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(CNN)   The Swiss, down to their last few tons of Nazi gold, decide to join the UN   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2002-03-03 06:20:51 PM  
2002-03-03 06:21:23 PM  
The fighting illini win!
2002-03-03 06:21:41 PM  
Hmm... i before e, except after c, or in the case of "their", th.
2002-03-03 06:22:01 PM  
They just need to look for secret panels when raiding Nazi castles. That and shooting paintings tends to help.
2002-03-03 06:22:11 PM  
Eh... we have a prime chance to ditch the UN and leave our dues with the Swiss. :)

Swiss neutrality was cool while it lasted. Hehehe...

2002-03-03 06:26:28 PM  
I always had the greatest respect for the Swiss and thier ability to turn thier nose up at the world... now they are just more UN whores.
2002-03-03 06:32:13 PM  
mmmm...swiss cheese.
2002-03-03 06:33:48 PM  
"DOn't make me run! I'm full of chocolate!"
2002-03-03 06:34:04 PM  
Great headline!
2002-03-03 06:38:15 PM  

The Swiss Army would kick your ass.
2002-03-03 06:39:14 PM  
A shame that the Swiss have sold out to the Communist UN. The UN will destroy the Swiss ethic of having guns in homes. They will make the Swiss destroy their guns and knifes, since that causes violence. Then they will force the Swiss to accept Arab terrorists since if they don't, that would be discrimination and hurt their feelings.

The Swiss people are grade A gullible morons. The United States MUST pull out of the Communist, Anti-American, Anti-Jew, Pro-Terrorist UN now. We are supporting a group that supports Infanticide, the destruction of Organized Religion, Communism and the destruction of Israel and all the Jews. The UN will not be satisfied until Kofi Annan reigns in Jerusalem as the New God.

Down with the United Nations, Up with the United States

2002-03-03 06:39:30 PM  
lol, I agree, great headline :-)
2002-03-03 06:41:08 PM  
Oh boy, Emeril's here to play. His insane rantings are always so much fun to watch.

*grabs popcorn*
2002-03-03 06:43:12 PM  
Insane rantings? you Liberals sure like to stereotype, eh?

Are you not busy because you sent some of your Socialist thugs to destroy Democracy in Zimbabwe and 'elect' Mugabe.

The UN stands for the election of Socialist tyrants. The UN will crumble without the US. Therefore the US must pull out of the UN.

Either you are with the United States or you are againist it (and with the UN)

2002-03-03 06:43:53 PM  
Ok, change "insane" to "paranoid."
2002-03-03 06:44:41 PM  
The UN rocks!! lol!
2002-03-03 06:44:51 PM  
And how is that stereotyping? I never said that all conservatives are as stupid and insane as you. In fact, you should be ashamed of yourself for giving them such a bad name.
2002-03-03 06:46:04 PM  
But, you have stereotyped me and people who support my stance (like the Birch society) as insane.

I ain't giving them any name, you would like to think that, but I am not a fly on the elephant's ass that is the UN. But, the US will take down the UN.
2002-03-03 06:46:40 PM  
So besides cheese, beautiful women, good beer, a high literacy rate, chocolate, cool knives, a gun in every home, a low crime rate, and a relative high standard of living, what's so great about the place?
2002-03-03 06:47:24 PM  
Ok, you're right. I think the Birch society is a group that consists of fools. Call it what you wish.
2002-03-03 06:48:32 PM  
For a second there, I thought I would see "Switzerland surrenders."
2002-03-03 06:49:02 PM  
Michael Moore did a funny thing about Swiss/Nazi gold on his show the Awful Truth. Since the Swiss were resisting to give the loot back to the families of the people the Nazis stole it from, Michael though that they might give it to someone they trusted. So he got a guy to dress like Hitler and try to make withdrawals from Swiss banks. Hilarity ensued.

2002-03-03 06:50:13 PM  
What a shame. Once you get into that useless globalist cancerous organization it's hard to get out. In next few decades we'll see the slow crushing of the swiss spirit. Them being pretty wealthy sort of slows it down but it'll happen. The downfall of United Nations will only happen if some of the security seat members pull out which wont happen since they use their position to strangle the world.

Send New York's UN building with all their members to Mogadishu.
2002-03-03 06:50:37 PM  
Can you prove that the Birch society is full of fools?

that's what I thought. You call them fools because your Liberal slavemasters have told you that. The JBS has exposed the leftist infiltration of the Civil Rights movement. Even the KGB files show that they wanted radical blacks to destroy America.

You are the true fool
2002-03-03 06:51:22 PM  
I ate breakfast at a Sweedish restaurant in Chicago. Sveedish meatballs!!

The GAP of home furnishings
2002-03-03 06:51:43 PM  
Wrong, Emeril. I call them fools because I consider the viewpoint of the society to be ignorant. They are guilty by association.

Apparently, you think the same thing about liberals.

