi Hookers Abducted by UFOs and Forced Into Weight Loss Programs - -all next week on Art Bell.

[image from iownjoo.com too old to be available]
2004-12-27 02:51:14 AM  
I predict that people who don't RTFA will have their balls eaten by chupacabras.
2004-12-27 02:51:47 AM  
Anybody ever hear the show he had regarding "Mel's Hole"??? Holy Fark I couldn't believe people actually believed that shiat.
2004-12-27 02:53:19 AM  
No predictions on the demise of Chevy Chase's career.
2004-12-27 02:53:22 AM  
TheLoneIguana, rppp01a

Watch George Newman as he opens up Al Capone's Glove Compartment!

"I Knew it...ROAD MAPS!"

/UHF is #1
2004-12-27 02:58:37 AM  
Highway 60 in eastern Arizona. Bigfoot to get hit by a truck and walks into an hospital injured.

2004-12-27 03:00:36 AM  
ohok: 13. People of Canada will rally to become part of the USA.

rofl, not likely.

yeah We do not need the economy do drop any more :D

(thats a joke for the people with no sense of humor :P)
2004-12-27 03:02:15 AM  
Well, apparently you can bet on everything predicted NOT coming true based on his last year of predictions...


1. It will be announced that the face on Mars is just rocks and shadows.

2. North Korea to detonate its first nuclear weapon, leading to a US invasion.
There was an explosion that created a mushroom cloud, but Korea denied it was nuclear.

3. Art Bell to return full-time to Coast to Coast.

4. Pope to pass away during Lent.
Wrong. The Pope is still alive.

5. ET contact this year. Either a huge mothership or lots of smaller ships all over the planet.

6. Mass media uncovers an ancient civilisation 10,500 - 12,000 BC.

7. Osama Bin Laden to be captured by September.

8. Coast to Coast to be mentioned more in the mainstream.
Correct. ABC came to Art's studio to make a documentary.

9. War in the Middle East to go out of control. North Korea or China will invade a US territory or US state leading to World War III.
War in Iraq did get a bit messy, but no invasion from North Korea or China.

10. British to get very good pictures of Mars and confirm artificial structures.

/Though, I am wondering what the heck is up with #1 being labelled "wrong".
2004-12-27 03:05:42 AM  
So, like a dozen nukes are going to go off in the next year? Between cruise ships, terror attack and apparently WWIII, we could have a bad year. Wow, that sucks. I guess I should get some canned goods or something....
2004-12-27 03:10:59 AM  
summary of art bells 2005 predictions:

[image from newswatchmagazine.org too old to be available]
2004-12-27 03:20:39 AM  
oncea long long time ago i got sucked in by art bell. i would listen and be enthralled by the all the wild concepts they talked about.

But then one day i'm listening to this guy who's telling this story about his trip to area 51 and this light speed rocket he invented for the government... well long story short as i was sitting there in the dark I relized that with my jr. high school knowledge of physics I could easily prove most of what he was saying was bullshiat. And none of ed dames apocalyptic predictions ever seemed to happen.

/glad to be rid of him and feel sorry for the morons who believe
2004-12-27 03:22:13 AM  
the black pope premonition isnt at all far fetched. the current pope is sickly, and at 84 has already past life expectancy. as far as being replaced by a black guy, there is a very important cardinal(one notch below pontiff)
2004-12-27 03:26:32 AM  
28. In May a cruise ship will be blown up by a suitcase nuke.

Just need to get past that pesky problem of creating a nuke that will fit in a suitcase, and weigh less than a hundred pounds.
2004-12-27 03:33:15 AM  
my predictions for 2005:

1. spats, suspenders, and extremely big sunglasses will be back in style.

2. people will stop socializing in public completely, leading to closures of bars, clubs, etc.

3. people will move away from cities back to the countryside, anyone who still wants to live in a big city will have multiple place to stay for free (as long as you improve the property).

4. wearable computers and televising your entire life on your webpage will become affordable and trendy
2004-12-27 03:37:24 AM  
he doesn't speak too highly of Canada, now does he?

"13. People of Canada will rally to become part of the USA.

