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(USA Today)   I'll be home for the day after Christmas. Comair cancels all of its 1,100 flights on Saturday because someone spilled beer on the server   ( usatoday.com) divider line
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2004-12-25 05:25:08 PM  
Who flies comair? That was their first mistake.
2004-12-25 07:09:24 PM  
Since they provide all Delta connections, about 30,000 people.

/Not going anywhere
2004-12-25 07:57:44 PM  
I was just on a Comair flight 2 weeks ago, it was typically 1 hour late. They suck.,

I predict the next story will be, "Lawyer files class action suit against Comair and Delta for missing Christmas flights. Your dog wants a seat in business class."
2004-12-25 08:29:29 PM  
Well, Then I guess it's time for me to sell my Delta Stock.
2004-12-25 09:56:41 PM  
Comair canceled most of its Thursday flights after it ran critically low on de-icer fluid...

These are the lamest exuses I've ever heard. What's next, the dog ate all the maps?
2004-12-25 11:24:46 PM  
"It's the worst Christmas I've ever experienced," said Guy Lobuono, who with his wife had been trying since Thursday to get from the Cincinnati airport to Wisconsin to visit their daughter's family.

You know, by the time I'd have spent 2 days in an airport to travel several hundred miles, it probably would have occurred to me to rent a car and drive it.
2004-12-25 11:26:43 PM  
It sounds like they are trying to blame it on flight attendants for calling in sick. They just throw that in there along with "Our computer system is tits up for two days."
2004-12-25 11:27:09 PM  
Anyone else get a Dell ad at the right side of the article?
Very fitting.
2004-12-25 11:27:32 PM  
Considering the whiners in the article live 25 minutes from the airport, they can complain to someone else about eating potato chips from a vending machine.
2004-12-25 11:28:42 PM  
""It's the worst Christmas I've ever experienced," said Guy Lobuono, who with his wife had been trying since Thursday to get from the Cincinnati airport to Wisconsin..."

As Guy is my witness, I thought this Comair turkey would fly.
[image from classictvhits.com too old to be available]

2004-12-25 11:30:00 PM  
Well ya know when you pay $39 dollars for a ticket, this is what you can expect. You always get what you pay for. Cheap-asses.
2004-12-25 11:31:27 PM  
please god, make it stop.
2004-12-25 11:31:57 PM  
[image from dvdfever.co.uk too old to be available]

My flight gets canceled twice and then I have to sit next to Nicolas Cage. WTF?!
2004-12-25 11:36:09 PM  
Why do we have this idiotic tradition of traveling at the worst time of the year? Let's start a movement to make spring and summer holidays the ones where everyone gets on a plane and goes to visit the relatives. We can have songs, too -- "Please be home for Independence Day" and "I'll be home for Bastille Day", sung by American Idol runner-ups with over-produced arrangements.
2004-12-25 11:41:13 PM  
My parents were flying home from a vacation to Wash. DC yesterday. The weather was so bad in the midwest that flights to MI had been cancelled/delayed for 3 days straight. They ended up having to take a taxi over from Dulles to Reagan and catch a flight to Detroit (instead of into Lansing where they were supposed to go) and have my grandpa pick them up in order to be home for Christmas. Their car is still in Lansing.

/couldn't pay me enough money to travel around the holidays...especially in the north!!!
//they weren't flying Comair at least...
2004-12-25 11:41:56 PM  
Ok all you Management-Fellatiating-Assholes-Who-Blame-Pilots-For-Everything-That-​Goes-Awr y, time to get to work on spinning this through your ground-bound jealousy machine and crank out a steaming statement for Grenstein & the AP.

2004-12-26 12:02:05 AM  
Uh, you know, sp0rk, most of the time... it is the pilot.

2004-12-26 12:04:02 AM  
my sister spent the last 4 days in cincy airport. it was great since i don't like her, until my mom says "nobody is opening presents until the whole family is here". so my xmas got delayed by about 12 hours. weeeak
2004-12-26 12:17:46 AM  
overlord: My flight gets canceled twice and then I have to sit next to Nicolas Cage. WTF?!

That's the best part! You can fake Tourettes. Spastically yell lines from his movies interspersed with profanity for an hour.

Or better yet. Offer to arm wrestle him for the aisle. Lose like a castrated choir boy. Then spend the whole trip talking about the loose metal housing on the engine and the gremlins, and how Twilight Zone was a documentary.
2004-12-26 12:24:36 AM  
Ya know.. next Christmas, I'll take a weiner-mobile, park it outside one of these big airports, and make a killing selling food to these starving, stuck passengers.

2004-12-26 12:27:53 AM  
Submitted this about 12 hours ago....

