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(Altoona Mirror)   Have you ever wanted to be able to type your dream into a smart device and then a few minutes later see an image of your dream displayed on a screen in a museum?   ( divider line
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766 clicks; posted to STEM » on 04 Feb 2023 at 4:21 PM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2023-02-04 12:20:59 PM  
Have we learned nothing?
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2023-02-04 4:05:52 PM  
I've always thought that a video of Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, and Christina Hendricks engaged in Jello wrestling should be in an art museum.
2023-02-04 4:38:57 PM  
No one wants to see my gin nap dream of road tripping to Nilbog
2023-02-04 4:42:45 PM  
What? No. I'd be arrested for publicly displaying pornography.
2023-02-04 5:05:42 PM  
The Riddler's 3D Box
Youtube 4CkRewmRnRc
2023-02-04 5:07:21 PM  
Never.  Is there something wrong with my head, that I can't keep it there?
2023-02-04 5:08:02 PM  
Surveillance of my dreams seems shiatty.

But I've had plenty of my dream stuff in art galleries and stuff so really,this is just using people as workers to make money for an idiot computer nerd. We should be the ones getting the credit and the recognition for our art, not someone who programmed the medium that our work is displayed on.

Fark this Silicon Valley anti-artist crap.
2023-02-04 5:15:37 PM  
sounds like deep dark fears:

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2023-02-04 5:50:39 PM  
Yes, but there are obscenity laws...
2023-02-04 6:02:02 PM  
and that's how I made ERASERHEAD
-David Lynch
2023-02-04 6:06:07 PM  
my dream already came true
2023-02-04 6:12:48 PM  
I want my dreams to be cartoons. Can it do that? Full Size
2023-02-04 7:07:06 PM  
Challenge accepted. It's weird up in this noggin.
2023-02-04 7:09:37 PM  
FTFA: A winding staircase keeps changing directions.

Someone's been reading "House of Leaves".
2023-02-04 7:23:00 PM  

Johnson: and that's how I made ERASERHEAD
-David Lynch

Pretty sure that was drigs
2023-02-04 9:04:26 PM  
Nope. I have had weird Dreams. Some total Fantasy where I can just Fly, and others that were Recurring. with One that I had damn near the Same Conversation in real Life as I did in a dream that changed over a few months Time.
Just My Brain Chewing on a problem, or Farking around Flying. Dang I Miss the Dreams where i can Fly.
2023-02-04 9:24:32 PM  
You want to experience what dreams are like in the corporeal world?

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2023-02-04 9:52:28 PM  
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2023-02-04 11:17:34 PM  
"The Plans for Earth's destruction to maek way for an Interstellar Bypoass have been on display for months in the Regulators Office"
2023-02-04 11:36:47 PM  

cryinoutloud: Never.  Is there something wrong with my head, that I can't keep it there?

If it's just in your head it can't be shared on social media in search of clicks for you and advertising revenue for the techbros who run the site.
2023-02-05 1:15:23 AM  
2023-02-05 1:27:22 AM  
I feel like this should be a photoshop contest...
2023-02-05 5:45:12 AM  

darkman2000: No one wants to see my gin nap dream of road tripping to Nilbog

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2023-02-05 9:25:56 AM  
A real art project would ask you to imagine something and then image it directly from your visual cortex.  Which is something we can do now, if you happen to have access to fMRI hardware and the right computer algorithm.

The results are far enough away from what you actually are seeing that they could be considered 'arty', but at the same time they're close enough that you can see the original image in the computer-generated one if you have the original as a reference.
2023-02-05 10:09:08 AM  
It because of the instability around the ship
2023-02-05 12:25:50 PM  
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2023-02-05 2:19:07 PM  
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