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(The Verge)   Mercedes Benz has dinged, self-certified, nation-first Level 3 automated driving in Nevada and unlocked Tetris as a reward   ( divider line
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2023-01-27 10:50:26 PM  
Give me a car ("suv"*) with a sh*tter in the back seat
2023-01-27 10:56:40 PM  
I self-certify that I have a prehensile penis that can no-hit Sekiro Shadows Die Twice while playing We Like to Party by the Vengaboys on the kazoo.
2023-01-27 10:57:29 PM  
Let's see, when will Tesla reach SAE Level 3? Not anytime soon.
2023-01-27 11:34:22 PM  
if your car while in autodrive runs someone over, who is going to prison? The driver, the car, or Mercedes?
2023-01-28 1:47:34 AM  
That's ok, the car will play frogger...until it won't...
2023-01-28 4:19:55 AM  

Pointy Tail of Satan: if your car while in autodrive runs someone over, who is going to prison? The driver, the car, or Mercedes?

In a level 3, the driver is still the person with responsibilities. Which is why you would want to skip directly to level 4 or 5. At those levels, there are no human-controllable interfaces like a steering wheel or brakes. In those cases, it will be the manufacturer's responsibility. They can claim that maybe the sensors were out of alignment or something, but the car can't start until a complete check of all sensors and their proper positioning, and all sensors pass the check. Current AVs like Cruise, Waymo, or Zoox have external sensors. People can (and do) walk by and whack them or give them a roundhouse kick. Once that happens, the vehicle is not allowed to transport people or things. The vehicle may return to the garage on its own, autonomously, or a tow can be assigned to bring the vehicle back.

In the future, the sensors will be internally mounted so there's nothing sticking out for pedestrians to walk by and damage. With tinted or mirrored windows, nobody would ever know the vehicle is autonomous.

I have ridden in a Cruise AV and we see a box or something out in the middle of the road. The AV slows down as it approaches the box, then goes around it. So it knows not to run over a person or cat or box. Now, if the person is playing chicken and daring the AV to run into him, well, first off the AV would just stop. After the person tires of playing chicken, the AV will proceed. Second, there are also external cameras so if someone is playing chicken, the whole interaction is recorded and there is no chance the person can win a lawsuit.
2023-01-28 4:33:34 AM  

Be polite walk on the right: Give me a car ("suv"*) with a sh*tter in the back seat

How about a Jaguar with a rumble seat? Full Size
2023-01-28 6:22:23 AM  
burgundy int
2023-01-28 8:42:28 AM  
We've come a long ways since the Toyota self driving cars.
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2023-01-28 9:43:55 AM  
I rented a self driving BMW and drove from Atlanta to Orlando. It worked great on the freeway but required that you touch the steering wheel every minute or two. In Atlanta stop and go traffic, it was a relief except that it kept too much space in front of it so that cars kept cutting me off by jumping in front of me causing the car to hit its brakes to maintain the braking distance. Maybe they should have an option for more aggressive self driving.
2023-01-28 10:45:11 AM  

flamark: Maybe they should have an option for more aggressive self driving.

My Kia has that too. There is a button on the steering wheel (on the Kia) that adjusts how close to the car ahead of you that it will stay. I keep mine on the closest setting and have no issues with people cutting in front of me.
2023-01-29 9:50:16 AM  
Given how scattershot a manager Elon Musk turns out to be, this is hardly surprising;  The actual--professional--auto manufacturors were always going to catch up and surpass Tesla, but we'll always owe Tesla a debt for pushing the US over a critical threshhold for EV car uptake, the big automakers were never going to do it on their own.
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