It's called opinion.
2002-03-03 06:52:33 PM  
Nobody said "France Surrenders" yet?
2002-03-03 06:53:22 PM  
Careful Emeril, your putting creases in your tinfoil hat.
2002-03-03 06:53:37 PM  
Liberals are proven fools, you only think JBS is.
2002-03-03 06:54:14 PM  
Emeril: The UN may be ineffectual as a body, but that is largely due to no actual means of enforcing policies placed upon it, and the development of large voting blocs. Hoever, I think the intent of the organization is still valid. You have to remember that much of the world lives in relative squalour, and sees disasters, wars and such because they happen right outside the windows of their mud hovels rather than on CNN... I understand your view that the US doesn't seem to get recognition for most of the stuff they do to help the world, but that's no reason to stop helping entirely. I for one respect your country for all they do.
2002-03-03 06:54:18 PM  
France Surrenders!!!
2002-03-03 06:54:24 PM  
you Liberals sure like to stereotype, eh?

Accusation of stereotyping via stereotyping.

Classic. Don't ever change.
2002-03-03 06:54:38 PM  
Both liberals and conservatives have done foolish things. I accept it, and so should you.
2002-03-03 06:55:02 PM  
PeterNorth IKEA ROCKS. The wife picks out the furniture, and afterwards, I get to play with what is essentially a giant lego set. ;-)
2002-03-03 06:58:22 PM  
That tagline kicks ass
2002-03-03 07:00:29 PM  
Liberals have done more foolish things.

"The UN may be ineffectual as a body, but that is largely due to no actual means of enforcing policies placed upon it"

So... you advocate that the UN should be given the power to rule the world and that the US should give up our rights to make sure the UN has an effect? TRAITOR! YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!

"Hoever, I think the intent of the organization is still valid. You have to remember that much of the world lives in relative squalour"

they live in that state BECAUSE OF U.N.-SUPPORTED COMMUNISM! How could you not realize that? Are you totally ignorant?

Oh, I forgot, you're just Canadian, but us Americans will be nice to you when you come down here for your health care problems.

People like me and American are true patriots. Cut from the cloth of Joe McCarthy, Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul.
2002-03-03 07:02:47 PM  

yes it does. I'm looking into some track lighting and a bar table from IKEA. Those stores are freakin huge. Don't let your womens loose in there.
2002-03-03 07:05:12 PM  
Emeril--you are a great satirist! Well done parody! You almost had me going, but then you dropped the line about McCarthy and Reagan being heroes.

But you did succeed at what you intended--making "conservative" thought (albeit taken to an extreme) look as foolish as it deserves.

You crack me up!
2002-03-03 07:05:48 PM  
Emeril Wasn't McCarthy a cross dresser? and Reagan was pretty much senile by the time he was foisted into power.
2002-03-03 07:11:56 PM  

McCarthy never cross-dressed once... you are totally ignorant of Joe, who is a WAR HERO.

Reagan wasn't senile until he left office, even now, he is much more alert than the Liberal media would want to credit him with being. It will be a sad day in America when Ronald Reagan dies.

Naderbot: the voices in your head say it's satire, but your heart knows that I am right.
2002-03-03 07:12:22 PM  
Emeril: I did not say the US should give up its right to self-government, nor did I suggest an alternative to the way things currently are. I pointed out that the UN has problems right now: pure and simple. Furthermore, I don't think you (or anyone, for that matter) can reasonably argue that an ineffective organization like the UN could have forced so you erroneously deemed "communism" upon the heads of all those poor people. Perhaps corrupt government leaders or the competitive nature of free-market policies have left them out in the cold?

Furthermore, just out of curiousity, what's your view on UN peacekeeping?
2002-03-03 07:12:44 PM  
I can't say I dislike the UN for their humanitarian work(monitoring human rights abuses,feeding starving nations),but I think the US would just be better off on its own.
2002-03-03 07:13:32 PM  
Emeril--Even if I agreed with with you (and you do sort of have a point), I'm inclined to ignore you because of your elitist, close-minded attitude.

Real conservatives hate you.
2002-03-03 07:14:06 PM  
Ooh! He's a war hero! That must make him a great politician!

No, he's actually good at killing people, not politics.
2002-03-03 07:14:25 PM  
I am not elitist, I am a realist. If 'real' conservatives hate me so much, they should stop being so elitist and stop calling themselves 'real conservatives'.
2002-03-03 07:14:44 PM  
03-03-02 06:38:15 PM EQAddict

The Swiss Army would kick your ass.

LMAO the neighborhood junior gang could "clean the clocks" of the swiss army, pun intended. Not only are they better armed, they've a HELL of a lot more experience fighting, and at least they are upfront about being low life thieves.
Granted my only experience is with the banking industry there so I may BE WAY OFF BASE :)
2002-03-03 07:14:49 PM  
There you go again! You never quit. Now you're doing just what I'd expect someone from that Fascist line of thinking to do in an argument (wink wink)--try to guess at what's in my "heart." Funny stuff man, keep it up!
2002-03-03 07:16:46 PM  
I am not an elitist... *emeril*

"If 'real' conservatives hate me so much, they should stop being so elitist and stop calling themselves 'real conservatives'."

Um...ok, the statement that followed your claim of non-elitness proves that you're an elitist.

2002-03-03 07:18:09 PM  
Admit it, you're just trolling for responses.
2002-03-03 07:18:27 PM  
Naderbot: Hahaha, I love it! The appeal to emotion thing! Keep it up, y'all...
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