Delta gives Comair the shaft for the most part. Company morale is low (none of the flyers who were around during the strike wear anything Comair related off the job)

This will be another 5 or 6 nails in Delta's coffin...
2004-12-26 12:35:30 AM  

the problem is that the trucks delivering deicer fluids weren't able to get there because of all the snow. krogers here in lexington ky have been running low the past couple days because the shipments couldn't get out from louisville.
2004-12-26 12:50:35 AM  
People need to stop flying. Period. As long as you tolerate 3rd world service that is what you'll get.
2004-12-26 12:52:56 AM  
linux box i bet
2004-12-26 12:56:20 AM  
Someone forgot to give xmas bonuses to their IT staff...
2004-12-26 12:59:15 AM  
2004-12-26 01:12:17 AM  
Rent a Car? Got to be fast. I got stuck in an airport for Xmas about 12 years ago. Snow, troops headed over sea and a comdy of errors left us stranded in Dallas. Till one of our brighter fellow passenger noticed the troop buses were leaving empty. He talked to a driver and rented the bus to Little Rock. He then sold seats at cost to anyone who what a ride and would made stops all along the way. The local TV station did an interview with him and then there was a run on buses. After that the Airlines step in. They grabbed the buses up including ours and said they would pick up the tab. Good news? Not really, the catch we had to give up our tickets, none of the refunds or ticket exchanges that had been perviously offered.
2004-12-26 01:14:56 AM  
The main problem is that with the computer system down, they couldn't properly log crew hours, and so rather than have over-extended pilots and flight attendants (and their unions) gunning for the airline, the FAA shut them down for a couple days to get their shiat together. At least that's the version gathered from a Delta reservations agent when trying to rebook some of those poor bastards with us.

/res agent for the airline whose name rhymes with "fourth best"
//double time and a half ain't worth working Christmas
2004-12-26 01:22:56 AM  
...and to follow up on ichibanmichelle's post, as of yesterday there was nto a single rental car available in the greater Detroit metro area. And no, we won't pay your cab fare to Grand Rapids. And no, we don't have a clue where your luggage is. Probably in a pile on the tarmac at LAX and about to be detonated by a jumpy SWAT team. Well, you should have packed your medication in your carry-on, then. Buh-bye.

This week has been utter hell to work for the airlines. Well, moreso than usual. ::holds up glass:: Beer me.
2004-12-26 01:28:19 AM  

Thats the same impression I got from one of the senior first officers.
2004-12-26 01:30:52 AM  
/hahahaha - hohohoho - kak-kak-kak-kak

/ Merry X-Mas in an Airport.
2004-12-26 01:48:08 AM  
//double time and a half ain't worth working Christmas

You get double-time-and-a-half? Lucky biatch. I'm working for comp time here.
2004-12-26 02:06:17 AM  
Pissed does not come close to what I would be. I could understand bad weather, that's one of the chances you take flying this time of year, but a computer glitch, my arse.
They shoulda just blamed the weather and shut up.

/doesn't fly often, doesn't want to anymore
2004-12-26 02:13:59 AM  
Isn't this the same reason I wasn't able to watch Single Female Lawyer?

/wearing sexy mini-skirts
//being self-reliant
2004-12-26 02:20:11 AM  
Beer spilled on server, huh?

/Drew wanted for questioning...
2004-12-26 02:39:40 AM  

You have a very interesting bio. I recommend you write a book.
2004-12-26 02:54:00 AM  
Next time, take Amtrak.
2004-12-26 02:55:28 AM  
It was root beer.

I mean, that's what I hear.
2004-12-26 02:57:09 AM  
Why do people insist on travelling around the winter holidays and then act surprised when everything is farked up becasue of the weather?

Here's an idea...

Plan family get-togethers in the off season, when the weather is nice. Make your own holiday, give presents. Leave Christmas travel for the retards who don't think.
2004-12-26 03:03:06 AM  
Sweet Zombie Jesus:

Isn't this the same reason I wasn't able to watch Single Female Lawyer?

/wearing sexy mini-skirts
//being self-reliant

Somebody's been watching their Futurama.

/...Single Female Lawyer
//Having lots of sex...
2004-12-26 08:33:17 AM  
We got lucky when we rescheduled the flight to a different flight for today. In fact, yesterday, we were going to fly to LAX, with the connection at Cincinnati. Never will I dare to fly during winter with a connecting flight to O'Hare or Cincinnati.


This week has been utter hell to work for the airlines. Well, moreso than usual. ::holds up glass:: Beer me.

[image from wagnerur.hu too old to be available]

Here you go.
2004-12-26 08:36:03 AM  
That's what happens when you are using vacuum tubes and bazooka gum to hold together your crew scheduling program. Its a shame they didn't make that capital investment and replace the program six months ago, now ain't it?

My biggest question is why didn't Delta fire up the other DCI carriers (chautauqua, skywest, ASA) to have all available airplanes in CVG to provide lift? Its not scabbing when your shiat is broken.

