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923 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Feb 2023 at 1:01 PM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2023-02-06 1:58:15 PM  
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2023-02-06 5:04:41 PM  
Sure, Bob knew the difference between a cross-cut blade and a ripping blade, but now that he had the new table saw set up in his workshop, it just occurred to him that he wouldn't be able to use the damn thing.
2023-02-07 7:12:51 AM  
"Where is my elephant friend?"
2023-02-07 7:28:24 AM  
"I'M not gonna tell him customers are not allowed back here!"
2023-02-07 8:33:01 AM  
Soooo.... that's what Birds Eye Maple looks like!! I'm not impressed!!
2023-02-07 1:04:39 PM  
"Can I speak to your supervisor?"
2023-02-07 1:09:18 PM  
I dont expect you to talk, Doug. I expect you to die.
2023-02-07 1:15:32 PM  
"Before we get started I'd like to take a moment to talk about shop safety.  There is no more important safety rule than to wear THESE... safety glasses...*squawk*."
2023-02-07 1:19:11 PM  
So then I told him, "Look. That requires a 7/16 socket. You're never gonna get a good grip with a 3/8." We laughed and laughed. Ahhh... that bird brain wouldn't know the difference between his head and a hole in the ground.
2023-02-07 1:24:17 PM  
This dress code sucks.
2023-02-07 1:26:32 PM  
Look Bob, it's time for some tough love. You're going to have to give this silly dream of being a master woodworker up. The fact is that you don't the know the first thing about carpentry, and...well, you don't have opposable thumbs.
2023-02-07 1:27:34 PM  
"You know, Frank, I used to have wings. But then I just HAD to f*cking cut my own lumber..."
2023-02-07 1:39:10 PM  
"Can I get your attention please everyone, we'll be using new cover sheets on our TPS reports, if you have any questions, please see me in my office. also, I'd also like to remind everyone that you may NOT drink alcoholic beverages in the saw room. Danian, I'm talking to you."

/*shakes head*
2023-02-07 1:41:23 PM  
Take your bird to work day was a big success again this year.
2023-02-07 1:49:25 PM  

stringbad: That's a Cassowary. Seen them up close. They make a deep sound like what would come out of a sub-woofer, and you don't want to be attacked/instantly disembowelled by them. Why, yes. Why do you ask if I'm an Australian?

I'm an American and I know well enough to stay far far away from one of those damn things.. well most all Aussie wild life actually.
2023-02-07 2:02:29 PM  
Came for the beer. Stayed to mate with the table saw.
2023-02-07 2:19:59 PM  
"You call that a bird house?  My shiatter is bigger than that.  In fact if I tried to shiat in that I'd probably miss."
2023-02-07 3:27:33 PM  
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2023-02-07 3:36:43 PM  
Hey boss I got a cassowary in the 'shop

Says he wants a nest of tables
2023-02-07 4:10:31 PM  
I have't seen boots like those since the Woodstock, I wonder where this bird brain found them
2023-02-07 4:19:40 PM  
This week on The New Yankee Workshop we are making a bird feeder, again
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