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(Amazon) Hero Subby's cousin is dying. She takes the high road out and leaves soon, but has penned a book on dying well, as we all should. Hug your loved ones. Plugging her book here. She's a wonderful mother, grandmother, friend. Stay connected to those you love   ( divider line
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2023-01-27 7:41:36 PM  
This happened to my mom. She knew she was going to die about 6 months before it happened. I was just a teenager at the time and an only child so, I wish I had done better job for her. Hopefully I can read this book and come up with something to say in the wedding vows I'll be taking this summer.
2023-01-27 9:30:48 PM  
My brother died from complications due to ALS. It mostly hit him in the arm, chest and neck at first.  His doctors were very honest with him saying it was one of the worst places to be affected. He was given less than a year. He was brave throughout. We were prepared as a family to sell property, anything to prolong his life as his medical insurance wouldn't cover a lot of costs. My brother, knowing it was hopeless gathered us together. He wanted to be comfortable as much as possible before he died. We respected and embraced his decision. Our family suffered from his loss but wasn't torn apart.

Love you brother...always
2023-01-27 9:58:08 PM  
enjoy every sandwich.
2023-01-27 10:10:38 PM  
Get her a Audible subscription...and a device to use to listen bedside. (or get it yourself and share)
Audiobooks are great. As is NPR radio. Much better than TV for most things.
Tho...I still use TV for a great deal of 'passive' entertainment.

Google about for "Radio Reading Service" it was mostly NPR created for Blind people...and had readers reading news papers, magazines etc. It's internet now. And you might have to look for your local chapter.
2023-01-27 10:48:02 PM  
I hope this doesn't come across as some kind of grief-shaming, because that's not what I'm going for, and if such a thing were to exist it would be pretty horrible. But. I am jealous of those who were able to say their goodbyes and make their peace.

Until recently, every funeral I've attended, it wasn't unexpected. Both my grandmothers, their siblings, their spouses and so on. They all basically died of old age.

Towards the end of November, I had a call from my brother, round about 4pm. Chatting about nothing essentially, like how many conversations with your siblings might go.

The following day, approaching 9pm, there was a knocking on the door. Which I initially ignored, because I was basically dressed for bed. And who's going to be banging on your door at that time of night? I figured a misguided fast food delivery driver, because I couldn't think of any other interloper.

But, yeah, it was the filth to tell me that my brother was dead. Anyone who's in the position of having a loved one on the verge of death? Savour every moment. You know what is coming. I didn't have that luxury, make as much use of it as you can.

Circusdog320: Love you brother...always

This is the song I carried my brother out of the kirk to. And it's actually really good, despite being a cover version of a Sugababes tune.

Youtube nRjPwtZY8_M
2023-01-27 11:48:38 PM  

iron de havilland: Until recently, every funeral I've attended, it wasn't unexpected.

I can't say the same especially when I was younger.  I don't think my parents were as surprised when my grandmother died, but I was.  I knew a few other people much younger who died unexpectedly and another close relative who was just a little bit older than me as well.  Now I'm a little older than he was.

Savour every moment.

Good advice.  You never know when someone will go and it will be too late.
2023-01-28 7:05:53 AM  
It says a lot about her that she's using her experiences to help people face the same challenges in the years to come.
2023-01-28 12:08:08 PM  
I might get the book: I'm not dying or anything but it's an interest I have especially in light of assisted dying in Canada. The book below is also great.

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