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(Famadillo)   Today I learned: Richard of York gave battle in vain is the British version of ROY G. Biv   ( divider line
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2023-01-28 3:13:08 PM  
This came up on the Taskmaster subreddit because IIRC Rose Matafeo was introduced to the Brit mnemonic by the show. I think the younger Brits on r/taskmaster were only familiar with Roy G. Biv. Personally, I'm familiar with both, so it might be a generational thing and I'm on the cusp.

Or maybe Boards of Canada put the idea in my head.
boards of canada - roygbiv
Youtube yT0gRc2c2wQ
2023-01-28 4:13:09 PM  
Purple Eggplants Make Delightful Afternoon Snacks.
2023-01-28 4:45:16 PM  
Roy G Biv - They Might Be Giants
Youtube uRP1KcSfg5A
2023-01-28 4:45:57 PM  
In Alpha Complex where we all live
livesd a brave Troubleshooter named Roy-G-BIV.
Wearin' his Reflec and his polished black boots
(Rumor is that the Commies and Roy are in cahoots)
Roy-G! Roy-G! Roy-G-BIV
He's only got three cycles to live
Roy-G! Roy-G! Roy-G-BIV
Arms like iron and a mind like a sieve
Now Infareds are a peace-lovin' folk you know
They just work and sleep and they act like they're stoned
Everyone's equal in their underground home
But some are more equal than other clones.
But one day Roy was asked to go
Outdoors 'cause the Computer told him so
to chase down some bad guys (we know about those)
'Cause Alpha Complex is riddled with numerous foes
Roy-G! Roy-G! Roy-G-BIV
He's only got two cycles to live
Roy-G! Roy-G! Roy-G-BIV
Regrets that's he's only six clone lives to give.
Well he fought with the traitors
and wiped out a lot!
He scrubbed out the bloodstains,
A promotion he got!
He bought a nice pad with the spoils of war
'Cause what else is a higher security clearance for?
Roy-G! Roy-G! Roy-G-BIV
Roy's got less than one cycle to live
Now Roy's running scared and he's out there alone
Friend Computer ignores the pleas of this clone
His former co-workers are venting frustrations
at this high-level traitor who skirts termination
2023-01-28 4:53:35 PM  
Represents a spectrum, so GOPers will be triggered
2023-01-28 5:38:01 PM  
Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly

Learned that in the Air Force to determine the resistance of a resister.
2023-01-28 5:51:08 PM  
(I have never been comfortable with that mnemonic but it was effective.)
2023-01-28 6:11:27 PM  
No relation to Bel Biv Devoe.

Now you know.
2023-01-28 7:07:40 PM  
Actually, it's Richard Of Yuma Grew Bananas In Vaginas - which is more common then you'd think.
2023-01-28 7:51:42 PM  
WAIT! I have a better idea!
2023-01-28 9:17:06 PM  

teto85: Purple Eggplants Make Delightful Afternoon Snacks.

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally if she doesn't offer you any.
2023-01-28 11:53:51 PM  
So there is a rainbow connection here?
2023-01-29 3:59:38 AM  
Is the British version even grammatically correct? Can you "give" battle?
2023-01-30 1:07:24 AM  
Here's one for remembering the order of our Solar System:

Mother very thoughtfully made a peanut butter sandwich under no Protest...
Mercury, Venus, Terra (Earth), Mars, asteroid belt, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

Thanks, Robert Heinlein!
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