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(Some Guy)   it's farker nietzsche's 20th birthday today.   ( fark.com) divider line
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2002-03-02 06:36:40 PM  
Dumbass, eh?

So, if I lie to Fark and give them a link to my PayPal account, I'll get money for free?
2002-03-02 06:37:41 PM  
Happy Farking Birthday!
2002-03-02 06:38:01 PM  
dumbass tag... hilarious!
2002-03-02 06:38:35 PM  
[image from amp-f.com too old to be available]
2002-03-02 06:38:46 PM  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) I'm glad you are now the second farker in the last month to get their birthday noted on fark. I felt so lonely with all the "Why the hell is this posted here, Mysticmara sucks ass" posts all to me. Now it's your turn. *snuggles* Have a happy birthday sweetie and just tell all the complainers of fark just to get bent. :D It's your damn day, they're just bitter and angry. *smoooooooch*
2002-03-02 06:48:56 PM  
LOL at the last posts by MySticMaRa and Quick1
2002-03-02 06:52:22 PM  
Quick1: Stop whining. Jesus. Get over it. Skip the article, it's just a stupid headline "Hey, it's this farkers birthday!" If Drew or anyone else wants to use the bandwidth, then let em! Skip the damn link and go to the nearest boobie link and get that frustration and anger and angst out of your sistem with the help of bambi and her twins. Leave him alone, it's his birthday, time to celebrate and be happy. :D Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If you don't like it, do like me with religious and political threads.......don't click. I'm gonna start a campaign.

If it ain't your shtick, well then don't click!
2002-03-02 06:54:11 PM  
Yes, and the last time I checked, system IS spelled with a y and not an I.
2002-03-02 06:54:26 PM  
If the glove don't fit, you must acquit
2002-03-02 06:55:42 PM  

why not just make a script that automatically announces every farker's b-day on the main fark.com?
2002-03-02 06:58:06 PM  
Everyone is Piassed off??!!

Happy Birthday, have a brew.

*I am going to FLED.*
2002-03-02 06:58:55 PM  
Hey Harrybozack, that's a great idea! I'll tell bit0mike to do that, and then after he's done laughing his ass off, I'll remember what an idiot I am and then go sit in my corner and cry myself to sleep cause I'm lonely and scared and sometimes I see a man in my room, and I don't know if he's a good man, but he just stares at me........is that bad? Oh well......I'll ask him.
2002-03-02 06:59:07 PM  
What's with all the crying over this? I don't really care about the birthday thing, either. But maybe that's it - I just don't care. I don't care enough to send money, and I don't care enough to piss and moan whenever there's a birthday announcement. It's just another link among 30 or 40.
2002-03-02 07:01:06 PM  


2002-03-02 07:01:56 PM  
Quick, there's always gonna be posts that people don't like. Frankly, I think there are MANY things on fark that I would rather not be here, but other people enjoy them, so I just skip them. I don't see why this is so hard to skip as well. Hell, most of the time, I don't see HALF the headlines on here anymore, just kinda skim them and click on that sounds remotely interesting. It's ONE line of text saying happy birthday to some lonely farker who can't even leave their home on their birthday cause they're such a loser who doesn't have any frie........*cough*

2002-03-02 07:02:48 PM  
"God is dead." -Nietzsche
"Nietzsche is dead." -God
But he just turned 20...
2002-03-02 07:07:37 PM  
03-02-02 07:01:06 PM Out Of Bounds

A Fark headline yesterday, "Woman attempts to cut off husband's wang, flees country, calls husband & asks for $6000" she was going to ""fled"" the area.
2002-03-02 07:13:48 PM  
My birthday is in nine days. Do I get an announcement?
2002-03-02 07:21:10 PM  
EQAddict, depends... Are you turning 20 or 21??
2002-03-02 07:23:07 PM  
2002-03-02 07:29:05 PM  
My birthday was on February 22nd, and I didn't get an announcement... :)
It was my golden birthday too.
2002-03-02 07:33:23 PM  
EQAddict: wait for 4 more years.
2002-03-02 07:36:36 PM  
Jashter My birthday was the day before yours and I got an announcement only cause somone submitted it. You should have submitted it and it might have. :) It was my 21st. :)
2002-03-02 07:50:17 PM  
My birthday is a day during the year.
2002-03-02 07:59:09 PM  
MyStIcMaRa: I guess I should have tried.
2002-03-02 08:06:57 PM  
Happy birthday to everyone who had a birthday so far this year. And happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday coming up before next year.

Sheesh, that oughta cover it.

There's 25875 distinct users on Fark, which means we'd get as many as 71 birthday announcements a day, or one every 20 minutes, if I did the math right.
2002-03-02 08:08:34 PM  
I only got mine up because today is my 21st birthday. They probably wouldn't have put it up if it was my 22nd or 20th.
2002-03-02 08:18:45 PM  
Happy Birthday. Don't get to messed up, you wanna remember the party, don't you?