/Comair pwns Delta again
//at least it wasn't 90 days this time
2004-12-26 08:49:16 AM  

Most of the time? What the fark does that have to do with THIS time? Geez, your lack of general comprehension makes me hope you don't have an IFR rating...


Yeah, I'm sure it's those Unions that would have been "gunning" for ComAir - in the words of Grenstein - "a contract's a contract" - as for keeping track of hours/scheduling/rest, yeah, that responsiblity should be lumped back on to the pilots in this scenario - nevermind the FAA is one of the most ham-fisted government agencies in existence...seriously...what kind of institution is charged with both regulation/policing of an industry AND maintaining its existence (ATCs, 100k+ well paid, skilled jobs)...

As for Fourth-Best, thanks for turning the airline industry into nothing more than the Greyhound of the sky...Anybody who can actually be smug about SW's 'viability' during this downturn is hilarious - yeah, great pay-scale (thanks for hurting the fair market wage, SW pilots), I love taking SW flights to Hawaii & Foreign Countries so I can conduct business (oh shiat, that's right, SW is a fair weather short hop whore), and it's interesting to note that their stockpile of cash to get through the fuel price crisis has been chipped away to a piss in the pot...

Go ahead, biatch about the airline industry, the bailouts, etc...after all, it's not like your retirement funds or investments are in any way, shape, or form tied to one of the United States's largest & most successful industries (re: employing American taxpayers & generating more revenue for the bottom 1/4th of the economy who think pilots are over-glorified bus drivers)...

2004-12-26 09:47:31 AM  
If you absolutely want to be home for Christmas, leave early and have a back-up plan that still gets you there in time.

Don't be totally dependant on something as weather sensitive as air travel. Consider taking AMTRAK, GREYHOUND or drive yourself.

Stay away from the Atlanta airport whenever possible.
2004-12-26 10:12:52 AM  
TotalFark subscriptions must be down. Looks like Drew is moonlighting!

/Doesn't know Drew
/Hopes he has the sense of humor I've gathered he has...
2004-12-26 10:14:48 AM  
Sorry, but I don't care how many jobs they provide. No company should be bailed out by our tax dollars. It is not the function of the government to keep uncompetitive, unprofitable, and inefficient companies alive.

Oh wait, that describes the government perfectly.
2004-12-26 11:23:37 AM  
Wow, from the headline (beer spilt on controls), it would sound like a few Fark readers are responsible ;-)

What do you have against Christmas? :D
2004-12-26 11:41:54 AM  
SW is viable only because of their wage system....and that they gambled & locked fuel at 91 cents/gal rather than the 1.21/gal and higher that the rest are paying.

As far as calling out other DCI carriers Chataugua and Mesa had their own issues also. We haven't had an ontime Chataugua flight in the past 4 days. Not due to the pilots (most have helped us out doing aircraft repos that they don't have to) but because the dispatchers have no clue about customer service. All that matters to them is the routing of aircraft....not the way it will affect customers.

Example given: Aircraft for the Milwaukee flight changed to Chatanooga at the last minute. 8000 pounds of fuel already on board. Dispatch wants us to get volunteers (bump) 20 passengers so they won't have to defuel. WE had to go to bat for the customers as it would have taken us over an hour to get 20 volunteers & if not we would have had to bump them thus alienating 20. To defuel to 4000 pounds would only take about 15 minutes and nobody is put off.

Philidelphia had over 7000 bags left from cancelled flights. Some due to weather, most due to a sick out called by the flight attendants over a contract disagreement. Something that they promised they wouldn't do until "after" the holidays. Cincinatti had serious fuel farm issues & we had no flights going in as they couldn't get fuel to get back out thus disrupting other flights down line. Cleveland had no deicing fluid. Cincinatti had the wrong type of deicing fluid.

Through all this we US Air Express only had 6 cancellations. We fly the commuters & are the non-union side of the operation. We are still viable even though mainline (the big jets) isn't though we get the hand me downs in equipment and are treated as second rate by the management. Mebbe they should take a second look.
2004-12-26 11:51:46 AM  
Sergeant Crash: Well, Then I guess it's time for me to sell my Delta Stock.

Anyone owning any kind of airline stock needs a swift kick in the ass. Only Southwest is profitable, and even their returns are crap.
2004-12-26 11:56:51 AM  
{tin foil hat}

I wonder if this is a way on the part of management to screw the unions, get into bankruptcy, and emerge with some freshly shafted creditors.

I mean, how bogus is it to have ONE functioning mission-critical system? I don't know about you, and I am certainly not an IT guy, but I have daily back-ups made of my mission-critical software, and if it went down, I'd keep going into my backups until I found an uncorrupted file.

Plus, why can't pilots keep track of their hours the way that drivers do? Ya know, with a pen and paper?

{/tin foil hat}
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