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(Twitter)   Have you ever heard a dog whisper?   ( divider line
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916 clicks; posted to D'awww » on 31 Jan 2023 at 8:15 AM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2023-01-30 11:36:22 PM  
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2023-01-31 4:20:35 AM  
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Stitch is the noisiest dog I've ever lived with. He barks at car doors and people outside he barks at anyone other than me coming through the door . . . Even my roommate who's lived here longer than he has. If he's not barking he's rumbling.

He snores ranging from soft lil grunts to loud enough to prompt getting poked so he'll quit it.

And when he's frustrated or annoyed he chuffs, sighs, or audibly smacks his lips.
2023-01-31 6:00:48 AM  
Dear God, I wish I could teach our cat to whisper. She makes noises that set my teeth on edge.
2023-01-31 7:12:14 AM  
No, but I have heard of the dog whisperer.
2023-01-31 8:48:04 AM  
so that's where Elayne Boosler's been! i loved her as a kid- and i love the whispering dog. i too have an extra and especially vocal cat; the female, as it happens, lol. the others clearly understand a meaning in her mews and can tell when she goes from asking for food to about-to-get-food, and then they all come running. she has zero whisper.
2023-01-31 8:49:42 AM  

Jesus McSordid: Dear God, I wish I could teach our cat to whisper. She makes noises that set my teeth on edge.

We've got one of those. Calico. Screams day and night while stalking her toys. Stealth predator my ass. She even sets the dog on edge.

/we love her. She's perfect.
2023-01-31 9:09:40 AM  
That was adorable.

Also, Elayne Boosler is a very funny lady.
2023-01-31 10:18:25 AM  
I had a dog that did that.

First I teach my dogs the command "quiet." So when he heard the mailman coming, he would start with that, like he was huffing in indignation, and then (if I didn't tell him "quiet") he would work his way up to a full bark.
2023-01-31 10:36:43 AM  
I have one that mutters under her breath.  Never been able to record it.
2023-01-31 10:40:27 AM  
We used to dogsit for my neighbors' dog, and I taught her to howl quietly.  They got a real kick out of that.
2023-01-31 11:38:14 AM  
I've tried to teach my girls to use their 'inside voice' when they want out.  I'll be at my desk and hear "woof"... "woof"... "woof" ... "woof" ... "woof!"  Most of the time, I'll turn early on and echo their woof back to them until they get too cute to not do as they bid.
2023-01-31 12:11:10 PM  
Did she give that poor dog a green bean?
2023-01-31 12:21:18 PM  
Apollo will "whisper" which is a soft haroo. It's a vast improvement from his early morning WAKE THE FARK UP! bark. Now he starts with a couple whispers and only escalates if he doesn't get the desired response.
2023-01-31 2:19:57 PM  
2023-01-31 3:26:02 PM  

HairBolus: That is Griffin eye_am_griffin on TikTok 2022-10-4 (22.3M views)
Griffin has mastered whispering🤫 #pitmix #tricks #goodboy #goodestboy #whisper #whisperingdog eye_am_griffin
Griffin · 2022-10-4

Thank you!
2023-01-31 3:39:58 PM  
My parents had a Miniature Schnauzer who barked at everything. We took care of him for a few weeks when they were out of time.

His barking was really annoying and loud. It took Mrs. Carte a while to work with him, but he learnd to bark without opening his mouth.
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