Well on my birthday, which is April 1, a picture of me will be offered up to sacrifice for photoshop with an announcement that it is my birthday.
Cuz I threw Drew some beer money and I want a good laugh on my birthday.
Maybe some cool FARKer or FARKette decided to throw Drew some beer money in order to let the FARK community know that it was that particular person's birthday? Whatever the reason, the FARK Gods decided it was a worthy link/announcement.
You don't like it, fine. Why don't you just pass over the link next time? Send Drew an E-mail to voice your displeasure. But to do it in someone's birthday link is pretty shiat IMO. And here is a question to ask yourself. What have I contributed monetarily to FARK? It is amazing how attentative Drew is to me when I send him an E-mail for anything. He always responds ASAP. Maybe because I showed him a lil' luv by sending him a lil' something for his troubles? Not trying to come down on you Quick1, but think before you speak. Links like this may help finance FARK. And personally, I don't have a problem with it. Maybe the only birthday wish some FARKer or FARKette may get on their day is thru these threads for all we know. And that is better than none.
2002-03-02 08:33:40 PM  
Happy Birthday Neitzsche. Don't forget though that you'll have this same birthday again, and again, and again, and that that is all to the good. "So, this is life? Alright, yes then, once more again!"

2002-03-02 08:34:23 PM  
Will it be this photo?
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-03-02 08:38:54 PM  
Actually haven't decided on which picture to use but thanks for the laugh. You photoshop pretty good. Actually I'd probably had preferred the devil dog head with the 17" long tongue, that way I can become a pussy eating legend plus I can lick my balls when needed.
2002-03-02 08:44:37 PM  
Fine. I hadn't considered that people would actually pay to announce their birthdays on Fark. If Drew is getting money out of it, then it's fine with me, as long as it's not every other link. All things in moderation and all that.

*Grumble*Happy Birthday, nietzsche*Grumble*

You also don't need a massive tongue to be a pussy eating legend. I should know. :)
2002-03-02 08:57:32 PM  
Quick 1,
I knew you had a heart when I saw that picture of you with that cute lil dog and you were cuddling it instead of biting its head off. =+P
2002-03-02 09:17:41 PM  
Actually, the picture is right before it scratched my face, resulting in me biting it's head off.
2002-03-02 09:44:30 PM  
Well shiznit...I turned 20 February 18th. I didn't get any happy birthdays. Damn you Fark.
2002-03-02 09:45:45 PM  
Hey neitzsche remember that time we were being gay in the back of the UPS truck and the door slid shut and we ended up in vermont?
2002-03-02 10:15:28 PM  
Happy birthday!
I remember my 20th birthday...wait...no...no I don't.
I remember my friends telling me about my 20th birthday.
2002-03-02 10:36:24 PM  
i want to turn 20. well not really. in fact i wouldn't mind skipping my 19th and 20th birthdays and just go straight to the good years. i'd be done with college then, too. *spits on monitor, kicks ground and grinds teeth in disdain for those stupid, boring years to come*
2002-03-02 11:03:50 PM  

It's my birthday too. Go figure.
2002-03-02 11:04:29 PM  
No, wait, it's cooler than that.

It's my 20thbirthday too. THAT'S why I felt the need to post.
2002-03-02 11:07:42 PM  
Who farking cares. Enough with the farking birthday greetings.
2002-03-03 01:30:43 AM  
Happy Birthday dude! From someone who's LEAVING her 20s real soon! :)

BTW I think we need a Birthday tag. After all we're one big happy dysfunctional family here, right? :)

And to those who posted on my message board, thanks guys, and if you insulted me it got erased. :)
2002-03-03 02:03:58 AM  
Happy Birthday!
Plain and simple
2002-03-03 02:10:01 AM  
I hate to tell you this but the college years ARE the good years. 18 -22 is a good age t obe. AFter that its all down hill, with things like maturity and responsibility getting in the way

Nietzsche - Happy Birthday!
2002-03-03 08:40:59 AM  
On behalf of the whole world: Nobody [image from members.home.nl too old to be available]ing cares.
2002-03-03 10:03:53 AM  
"On behalf of the whole world: Nobody [image from members.home.nl too old to be available]ing cares."

hmm...[image from members.home.nl too old to be available][image from members.home.nl too old to be available][image from members.home.nl too old to be available]....

2002-03-03 01:33:34 PM  
and not a word from the birthday boy...awwww.
2002-03-03 01:35:01 PM  
How'd you do that? Is it an image or a table, Skidnuts/Sjaak?
2002-03-03 01:59:41 PM  
Shiro: by looking at the page source, I'd say an image.

One cleverly made without an obvious name that would get filtered.
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