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4522 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Mar 2002 at 6:34 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-02 06:36:33 PM  
That's......kinda neat. *cough*
2002-03-02 06:39:30 PM  
2002-03-02 06:40:42 PM  
Well, at least they're only $10.00.
2002-03-02 06:46:40 PM  
Is there a video game in there somwhere?
2002-03-02 06:47:52 PM  
Couldn't you just use celery instead?
2002-03-02 06:48:28 PM  
Sweet... :)

They were given away as promos with the latest Dune game in ... Asia.
2002-03-02 06:50:22 PM  
[image from stikfas.com too old to be available]

How soon till Lucas sues their asses back to the stone-age?
2002-03-02 06:50:56 PM  
2002-03-02 06:52:28 PM  
Thats very....uhnhhhhh boba-fetish?
2002-03-02 07:04:05 PM  
Ya bunch of weirdos!
2002-03-02 07:11:12 PM  
They are only 3" tall?!?!?!
2002-03-02 07:13:22 PM  
2002-03-02 07:13:52 PM  
2002-03-02 07:25:08 PM  
That was about as entertaining as sticking a rusty screwdriver in to my eye.
2002-03-02 07:31:41 PM  
See the Spiderman one too?

They might be sued; so get yours now.
2002-03-02 07:32:27 PM  
2002-03-02 07:39:04 PM  
Uh... OK.
2002-03-02 07:40:26 PM  
I was going to get one, too, to keep on my desk at work. Then I checked out the gallery and saw how tiny they were.
2002-03-02 07:50:15 PM  
And for us long-time Farkers...Repeat...

2002-03-02 08:15:39 PM  
Maybe this guy should team up with RealDoll...
2002-03-02 08:30:17 PM  
Very cool.
2002-03-02 08:46:21 PM  
These are pretty damned cool. They're not ten bucks worth of cool though.
2002-03-02 08:47:34 PM  
Test: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
2002-03-02 09:04:20 PM  
Stickfas? I thought it was what a dickfor?
2002-03-02 09:07:57 PM  
these suck, gundam model kits are way cooler. I mean, if you have to put together a toy it it is doofy looking, it damn well better be legos. And yes.. i REALLY hope Mr. Lucas sues them to heck and back. for.. i dunno THIS:
2002-03-02 09:10:07 PM  
hmm ok THIS:
2002-03-02 09:11:19 PM  
goody my image posting ability has been removed. k.. here is the link, if you at all interested anymore...

2002-03-02 09:20:22 PM  
You guys must have not noticed that these dolls are customizable and you cut and design them yourself.

Know what I'm sayin'?
2002-03-02 09:34:09 PM  
good point Wellitsoun,
i dont think everyone knows that. But they are still advertising registered trade marks of the most recognizable kind in an effort to sell the toys. Maybe its covered in Fair Use.. but i dont think they are Americans, so... Mr Lucas will have to do something if they make any money here.
I will try to post an image in this thread yet again.
2002-03-02 10:06:30 PM  
it's totally fair use. jeez. the Boba Fett custom was made by a fella not employed by stikfas. They also showed spider-man ™. which looked really cool. I ordered two of them. I think they'll be great fun. something to do at work when i pull the 24 weekend shift. ^_^. compaq mainframes suck.
2002-03-02 10:38:37 PM  
ok you conviced me.. i ordered 40. nah just 18. ;)
2002-03-02 11:27:50 PM  
Wellitsoun: "You guys must have not noticed that these dolls are customizable and you cut and design them yourself."

That's the best part of them. Unfortunately, they only have the very beginning of the model range out now, which makes them no better than your average model kit. Once they have some more stuff available, with some more options, it will be a completely different story.

Then again, I'm biased. I'm into Warhammer, so I already have all the overpriced model kits I need.
2002-03-03 02:27:24 AM  
these things look killer. as articulated as they are, they could make for very smooth animation.
2002-03-03 11:54:30 AM  
Heh, forget Lucasarts getting down their throat for the Boba custom. What's worse? They'll get a cap busted in their ass for the


2002-03-03 11:55:47 AM  
Aww, my link no worky.
eh, back to bed.
2002-03-03 03:31:11 PM  
these things look cool as hell... the people with negative feelings might do well to take a closer look at these things... check out the gallery of figures or dioramas.. these are the most articulate models ive ever seen.. theyre solid construction, not hollow, like cheaper productions might employ to save material costs or something. so you can sand them and sculpt a little to customize things. the open-endedness of these models is another thing that sets them apart i think...

and yeah, they would be -excellent- for animation!
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