/at least we got a mention, twice!
//he doesn't realize that recent social trends have shown that Cnaadians in general are becoming quite socially different from the mainstream ideals of the United States, and are in fact becoming more socially progressive in the way that Europe has in the past. Yeah, I ruinedi t all for you. I can't help it, I'm a sociology student, so bite me!
2004-12-27 03:39:52 AM  
saarq: No predictions on the demise of Chevy Chase's career.

Chevy Chase has a career?
2004-12-27 03:41:35 AM  
My favorite callers are the ones who describe the symptoms of their psychosis in detail on the air. One night, George gave a lady a solid five minutes to explain how her neighbor has been assaulting her with microwaves for the past two years and it was giving her headaches, nose-bleeds, and bad breath.

That's entertainment.
2004-12-27 03:47:06 AM  
Am I the only one who took "black pope" to mean an evil, anti-christ like guy, invoking all manner of Armageddon?

Or should I just make some coccoa and go beg for a hug?
2004-12-27 03:56:59 AM  
#53 = truly terrifying
2004-12-27 04:06:20 AM  
Can I wear one of those red rubber ball leather strap thingies like in Pulp Fiction?

It's called a gag ball.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way aliens will ever be proved to not be real is if everything in the entire universe gets destroyed...

With the way things are going, don't be too surprised...
2004-12-27 04:14:29 AM  
Anybody look at his prediction #92 for 2004?
"92. Tsunami to hit."

Guess he nailed that one.
2004-12-27 04:17:32 AM  
I predict the number of reality shows on in 2005 will reach a critical mass of stupidity, thus causing all the minds on earth to simultaneously take an evolutionary leap backwards.

Except for Charleton Heston.
2004-12-27 04:44:58 AM  
I predict that in 2005 Art Bell will marry a woman named "Taco" and drunk people will come to their window late at night requesting burritos.
2004-12-27 04:50:35 AM  
Uhm, based on last year's "predictions", which were practically all wrong, WHY THE FARK IS THIS BEING POSTED?????

2004-12-27 05:13:07 AM  
18. Tony Blair will hit a crisis of conciousness and will withdraw British troops from Iraq.

That had me laughing out loud! Surely a "crisis of conscience"? Or do we have to keep on waking Tony up?
2004-12-27 05:18:20 AM  
"13. People of Canada will rally to become part of the USA."

Only on Art Bell, people.
2004-12-27 05:20:43 AM  
I predict one poster on this thread will die!


Oh shiat, maybe I shouldn't have posted that.
2004-12-27 05:35:05 AM  
Black Pope is probably the closest one to being right.
2004-12-27 05:38:48 AM  
26. A tractor trailer will explode in a large US city.

Some predicition. Gasoline tankers crash and burst into flames fairly often.

Just need to get past that pesky problem of creating a nuke that will fit in a suitcase, and weigh less than a hundred pounds.

Both the fomer Soviet Union and the U.S. did create them; the question is has/will some terrorist stolen/acquired one?

/still don't put any stock in the predicitons.
2004-12-27 05:52:46 AM  
When Satan (or a variant) is on South Park, what the hell is the music that plays? Is it a South Park original or from some movie score or something. It sounds like Carmina Burana (Oh Fortuna or something) but says something about satan dominus.

I think, even though I have not seen South Park in a while, that it is the theme from The Omen "Ave Satani". But what the hell do I know.

Next subject: I like Coast to Coast AM. When I feel that maybe I have mental issues, I listen to C2C and I feel like a well adjusted member of society. Works every time.

/I am serious
//I may be a freak, but open lines is freakier
///I see black helicopters
2004-12-27 05:59:56 AM  
1) Bush will continue to have unwavering support of conservatives for the next four years, no matter how badly Iraq goes or how many hundreds of thousands to millions of unarmed civilians die because of the war.
2) Cold reading will continue to make billions of dollars for salesmen, politicians, psychic mediums, con artists, and "alternative" healers.
3) With a opus dei head of education and an Enron con artist as US attorney general, the public will continue its downward spiral into peasants.
2004-12-27 06:00:50 AM  
I completely agree with the "black pope" thing. When one of whitey's organizations gets itself in trouble, a smart thing to do is install an African-American leader. Society has deemed the black man as largely beyond reproach, and society's anger over the sex scandals will be, for the most part, neutralized.

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